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    hassanali @hassanali

    Awesome information Thanks for sharing .

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    My first Doctor ever is The Fourth (Tom Baker). I was age six when I stumbled across the show while playing with the remote (because I wasn’t suppose to and my parents didn’t like it, so I waited until they were out of the room to push buttons). I loved the theme song right away and I thought The Fourth was the cutest man I had ever saw! I admit it, I had a crush on him as a little girl. I was much too young to get some of the story context. Even now, I can’t remember specifics of episodes, just flashes of Daleks, clay-mation dinosaurs, and getting upset because I didn’t understand who the Fifth Doctor was and kept waiting the whole series for the Fourth to show up. The whole regeneration thing stumped me as a child, I didn’t really “get it” until after the Fifth regenerated and I realized the Fourth would never return. Although, I had a spaz attack when the Fourth appeared in the 50th’s special.

    Anyhoo, a lot of my childhood was spent time traveling within my bedroom closet, as I decided that would be my Tardis. Until that got a little too dark and creepy, so the Tardis became the bathroom instead. I was always traveling with the Fourth, within my tiny imagination, and we ignored the fact that there was a toilet in the middle of the Tardis. I then grew older and forgot about the series… until one of my friends mentioned the reboot and my first reaction was, “No! I don’t want to see it! The Fourth isn’t there! And it probably sucks! Reboots are evil! I don’t want my childhood ruined!” But she insisted that it was good and I should give it a try. I started up again with the Ninth and fell in love with the show all over again. Sadly, my friend lost interest in the show and gives me that “Oh, you’re poor dear… it’s sweet that you’re into that show still.” kind of response. I guess, it’s weird for a 33 year old to spend money on a sonic screwdriver, action figures, shirts, keychains, and so on. I have a huge poster of the Tenth Doctor on my wall (second favorite). Well… I better end my explanation here. I hope it wasn’t “TLDR”, I’m a bit of a shy girl, but once the topic of Doctor Who starts, you can’t shut me up! ;^_^


    fanboyoffangirls @fanboyoffangirls

    My ex is a huge whovian and i want a comparison to Doctor Who for how my love won’t go away, I’ll always be there for her if she wants me in her life again in general, why i can’t forget her, how i would go anywhere and do anything to make her happy, and the enormity of how much i miss her. For if she asks me why again. (I am the dumpy not dumper) Do any of you have any references like these?

    Anonymous @

    @fanboyoffangirls  well, you could try guarding her like Rory did with Amy in The Big Bang: of course you could be arrested for stalking 🙁  I’m sorry, I’m so very sorry. Certainly Martha is a good example. No matter how she looked at the Doctor, how she felt about him, he never felt returned the emotion. In the end she decided that the only way to deal with her unrequited love, was to leave the Doctor and the TARDIS for good. Your situation is a little different; everyone’s love is unique but ‘moving on’ is always the best bet even though those words are clichéd. Perhaps say goodbye formally. Don’t be like poor Orpheus turning for a last backward glance at the ghost of his beloved and then truly losing her forever: hinc illae lacrimae: hence those tears.

    Kindest, purofilion

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @fanboyoffangirls – I felt something similar (or still feel it), when my ex friend left me. I felt like the Tenth Doctor losing Rose. However, as time went on and I stopped romancing the relationship, seeing it for what it truly were, I realized he was more like The Master instead. I am in mourning, because he was the only alien that was so like me, who grew up in the same “home planet” as I did, and then he eccentrically “died”, refusing to join the good side of things, trying to take over the planet as Saxon, and refusing to regenerate. I didn’t want to be alone and I cried over the corpse of our dying friendship.

