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    Craig @craig

    @purofilion Thanks – have spammed it!

    Rottenwriter83 @rottenwriter83

    Do you have any friendships you are truly amazed have stood the test of time because you share almost nothing in common?  I have such a friend.  We met in high school.  He was a friend of the guy I was dating.  He is older than me.  He liked playing video games and I cant stand them.  He’s an atheist and I’m Catholic.  I’m a romantic and he’s a “realist”.  We bonded over one thing: Doctor Who.  He introduced me to the Doctor when it first came to America and i was instantly in love.  We’ve remained friends for over 12 years because of The Doctor.  We live hundreds of miles apart and none of the people we knew then know us now.  We talk about a lot of things and argue about even more.  And just when we feel like our friendship will not stretch past one more difference somebody brings up The Doctor and we have something in common once more.  I thank Tony for giving me the Doctor, and I thank The Doctor for letting me keep Tony.

    Whisht @whisht

    Hey @rottenwriter83 – that’s really lovely!

    Thanks for sharing!

    –Dont-Blink– @dont-blink-2

    My favourite Doctor Who related memory is when my grandfather made me a life size Dalek of which one could go inside, walk about in it and turn the head. I remember not being allowed into my grandfather’s office for about 6 months and i was rather confused as it was usually open for me to go and ponder at what he was doing on the computer or on the photographs of our ancestors. The reason behind the mystery was the fact that he had created the most spectacular thing ever. It was my favorite thing ever and i even gave up my guitar lessons just so i could stay at my grandparent’s house to play.



    whofangirl73 @whofangirl-73

    Well, I must say I have been impressed with this website too and had fun having a trip down memory lane relating to various posts. Thanks everyone.

    My earliest memory of dr who would have been around the late 1970’s early 80’s, with Tom Baker at the helm. It used to be shown around tea time in Australia, and my parents and I would watch the news at this time. I found the news boring, and I would eat my tea and then race off to the lounge room as fast as I could and watch the reruns of Dr who in another room on another tv. My strongest early memories were the Tom Baker years, Genesis of the Daleks, Sontaren Experiment, Seeds of Doom, Pyramids of Mars. Tom Baker is still my favourite Dr. I will never forget the moral dilemma the Fourth dr had in whether to blow up the Daleks in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’- “Do I have that right?”, “Many planets would join forces to beat the Daleks” and how Davros and the scientists all got ‘killed’ off in that episode despite joining the Daleks. How Shocking and Scary for my 8 year old self. I was often scared by Dr Who.

    Anyways, on the ABC in Australia, Dr who was always repeated a lot which was good. I didn’t like the 3rd Dr as much as found his episodes too slow. I have seen all the Dr’s and there are some good ‘old stories’. Tomb of the Cybermen with the 2nd Dr is the best in my opinion and there are some heart felt moments when Troughton refers to his ‘family’ when speaking with Victoria. I was quite moved by the regeneration from the 4th to the 5th.

    I continued to follow the 5th, 6th and 7th Dr during the 80’s. By this time I had moved to highschool, and none of my friends watched Dr Who. It was definately not cool so I didn’t tell anyone really and kept it to myself. My parent worried about me watching such a ‘children’s show’ and being so obsessed, but I persisted. Then the show was canned in about 1987, I was devastated, but I kept buying the Dr Who Magazine, and they were ALWAYS hopeful about a new series. For years. In the end, I moved on to other things and stopped buying the magazine. Then suddenly in the mid 1990’s a movie was produced. It was ok, but no new series. I forgot about it again and then the new series was rebooted. I watched it, and although some episodes were amusing, I didn’t get the Dr/Rose thing or really even like Christopher Eccelstone until his last episode, and then he regenerated into Tennant. I loved Tennant from the first episode, and got back into it again. When the episodes were good, they were superb. My favourite bits would have to be all the Donna stories. ‘Turn Left was great, Silence in the Library, Donna’s farewell was heartbreaking and there were tears. I LOVED the new version of the Master. I do hope he comes back again!! Then Tennant was not the same for that last series. The Waters of Mars (at the end) he was kind of scary – changing history like that. And then Tennants farewell – heartbreaking– the three knocks. Another episode to cry over…

    Then Matt Smith came along and again, I liked him from the start also. He was great. And I think he is the ‘perfect Who’. He looks ‘old’ but is youthful. He was born for the part. If the story was bad, he still shone. It is so important that the Who people get the casting right, because people do watch the Dr. I have now seen three episodes of Capaldi, and he also has taken to the part really well. I really like him too!!

