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    Shine On You Crazy Diamond has been in my collection for…..about 35 years. 😉

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    Born in Glasgow, but from Blyth, Northumberland.

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    It has been established that Doctors lose memories of future Doctors (ref: Day of the Doctor) and that even future doctors can bury the memory of entire regenerations (ref: War Doctor). This is canon.

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    They have Clara’s memories of him, including when, how and why he lost his memories of…[Read more]

  • Genuinely saddened by the death of Dolores O’Riordan. 46 is no fucking age. Anglo-American pop and rock, but with a unwavering Irish accent.

    Cute teen-angst love songs:

    Or,  Zombie was a real raw, angry response to the Warrington bombing.She was 23 hen she sang it on…[Read more]

  • To those who followed the long-running Buffy threads and blogs, Elize Dushku needs no introduction. But she was also a child star before that. She posted this today. It is about the most horrific thing you will read any time soon.


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    They did what they could in the time given, but I wish the touch had been a bit lighter.

    But my point is that the touch was light (and the “smacked bottom” straight out of canon – a thing which sparked a million slash fictions, apparently). The other stuff – whether casually assuming no Polly meant no cleaning, or the key to the…[Read more]

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    but she nevertheless irritated me considerably; and though Sarah Jane was a further step in the right direction, I  still wasn’t wildly impressed.

    But is that not just your – avowed – privilege speaking? As small a step as it was, the girls on the council estate where I grew up – few of whom would end up at the Girl’s Grammar – were gi…[Read more]

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    FWIW, I’m not at all convinced that the sexism was over-egged. I just think it seems that way because, outside the troll-o-sphere, is has become as entirely alien to us as driving without a seat belt, smoking at the work desk or casually referring to the late shop, run by those nice brown people, as the “Paki shop”.

    Despite…[Read more]

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    Twice Upon a Time (but again, still not finding anything just right).

    That’s because I already played the top trump (in the old, nice, sense of “trump”).

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    Bearing in mind what usually happens at this time of year, don’t forget to put a shilling in the meter…

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    That’s exactly how I read it. Testimony seems to have take the choice not to intervene because the change was not their error. Also, given the circumstances, they will quite likely catch up with him soon enough. Although the overall casualty rate in WW1 was about 5%, the rate among junior officers was horrific.

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    Thanks to all of you who have commented here – [pedants] remarks struck me particularly forcefully.

    That’s very kind.


    Moffat was holding these characters:  the new Doctor, the present Doctor, the first Doctor and the soldier, very gently in his hands, shaping and highlighting, forming and processing. It was a sight to see…

    [Read more]

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    How is she travelling with puddlegirl Heather?

    I would imagine they had a long full life of hot lesbo action and universe exploration, until one – or both – of them died and Bill ended up part of Testimony. I suppose that since she seems unsure of Heather’s fate, that implies that Bill died before Heather, or that for some reason Heather…[Read more]

  • Since nobody else is going to do it…

    The same chord structure as Canon in D, fact fans, and about the historical events depicted in TUAT:

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    Have you not seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U3jrS-uhuo ?

    The numbers weren’t changed because The War Doctor did not consider himself worthy of the lineage.

  • Moffat’s writing has been suffused with character; character is what he does. Plot is just what they ride on. He gets, like Whedon and disconcertingly few others, that when things happen to a character then that character is changed and that to change a character, things need to happen to them.

    But his theme, returned to time and again from Press…[Read more]

  • but it was what you’d call a character piece.

    Why the but? It was delightful variation after last year’s plotting masterclass.

    Nice to see Hartnell, Wills and Craze get proper credits.


    Jodie!Doctor closes the Tardis door and sees the new Tardis decor. There is a lot of pink, with many delicate pastel shades as highlights and gingham curtains over the Round Things. The Time Rotor has been replaced by a circular wardrobe.

    Jodie!Doctor sighs.

    Very funny, dear. Now change it back.


    INT -…[Read more]

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    Did anyone else think that Heather was going to be 13?

    Me too – and I really wouldn’t object to Stephanie Hyam being in more. She has an other-wordly quality that suits Who.

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    Too good to resist…

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