    However,  just like The Doctor, I had to move on, gain new regeneration and companions, keep flying through space and time without him. It’s not easy, I still miss him sometimes, and sometimes I’m very lonely without that similar connection. What is lost is lost, you can’t bring back the dead. And even if you could, that would mean zombie territory, something that you wouldn’t want anyway. It’s best to move on and try your best to rebuild the shards of ones life, without that lost love or friend. That’s what the Eleventh Doctor had to do as well, after the loss of The Ponds. He then found Clara. 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb


    I’m a bit of a shy girl, but once the topic of Doctor Who starts, you can’t shut me up! ;^_^

    Sounds like you’ve found the right forum


    (Nice posts; agree – sometimes you have to recognise that a relationship belongs to your previous regeneration and you can’t go back there (crossing of own timestream paradoxes n all that). And you won’t meet Clara if you’re being all solitary at the top of a snowbound spiral staircase 😉 )

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @scaryb – Yep, I think I found the right forum, this site is fantastic. 😉

    And yes, I spent most of my year after the end of my regeneration and loss of companion in solitude, at the top of a snowbound spiral staircase. Now, I’m attempting to poke my head out from the solitude a bit. It’s too lonely being alone all the time, me thinks.

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @faegrl – welcome and y’know, ‘flaming’ doesn’t really work here (on this forum) at all.

    We’re too polite.

    So erm, go on, say the Fourth Doctor was a ham, or the Tenth a bit too glib or the Eleventh a bit too zany… as long as you say why then people here will engage.

    When people just say “I don’t like x and therefore don’t like you” well, that’d be like me saying I don’t like anyone who likes Coldplay.

    And some of my best friends here like Coldplay, so… hm.

    maybe we should flame people.


    as I say, welcome, and feel free to say whatever you like!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    maybe we should flame people.

    Only if you pop a kettle on top of the flame and offer them a cup of tea afterwards. 🙂

    Tom Baker a ham, indeed. Tom Baker was no ham. Tom Baker was an entire delicatessen. 😈

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @whisht – Thanks! And yes, I’m catching on that this site is beyond polite and I love it! 😀

    Ah… I don’t like Coldplay, but only because they made the statement that they were better than Bono… U2 is my number one band, so I didn’t even bother to listen to any of Coldplay’s songs. However… they cant be all that bad if David Tennant is a huge fan of them. Maybe one day I’ll reconsider, but not anytime soon. Anyway, I didn’t miss your point at all! I never understood the point to flaming, but I’m glad it doesn’t happen here! I left a few Facebook Doctor Who groups, even though I wasn’t the one being flamed a lot of times, but because it was too much seeing others rip each other apart over a show that’s suppose to unite. Or that’s the way I see the show anyway. 😉

    Tom Baker was an entire delicatessen.

    @bluesqueakpip – LOL! Even though Tom Baker is my beloved first, I so have to agree, that’s very true! That’s why I love him so much! I love ham!

    Anonymous @

    @whisht  “…like Coldplay” !  Who does? Me?  Oh No…not that old chestnut.

    andrewwhite92 @andrewwhite92

    I first started Doctor Who because my friends recommended it, and I started Doctor Who with the ninth doctor and with Rose Tyler. I thought the show was weird at first because that they decided to start the season with the attack of living mannequins. After watching the episodes, “the end of the world” and “the unquiet dead,” I was hooked to the series enough to watch the whole first season. I was shocked and confused when the Doctor changed from nine to ten, but I really like David Tenant as the Doctor. I watched the series up to the fourth season when David Tenant was no longer the Doctor, and I never started the fifth season because I did not think I would like the new Doctor as much.

    andrewwhite92 @andrewwhite92

    I am new by to the site by the way, and I am here because I am for a class group project. For our class we had to choose an online virtual community to study and participate in, and my group decided to pick this site because we love Doctor Who. Each of us from the group needs to interview three people from this site. If you alright with doing a ten question interview you can email me at We can do the interview through email, skype, phone, or through messages on this site. Thank you for spending the time reading this message, and thank you to any that decide to do an interview.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @andrewwhite92 – Welcome to the forum! I am also a bit new here and I love every moment, because I get to chat much about my favorite sci-fi show and learn more about the “retro” series. 🙂

    Yes, the first episode with the Ninth Doctor was completely weird, although I’m a child of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and I’m very use to weird effects and storylines. My friends also nudged me into the new series and I was a lot doubtful that it would be any good… until I saw the episode with the living mannequins and then I was convinced that it was going to be a good reboot of my favorite goofy show. I did cheer out when Micky-mannequin did that weird thing in the restaurant, so relieved that they didn’t decide to go for the overly expensive special effects!