    As a child I yearned to travel the world and experience adventures, and I think that is why I loved Dr Who and it appealed to me. I would just love to hop in a blue box and travel anywhere. I think my love of Science also came from the show. I did a Science Degree and you can directly trace that back to Dr Who. With the new series, one of my only criticisms, is there is more ‘magic’ then science (see other posts on this website). One of the reasons they got rid of the sonic screwdriver in the 5th drs era is that they didn’t want it to be easy for him to get out of situations. They wanted the Dr to be more creative in getting out. To use what he had around him. Are the script writers getting lazy I wonder?

    I have always found the show to have a good moral grounding and teachings and this is something I wish to pass on to my daughter as she has now seen a few of the classic series of Who now. A lot of TV shows today are about being nasty to each other and out competing each other- in the name of entertainment. Classsic Who was more about working together to fix a problem, tolerance and understanding and brain over brawn. My daughter has been watching since Tennant (she is now 7) but her favourite is definitely Matt Smith. She was devastated when Amy and Rory departed.

    I met the 6th and 7th Dr at a convention and they were lovely. I was completely star struck and had no idea what to say. What do you say when you ‘ve seen them on tv for years and then suddenly meet them?

    I cried when Tom Baker appeared in the 50th special.

    Another thing I would like to comment on, growing up -Dr Who was very unpopular. I didn’t even tell my husband that I was a Dr Who fan until maybe after 6 months of courtship, lest he would think I was a bit ‘weird’. Funnily enough, EVERYONE seems to be a fan now. There is now so much merchandise its not funny. The show seems so trendy. It is good for the show though so I am not complaining. So far, I love the new Capaldi series too and I think he will make an excellent Dr.

    Other moments of Dr Who that are stand outs for me are Adrics ‘farewell’, Caves of Androzani (such heroism trying to save Peri’s life), Peter Davisons Sea Devils Story “there should have been another way” – what an ending. I find some of Dr Who such thought provoking stuff and I hope it continues for another 50 years…

    GTBI @gtbi

    Here’s a new one. I was in the Tardis before I ever watched the show!

    I was on a field trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum (I think) with the American school in High Wycombe. I wandered off from our 4th grade group through these blue doors and into a bright white room with salad bowls mounted in the walls. Yes, the later Pertwee control room, with animatronic Daleks, a Cyberman, and a 5′ green Pekinese/Frog that turned out to be a Sea Devil. Needless to say, I’ve been watching for over forty years now, and I kind of miss being the only one who knew what the Classic Tardis key hanging on my necklace was ready to get me away from this planet at the first opportunity .

    Marinus lost his keys again @marinus-lost-his-keys-again

    Sorry I haven’t been on for a while.

    What I wanted to say is something I was a bit amazed by myself. That being the fact I finished all of Classic Who on the 17th of September.

    It was a very long ride and I look back at the time when I would check the list of serials and there’d be just oh so many. Still can’t believe I saw all there is to see from the Classic era. I know I did, it just feels unreal somehow.

    fuzeelogic @fuzeelogic

    I think my earliest memory of the Doctor was jumping into ‘Bessie’ and driving it a somewhat gungho manner, I’m sorry I don’t recall which episode exactly, but I do remember being fascinated by the car.

    I do recall being terrified of Autons, which wasn’t helped when  my Grandmother’s regular trips into town the bus went past a John Collier window which to me looked full of Autons, she wasn’t happy about having to change to a different route to avoid yet another one of my ‘meltdowns’.

    So when they restarted the series, I did still get that icy grip to my stomach and reach for the comfort of a cushion when the Autons resurfaced, I really thought I’d got over that, but no, apparently not.

    I wasn’t scared of the Spiders because I like spiders, they have always fascinated me by how they move. I do remember getting upset and confused by the regeneration into Tom Baker, but was quickly won over by that warm comforting voice, I still love to this day. I positively bounced on the sofa with delight when he did the special appearance, and yes I am quite fond of jellybabies, something I have passed on it turn to my own grandchildren.