    I have to decline your survey, as I don’t rightly give out my email addy (I have too much spam in my folder and still battling the fight of unsubscribing from newsletters that I didn’t sign up for to begin with), but I do wish you luck on your project. 🙂

    andrewwhite92 @andrewwhite92

    It is alright, and thank you for commenting back about it. Even though I have to be on this site for a class, I love it so far too, and I think I will keep posting on this site even after I am done with my class. I can understand about not wanting to give out your email, and I even used a new email just for this project, so that people do not email me all of the time with spam. However, I can do the interview through just doing messages in this site if you alright with that.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @andrewwhite92 – Yes, you may send me the survey on this site! I love surveys, it’s even better when it’s about Doctor Who. 😀

    And yes, do stick around on this site, it’s beyond cool, the best fan site I’ve come across so far. And I’ve tried many… they didn’t like my honest comments about the Eleventh and wasn’t interested into the old black-and-white episodes, just the Eleventh’s seasons it seemed. Sigh… I love that a person can disagree here and it’s not  a cause for a flame war. And that many do love the old series, thus can clue me better on where to go and what to pay attention to with the older generation of Doctors. And the people here now how to have some fun as well, not too “stuffy” as some forums get to be. 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @andrewwhite92 – I think doing the interview across private messages on this site would be the best way to go about it. I don’t mind doing a survey through that method either.

    And about this site… yes it is rather awesome! I’m on two Doctor Who forums… this one and Gallifrey Base (which is a really big forum). Here is a lot more relaxed, both are very different forums, but I like both of them. Though Gallifrey Base is where I have come across some vicious comments every so often. I picked both of these forums because they’re not just about the new series, I do like the new series… but I’m more of a fan of the old series.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl @andrewwhite92 – Also! I forgot to comment on the living mannequin discussion. They’re Autons, controlled by the Nestene Consciousness; they first appeared in Pertwee’s serials.

    andrewwhite92 @andrewwhite92

    Oh I didn’t realize that the mannequins had a name nor did I know that they appeared before. Thank you for both being ok with me sending the questions through this site, and I will both send you the 10 questions through private messages in a little bit

    kk74974 @kk74974

    Nice memories!



    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @andrewwhite92 – No problem! I’ll answer the questions in a moment. 🙂

    @monochromedimension – Wow, I didn’t know that the mannequins have a name and their own story! I can’twait to get to Pertwee’s serials, I’m still on the First Doctor though. Sometimes I wish could freeze time, so I could watch all of the Doctor Who serials at once. lol.

    Thanks, @kk74974. Hello and nice to meet you. 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @andrewwhite92 – Happy to be of assistance! I’ll get to answering the survey in a while.

    @faegrl – Actually sometimes I wish I could watch more than one at a time, and sometimes its hard to choose which Doctor I want to watch a serial of. Anyhow you have a lot of good serials to watch, in fact you’ll probably watch some serials I haven’t yet due to your method of watching them. My method – completely random! lol!

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Ha! Random is good! Yes, my way is a video site and they put the episodes in order, so I watch them that way. At least the older ones. It’s sad that the older episodes before the reboot is not included on “Netflix” or “Hulu”. The series starting with the Ninth are, which is how I started my obsession with the show all over again on Netflix. 😉

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Yeah its a bit annoying you can’t get the Classic Series on those properly. My random viewings of the serials does mean I miss continuity points sometimes though, but I did watch all of ‘Trial of a Time Lord’ in order… because that season came as one boxset on DVD! lol Oh have to mention… the first sequence in ‘The Mysterious Planet’ with the space station bringing the TARDIS in… is one of my favourite old effects in Doctor Who… I just love how its done! Brilliant!

    Its just the first part of the video that’s the effect I’m talking about. I find it more impressive than some of the new effects!

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Yes, I was a lot frustrated with Netflix when I wanted to view the old Fourth Doctor serials and they only had a few episodes out of sync. Then I found Dailymotion and it’s been my savior ever since for Doctor Who. I love the old effects as well and that clip is very well done! I can’t wait to get to that episode. I love the fact that no matter which regeneration the Doctor is in, I’m giddy like a little girl whenever he appears on screen. 😀

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – ‘Trial of a Time Lord’ is the name of the entire season; it has four serials in it, that one is from ‘The Mysterious Planet’. Which is probably my favourite from that season… along with ‘The Ultimate Foe’ which is the finale serial. I only have a few more serials to go before I’ve watched all of the Sixth Doctor’s episodes. I really do like the Sixth Doctor, some don’t, but I think his egotistical nature is rather cute actually. lol! Besides, I find it interesting how there’s a reason for his slightly unpredictable personality; the regeneration wasn’t normal. Well that’s what I gathered from what the Fifth Doctor said before he regenerated “Feels different this time…”

    Also I like that coat!

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Well, I loved the Tenth and he was completely egotistical at times. I’ll never forget his line toward a group of frighten passengers who demanded to know why he should be in charge of saving them, “Because I’m clever!” It was shocking and rude, but I thought it was cute all the same. So, I think I will love the Sixth Doctor very much. I love the colorful coat too… it reminds me of the Fourth’s scarf, somehow… that kind of childish color scheme. And that’s one of my favorite quotes of the Fourth, “Well, of course I’m being childish! There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes!” 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Yes some Doctors tend to have a egotistical streak; Sixth and Tenth definitely. The Seventh Doctor can just be a bit smug sometimes, he’s more subtle about it. Though… he does say when he’s made a mistake; one of my favourite cliffhangers (which most people would probably consider a silly cliff-hanger) is when there’s a Dalek shuttle landing outside and everyone is hiding from the commotion its making. The Seventh Doctor just looks up and says “I think I may have miscalculated” and then the outro plays.

    But the Sixth Doctor’s personality is similar to his coat; dramatic and brash… and yet he’s a pretty awesome Doctor in my opinion. Him and Peri tend to argue a lot, so I’m not sure if he has the best Doctor/Companion relationship about, but by his reactions to what’s going on in his final season (no spoilers) he obviously cares about her. Despite his attitude sometimes, I think he’s actually a pretty caring Doctor. (Don’t go by what happens after his regeneration! Yikes… scary scene.)

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – On a philosophical thought, I think I appreciate the different incarnations as I see them as different parts of the same man.. erm, alien. Every Doctor is different, but part of the same whole. It’s a lot of fun to meet the new Doctors and get to know another side of the Doctor all over again. And I can relate in a way… my entire life has been nothing but a series of regeneration. The persons I was before is way different than who I am today. And the future me will be way different than who I am in the present, I believe. So I look forward to meeting the Seventh better, the Second, Third, Sixth, and even Eight. I’m already enjoying the First, even though I haven’t gotten to his softer side yet.

    Oh, I don’t mind spoilers, by the way. It motivates me to check out more episodes, to see what the fuss is all about for myself. And don’t worry, if I can accept the First after the rock scene, I’m sure the Sixth is safe. And the Tenth made a lot of scary moves himself, his little breakdown after Donna left, where he claimed to be “god” for a moment there and broke the rules of a fixed timeline. :O

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – I’m sure you’ll like the Sixth Doctor… personally I like all the Doctors in general… just have my favourites of course. I find it interesting to know what Doctors think of other Doctors. Some Doctors actually dislike other incarnations; for example… the Second and Third always seem to argue. And the Fifth and Seventh apparently do not get along (the actors do though!), as the Fifth is not a fan of the Seventh’s manipulative way of dealing with situations.

    Ah so spoilers aren’t a problem then? I myself am not bothered by spoilers either. But as that is a spoiler for the entire season… its probably not best to say it. lol

    Anonymous @

    G;day , G’day…Recky here from Gosford NSW Orstralya….joined about 15 mins ago and I dunno why it took this long to find a Who forum…ANYWAY

    Doctor Who Memories ….well, Channel 2 (ABC) in Sydney played the series at 6pm weeknights and  the first Doctor I can remember seeing was Jon Pertwee…But my Doctor was Tom Baker…Tom had IT…fave Tom eps that I can clearly remember would be City of Death and Pyramids of Mars…I’m sure there were more, but they werent on yesterday….as a matter of fact, I sorta jumped a few Docs (mainly cause they werent on tv in Aussie) and then Christopher Ecceleston showed up beating the crap out of shop window mannequins…and my re-discovered love for all things Who began….I have since plowed through David Tennant (probably my fave Doctor EVER) and Matt Smith….so, there you go