    Belshazzar @belshazzar

    Hi all, wanted to introduce myself after my impulse-post last week after the season finale. I’m a Yank who is new-to-Who, and I’m happy to report that the program is enjoying quite a surge of popularity over here as well. I have no idea how the general American viewership is responding to Capaldi’s doctor, because as soon as I found this forum I ceased looking for opinions elsewhere.

    Anyhow, I guess the first time I actually “met” the Doctor and watched an episode was only a month or so before the Capaldi debut, but in reality it’s more complicated. The TARDIS, mainly, has been a motif that has kept popping up in my life (as a nerd, because Dr. Who has been much less mainstream over here for the most part). I’d heard of the Doctor. I’d seen Simpsons Tom Baker. Seen TARDIS replicas, TARDIS wedding proposals, TARDIS cakes, TARDIS lamps, an augmented-reality TARDIS that was “bigger on the inside”.

    So when I first met the Doctor in “Flesh and Stone” (I think.. Angels-in-the-Forest episode) I had a decent idea of who he was, and what the TARDIS was, but they both exceeded my expectations. I believe that was the end of the marathon on BBC America, because the next episode I watched on-demand and was “Asylum of the Daleks”, the first episode available. The Daleks, actually, were the other image–the other side of the symbolic coin on which the TARDIS had been emblazoned. I’d seen them, too, depicted and reproduced again and again in costumes, cakes, vending machines, and all the same sort of pop-art as the TARDIS. So now everything made sense. The TARDIS, the Doctor, the Daleks!

    Quite satisfying that was, in and of itself! To say nothing of the fact that the series actually has a great combination of interesting mythology, clever writing, and great acting. At any rate I was hooked, and I watched as much as I could. I’m pretty well caught up with Smith, and seen most of the key plot points I think– Rory/Amy, cracks, Silence, Cybermen, Pandorica, Day of the Doctor, etc. Watched a bit of Tennant too (I think he was great), and a handful of Ecclestons.

    If I were choosing among oldschool Doctors (none of whom I’ve seen) I think I would probably fall into the Hartnell/Baker camp, from what I can gather. And that makes sense if people are comparing Capaldi with them, because so far he is my Doctor. I love his no-nonsense manner, and his chemistry with Jenna Coleman is great. Where she falls short is due to the writing, I think, and not necessarily her performance. And as I said in the “Death in Heaven” thread, I think Samuel Anderson also drew an extremely short straw this season. Hopefully there’s a silver lining for him.

    So yes, I’m new-to-Who, and I’m happy to be here, and I feel optimistic about the direction of the show. I’m not a fan of the sloppier science, and golden arrows and all that, but I can roll with it as long as the gems like “Listen” and “Time Heist” keep coming. Glad to be in on the secret finally, and I hope I can contribute to your forum when I have the time and wherewithal!

    Anonymous @

    @belshazzar great name -unbelievable avatar. Hello and welcome. Australians also do lots of Dr Who-ey kinds of things and anything that takes their fancy -from fiction to non-fiction; all of it odd and some downright scary. As to contributions, you already have: I agree,  Listen was fabulous and so was Time Heist. I suppose, being a fan of Tom Riley, I also loved Robots of Sherwood. The panto feel was at least happily over the top and gave Capaldi something to bounce his acting chops off -which he did in spades. Geddit? Nope. Not one for silly metaphor mixing but as I’ve recently watched The Three Stooges staying in the house with ice bags; A/C and fans due to the outside heat, I believe I’ve got a touch of the vapours!

    Kindest, purofilion

    Whisht @whisht

    this thread is fantastic!
    I just find it really interesting hearing other people’s stories in terms of Who, as its been such an influential show both at a cultural level (new words like “Dalek” and “Tardis”) as well as on a more personal level.

    Thanks for sharing @belshazzar , @fuzeelogic , @gtbi @whofangirl-73 and @dont-blink-2 (and everyone else!)

    lAurellie @laurellie

    I first started watching Doctor Who when I was about 7 or 8 with my brothers. We watched it on a different channel than what we use now, but I remember that we suddenly could find it anywhere anymore:( Very upsetting. To our joy, Doctor Who popped back up about a year or two ago (my memory is shot so it could have been longer) on Space.
    When I was 8 they switched the show time to Mondays at 9 o’clock; my bedtime was 8 so once they announced the new season, I went straight to my parents and asked if I’d be able to stay up and watch it every Monday:P

    notyetavailable @notyetavailable

    This is cool!! I am just getting into Dr. Who. I’ve seen few specials.

    lAurellie @laurellie

    What monsters or enemies freak you out? For me it’s either the Peg Dolls from “Night Terrors” or the Vashta Nerada from “Silence in the Library”.

    achilles @achilles

    I am the Master.  You will obey me (or at least, the way I looked when going to the cinema for the 50th anniversary globalcast).

    I think I have you all beat – or most of you at least.  Yes, I saw the very first episode.  November 1963, starting with the shot of a policeman on the beat, walking past the scrapyard containing the Tardis (and how special that the first shot of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ featured a policeman walking past a scrapyard, right after the original title block…)

    For years I couldn’t shake the feeling that the first episode had been screened twice, and that I’d actually seen the second screening.  Then, last year, I saw the BBC ‘An Adventure in Time and Space’, the story of how the show got started and the Hartnell years, and found out I was right!  I didn’t actually see the first screening because a series on ‘the other side’ (there were only two TV channels in Britain at the time) featured a young actress I was dopey about at the time.  That must have been November 23rd, because originally – and for decades – the show broadcast at 5pm on Saturdays, on ‘Children’s Hour’ (always assuming the BBC didn’t extend the already 5-hour Saturday afternoon sports program ‘Grandstand’ over Children’s Hour because it was the must-see regional lacrosse championship or the vital Wales vs. Portugal table tennis semi-final….)  It was the day after the assassination of JFK, and the viewing public were more interested in the real world than the world of fantasy, so the ‘pilot’ never had a chance.  So I must have seen episode 1 on November 30th.

    Other memories?  I never really noticed Elizabeth Sladen in the Pertwee/Baker years, but when she reappeared in Tennant’s time I found someone else to feel dopey about.  And was, like everyone, devastated by her death.

    My favorite episode?  Tough question, especially with so many great recent ones, but if I had to choose, it would be ‘Blink’.  Yes, I know the Doctor and Martha hardly appear in it, but it has everything else:  great writing, suspenseful camerawork and directing, a thoroughly original story, touching moments, good acting (especially by Carey Mulligan) and a great ending.  I believe it’s the first appearance of the Weeping Angels (?), which makes it all the creepier than Angels episodes usually are.  Behind you!  Don’t blink!  Too late!  ;~)

    I think Capaldi is a good successor to Smith, and a change of pace from #s 10 and 11 – or is it 11 and 12?  (John Hurt came in and threw a wrench/spanner into the whole numbering system……)

    I think that whereas Tennant and Smith had a largely hail-fellow-well-met semi-comic nature, Capaldi has returned us to something closer to Hartnell and the early Pertwee – crusty, irascible, not one to joke around;  appropriate, since even with the lighter touch of 11 and 12, the plotlines were darkening through both their incumbencies, preparing the way, as it were, for the more curmudgeonly #13.

    Loving Moffatt’s writing.

    Want to see River Song return, so we can see their timelines reach the point where he knows her better than she knows him.  (And who wouldn’t want to see stories featuring a strong woman character who can pilot the Tardis better than the Doctor can?

    “It hasn’t landed.  It didn’t make that woo!  woo! noise.”

    “That’s because you always leave the brake on.”

    Keep on traveling, Doctor.  And take us with you.


    Anonymous @

    @achilles  That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing all those memories. “Feeling dopey about…”. 🙂

    I hear ya!

    When I’m less knackered, I’ll read it again.



    lisa @lisa

    @achilles very nice remembrelles – also want to see River back – the chemistry between her character
    and the CapDoctor I think would be super awesome too

    lAurellie @laurellie

    @achilles They definitely need to bring River back! She is my favourite female character and it would be really cool if the Doctor did end up knowing more of her than she of him.

    lAurellie @laurellie

    Moffat’s stories always end up being my favourites, but I think that it’s genius to have different writers so that the stories don’t seem too too similar. It seems to be working since the show has been running for over 50 years. Although I would love to see some real imagination in regards to new enemies. I love Cybermen, Daleks, and Angels as much as anyone else but I feel as if the show needs a some newer monsters. I missed this past season do to my job falling on the days that the show plays, so I’m not too familiar with what Capaldi and Jenna Coleman faced. Please correct if I’m wrong.