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @Recky – Hello there! 🙂

    Oh, the Tenth Doctor is my most favorite for sure… but I am still loyal to my first, the Fourth Doctor. The Fourth represents my childhood and Tennant is my current love. I’m not so much a fan of Matt, however, he wasn’t a bad one… I don’t think there are any “bad ones” to be honest. Or I haven’t met them yet. I’m currently getting acquainted with the older regenerations, so I’m a “noob” still.

    Welcome to the forum! 😀

    Anonymous @

    Thanks FaeGrl……..

    Conor Gilmore @conor-gilmore

    Hey guys, Check out my speed painting of the first doctor.

    leondevernier @leondevernier


    One of my greatest Dr Who memories was going to a fete at the local primary school and finding a copy of the target novel “The Sea Devils” back in the 1970’s. I had no idea that Dr Who books were being released so I snapped it up and rushed home to read it. A few weeks later I was browsing through a shop imaginatively called “The Paperback Bookshop” in a little laneway in Melbourne and nearly fell over backwards when I saw a whole set of shelves with about 50 Dr Who books featuring the first four Doctors! The front covers were facing out and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the dazzling array of artwork. I was still at school and didn’t get much pocket money at the time but I used to visit the shop every Saturday just to gape longingly at the magnificent collection. I saved up and purchased one when ever I could but, as you can imagine, it was never easy to choose just one. I dreamed of the day when I would own every story. Now I own most of the stories on DVD. Who ‘d have thought?

    Recently I discovered this great youtube video. It brought back a lot of wonderful childhood memories.


    Anonymous @

    @leondevernier  welcome to this site :waves hello happily.  A lovely post!  Are you an Australian? Just checking the time and wondering that; also the mention of Melbourne!  Kindest, purofilion

    janetteB @janetteb

    A wave from over the border in S.A. I loved Melbourne’s bookshops when I was a kid but don’t think I ever stumbled across that one. I did however have a lot of the Target novels as back then it was the only way one could re-emerse in the stories.



    ScaryB @scaryb

    Hi to @leondevernier

    Great post. There are quite a few on here who are big fans of the Target novels. @phaseshift wrote a blog about it, which you might find an interesting read.

    leondevernier @leondevernier

    Hello purofilion,

    Yes I’m from Melbourne Australia. We are great fans of Dr Who in Oz, and were luckier than our British counterparts as the ABC showed many repeats of the classic series in the 70’s and 80’s. Another great Dr Who memory I have was being on school holidays, when they were showing Patrick Troughton stories during the day and John Pertwees “Claws of Axos” on Friday nights – fantastic!




    leondevernier @leondevernier

    Hello janetteB,

    The Paperback Bookshop was off Degraves St, just opposite Flinders St Station. When were you in Melbourne? Do you remember the Space Age Bookshop in Swanston St? The most interesting bookshop in Melbourne at the moment I think is Minotaur.



    leondevernier @leondevernier

    Hello ScaryB,

    Yes, Phaseshift’s blog about the Target books was fascinating. It’s good to see that some of the old ones are being re-issued.



    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi @leondevernier I grew up in Ballarat. I escaped long ago but still visit Melbourne about every other year. I don’t recall the Space Age bookshop but Mintaur is a favourite.



    Anonymous @

    hello @leondevernier yes you are right! Those Pertwee stories were my first memories of Dr Who: they weren’t really well formed ‘understandings’ of what I was watching, but it was the tantalising breath of mystery and sense of awe that I became addicted to. Pertwee’s sometime solemn character; cool but friendly, bright and clever but never showing ‘all his cards’ at once as if he’d stepped onto the stage with his character revealed slyly by degrees as he trembled on the brink of some fantastic discovery.

    Then there was the childlike tomfoolery of Dr Number 4 with his lollapalooza of a grin and wild hair. Boy, did I come to love that large face as it dominated my tiny tele back in the day!