    Cyberlord @cyberlord

    CYBER-REPORT: When I first watched ‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ I was very, very tired. I never really remembered those episodes clearly, but in my tired, tired mind I somehow translated the episodes into something like this: The Doctor was with a team trying to save the Ood, and all the Ood were on a ship. As in wooden boat ship. The scene where the Doctor is hanging by the cord was turned into the Doctor hanging above the Beast, which was basically just thousands of teeth and some horns. I remembered it being explicitly female, somehow, and when it got killed the Ood were freed and their eyes turned green.

    When I finally watched it again on DVD, I was amazed at how better it was than what I remembered it as.

    Cyberlord @cyberlord

    CYBER-REPORT: I apologise for double-posting, sorry. Another thing was that I was pretty new to the show when it came back in 2005. I thought that Daleks always used to tell people that they would make good Daleks. Basically if instead of cyber factories there was Dalek factories.

    And then it turned out I was partly right later that year. That didn’t help, either.

    ichabod @ichabod

    I guess I’m too damn old to have the memories a person my age *should* have.  At any rate, I watched from way back but hthe first DW I remember is watching Tom Baker.  My husband and I used to be avid watchers of Baker’s stint as the Doctor, although we would often turn to each other and say, “Why are we watching this program — it’s goofy!”  Of course we watched it because it was wonderful, literally and figuratively.  I don’t think I noticed when the show was canceled, tuned out NuWho someplace in Tennant, and fell head first into Series 8, because a) Capald and Coleman, b) a whole series bouncing all over the place with a Doctor taking his time figuring out all the kinds of people he *isn’t*, and c) some great writing/acting/whatever, which is not that easy to come by on TV.

    So I guess I’m making memories *now*; hey, can’t complain.  Someday I’ll go back and try the rest of NuWho; that’s what impatience does to you.  It makes you go back and do things *again*, because you zoomed by too fast (and, possibly, too dismissively) the first time.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @ichabod   Memory can work in odd ways.  As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have watched DW on and off since the beginning, though only sporadically during the Hartnell era, since at that time I was at university and did not have regular access to a TV.  When Patrick Troughton was the Doctor I was able to start watching on a fairly regular basis, with a break during the early 70s, and stopped only when Colin Baker took over the role.  When the show was revived I started watching again immediately – at first just to see whether the essential spirit of Who had been recaptured, but then because I was once again hooked – even more so, I think, than ever I was during the BG era.

    In some respects my long-term memory works quite well, in that I have vivid memories going back at least to when I was two years old and possibly, if my mother was correct in her identification of my earliest memory, to when I was fourteen months old.  But while I can recall watching BG Who, and even when and where I was at the time, I retained no memories of the stories other than a few isolated incidents and episodes which, for no obvious reason, had stuck.  What did remain was a clear impression of the character and personality of each successive incarnation of the Doctor, plus that of some but not all of his companions, and (of course) of his chief foes.  It is only recently that I have made the effort to re-watch BG stories and it has been an interesting exercise, not least because it has been for the most part as if I was encountering the stories for the first time, even when I know I must have watched them when they were first broadcast.

    Curiously, although I am now of an age when it is becoming more difficult to lay down permanent long-term memories (maybe I need to defragment the hard drive), I find it much easier to recall details of the AG series. Perhaps it is because of the more complex structure of many of the narratives, which require me to pay closer attention, but the fact that it is now possible to record and re-watch immediately, and episodes are in any case repeated, probably has a lot to do with it.




    ichabod @ichabod

    @mudlark  Yes, the re-watch factor has surely had strong effects on what people remember and how they remember it — you can go and check now, which wasn’t always true.  And maybe because of that as well as other things (like the aging out of the remaining members of the initial audience for BG DW), NuWho stories have become more complicated and more rewarding to experience over again, looking for nuggets missed on the first go-round, etc.  Re-watch has certainly brought us the wonderful gift of being able to continue discussing our favorite show series right through the gaps between (and in the case of DW, that’s a hell of a gap!), thus keeping the audience-show connection bright and lively.

    And of course these pleasurable conversations are the best and most effective Time Sink I’ve come across so far — perfectly appropriate for the stories of a Time Lord!  We pay tribute with gifts of our own time, don’t we.

    Anonymous @

    This might be a little long. I hope someone out there will be reading this. Written Feb 20, 2015….
    I first discovered Dr. Who when I was 19 years old, about 1984- when my local PBS station was showing older re-runs of the show. The ones that had the Tom Baker Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Leela and K9. It was “Okay.” Not much to get excited about, but it was different so it held my attention and was worth watching. Plus, Sarah Jane Smith Romana and Leela were rather Sexy, so I watched it. It was broadcast up until The Doctor regenerated into a tall skinny blonde doctor. From that point on, figureatively speaking, Dr. Who was just something I could only see — fleetingly- out of the corner of my eye. If Tried to look directly at it, it was gone. None of my TV stations broadcast the show, especially since I didn’t get cable or satellite TV.  I saw some articles about it in a magazine here and there. Somewhere along the way, and over the years, I glimpsed a new doctor in a black leather jacket. He looked so cooool! And he still had that smile I loved so much about The Doctor. But I never got to see any more episodes. About 3 years ago, I was visiting my parents for Christmas, and their DISH satellite TV got BBC America which was showing Dr. Who! But still, I was unable to watch it due to one constant interuption after another. I could only see bits and pieces. I visited them for Christmas again the next year and the next, and tried to watch what I could, but could not really tell what was going on and who was who and what not. And still there was always some sort of interuption.

    In January of 2015 I got a fast internet connection, I was able to download all the episodes of Dr. Who starting with the Re-Boot Christopher Eccleston/Rose episode 1 all the way thru the end of season 8 -Peter Capaldi/Clara. As I binge watch these episodes on my flat screen TV with a powerful surround sound system, without interuption, I can only say this:


    I am now a grown man of 51 years old. I am a tough guy, a retired kick boxer. I drive a muscle car. People like me don’t cry. Yet I cried right along with Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. I go back over some of those episodes that have her, I see her face and I feel the thrill of a man who is holding a winning lottery ticket. What a brilliant love story seasons 1-4 are. It starts with Rose in Season 1 episode 1, and it ends with Rose in Season 5 episode 00 – The end of time(Part 2). The last we see of Rose, The Doctor has told her “I bet you’re gonna have a really great year.” Then we see her as she is entering her apartment building….and whats that on the wall next to her? On the left….It’s a Big Mural that shows a “Bad Wolf.” Big Eyes, Big teeth. And just look at that Nose. OH! WOW! No wonder Rose fell in love with the David Tennant Doctor. She met him- before she met him! When Eccleston Doctor regenerated into Tennant Doctor, she remembered him from that New Years day back in 2005. The Doctor made a “Time-Time” loop!
    It just blows me away. The old series before re-boot was not this good! The whole story with Rose, was really about …. Rose. Not the Doctor, not the Daleks, or the Cybermen, or anyone else. It was all about Rose. WOW!!

    Now I’m working my way through Season 5 and the Matt Smith Doctor. The music toys with my emotions. I love it. The stories are so will written. The actors are great! I felt so empty when the little Amy Pond sat and waited for her Raggedy Doctor to return, and he didn’t. What an amazing scene. I start watching an episode with the belief it will be boring. But within 5 minutes I am glued to my TV screen. This is science fiction? I gotta remind myself sometimes it isn’t real, it’s easy to get lost in a story and forget. I’m so thankful for binge watching! I’m finally catching up with the rest of the “DR WHO” world.

    Anonymous @

    @DroneX1  never mind ‘hello,’ you had me reading at ‘retired kick boxer’!  And it’s OK to cry, the Doctor does.

    Welcome, and glad you like it so much -flat screen and surround sound? A match made in heaven.

    You’ll eventually get to the current season with Capaldi which is also terrific.

    Regards, puro

    Anonymous @

    @DroneX1 obviously I didn’t read it properly as you say you have watched this past season? So you’re caught up!