    Whilst I now live in Brisbane, I was a South Australian girl by birth and also lived in Sydney for a few years. Although we holidayed in Melbourne a lot with relatives, I never lived there but I do love the city:  its markets, the little white houses of St Kilda where my refugee parents built their first home with picket fence and the Hills Hoist that symbolised, to them, the practical essence of Australia. Then there was their first Holden, of course 🙂 I think when they bought TV set number two, they swooned with joy. Now, I could watch The Doctor whilst they sat, sherry in hand,  in front of 60 Mins -not a programme I’ve ever particularly enjoyed!

    Kindest, purofilion

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    I think this is the best place to talk about this?

    Because we’ve been talking about the Horror Channel I wanted to mention I watched most of The Green Death on there recently. When I say most… I mean I missed episodes 1 and 2. But I have to say I really liked the villain of the story; BOSS. Finally an AI computer that isn’t a rip-off of HAL 9000. Who, could I just add, is my FAVOURITE science fiction computer character EVAH! I can understand folks wanting to pay tribute to HAL by having similar AI characters… but seriously, SO MANY shows/movies have computers similar to HAL… and none of them manage to quite capture what HAL was all about… okay, this is a Doctor Who forum… I probably shouldn’t write an entire essay on that character here. But back to what I was originally going on about, I found BOSS to be a entertaining and yet still menacing villain… an AI computer with some quirks indeed. What was with all the humming and singing? I’m not sure myself, but it made him quite funny really. Though we did get something similar to HAL with the shutdown sequence… but they still managed to do it differently.
    Random post is random. If you don’t know who HAL 9000 is, go watch A Space Odyssey. 

    Stormaggeddon @stormy72

    Well, I have some flashes of memories watching Doctor Who in the late 80s on one of the new private TV stations in Germany. It was Sylvester McCoy I think. I liked it a lot, but -Germans didn’t like it apparently- they canceled it after a few month.

    I got back in touch with  the show, when the first series of the reboot was released on DVD in Germany – a year or so AFTER the rest of the world.

    Thanks to imported UK discs I have seen the seven series of the reboot and my favourite Doctor is David Tennant, but Matt Smith at his heels closely. My favourite episode is ‘Blink’, I think. And of course I love ‘The Lodger’. 😉

    I’d like to see the Doctor’s daughter again.

    In the older series I’m still stuck with the Hartnell stuff, which is not easy to watch and to appreciate if you only know the reboot. There I liked ‘The Romans’ and ‘The Time Meddler’ best so far. But as the list above suggests, I haven’t seen the good ones yet…

    WhoKnot @whoknot

    i sarted watching doctor who when i was a kid and the first episode rose was released and i just stumbled upon it dispite being from northern ireland and it coming from england i had never heard of it but i have been always watched it since. although i never really got into it seriously until i was older and know i love watching it with my younger sister and going through the plot lines with her because there is nothing better that creating a whovian haha but yeah always loved it and hopefully always will.

    one more thing if someone can do me a massive favour and suggest some episodes from the original series because i would love to get into them as religously as the new series but i dont know where to sart all i have watched is the first couple of episodes from the very first season all suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Eric The Red @ericthered

    As an American the only Doctor Who I saw as a kid in the 70’s were the two movies staring Peter Cushing.

    Then in the late 70’s a saw an article about the show in an old sci fi mag called Starlog and I was like, “OMG, There’s a show?”

    It was a couple of years later when our local PBS affiliate started playing the Tom Baker episodes, and I was hooked immediately.

    Anonymous @

    For those missing Torchwood, Radio 4extra will be broadcasting ‘Torchwood: Asylum’ tonight at 18:00 (repeated at midnight).

    Writtten by Anita Sullivan, the episode stars John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Tom Price

    ‘A shoplifting teenager carrying a mysterious weapon is arrested. When the results of her blood test are revealed, the team faces an unearthly dilemma….’

    imrustyokay @imrustyokay

    I remember when I was only 6 I watched my first episode on Syfy. The episode was “Bad Wolf” and now you know I love Nine that much!

    Anonymous @

    @craig @fatmaninabox what’s up with post number 29724? Juvenile?

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