    If you’re able to purchase the DVDs there’s some good commentary but also extras and special features -particularly in the Season 5 Box Set with Smith, River Song and the Ponds.

    Anonymous @


    “The scene where the Doctor is hanging by the cord was turned into the Doctor hanging above the Beast, which was basically just thousands of teeth and some horns. I remembered it being explicitly female, somehow”

    The Beast was female -was the Doctor hanging over a mouth, or something else?

    indulging in smoky substance much?   😉

    ichabod @ichabod

    @DroneX1 — Welcome!  Love your enthusiasm — I’m a fiend for NuWho myself, always happy to see someone else happy too.

    domberesford @domberesford

    My earliest memory of Doctor Who is of me sat in my grandparents living room watching the cliff-hanger in Mawdryn Undead where Turlough is about to drop the rock on the Doctors head and that sting of the theme music. I can’t describe what a completely electric feeling that was to the 4 year old me, wondering how the Doctor would get out of that one! I became so hooked in the Davison era. He was my total hero and I loved playing in my tent TARDIS so much we even brought it to the beach in Blackpool where I happily played in it all afternoon!

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @DroneX1 @doomberesford

    Thanks so much for sharing. I love reading everyone’s memories and about how they got into this crazy old TV show, that gives back so much, sometimes in different ways, to every fan.

    WibblyWobbly @wibblywobbly

    I have a ritual of brewing english tea in the most awesome TARDIS mug in the world. Didn’t have this mug when I first started watching but I did have tea. And no, I’m not British and otherwise never drink tea.

    Summersmith @summersmith

    Earliest memory…

    Commander Linx taking off his helmet in The Time Warrior.  I thought his face looked like liver.  And since liver, served up on a Saturday with overcooked cabbage, was the most disgusting meal a kid could imagine, I think it kinda traumatised me.  At least the new Sontarans look more like a tasty baked potato.

    It’s funny watching the old Who episodes and the bits I remember.  The Stones of Blood still gives me the willies when I see standing stones –  I always check to make sure they’re not moving behind my back.

    Anonymous @

    I saw and episode of Dr Who about a year ago. I remember a character (human) with a helmet that had a hatchet on it and he had to open it if he wanted to speak?

    Does anyone know what character i am thinking of?

    whofangirl73 @whofangirl-73

    Could this be 5th dr, Peter Davisons era

    ‘4 to doomsday?


    Or do u mean recent series?

    Anonymous @

    Thanks for your reply. Yes it could defenitley be this “era”. Though, i didnt see it in that episode.

    I also remember that during this episode there was some kind of bomb involved. It got thrown on the ground and broken into pieces.

    whofangirl73 @whofangirl-73

    In 4 to doonsday -there was something thrown  on ground and squashed, but I cant remember. I thought it was some kind of databank (the aliens were going to invade with it)

    Anonymous @

    Thank you again, can’t seem to find the guy with the helmet or any parts i recognize though, where in the episode is this?

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @drwholover835 – not sure myself but thanks to whofangirl73 I’m sure you can find out here.

    Anonymous @

    Yeah, i watched all parts briefly.

    mrpastaguy @mrpastaguy

    I have two memories I want to share regarding Doctor Who.

    This 1st memory was when I first watched The Girl in the Fireplace. I was visiting my parents from college break and I was currently catching up on the 7 seasons that were out at the time. I got to this episode, and I really enjoyed it. But the memory was the fact that even though my mother wasn’t a huge fan of the show, I remembered her looking at the tv saying to me, “Wow, this was a powerful episode.” It’s Doctor Who really speaks to anyone with a heart.

    This second memory was when I first fell in love with Amy Pond, or Karen Gillan to be exact. It was none other than “The Eleventh Hour.” But first a-little background. Before I got to season 5 or the beginning of Matt Smith’s era, I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters with a friend. He told me the girl who played Nebula was in Doctor Who, and I’m like. Who? I haven’t gotten to her series yet. NOW to 11th Hour. So we get to the part where we are introduced to the older Amy in her sexy Kiss-o-gram police outfit. Right when she threw off that police cap to show off her radiant red hair…I was born again. lol

    So those are my top two memories.

    Azkoth @azkoth

    Hello, everyone!

    I am actually new to this site.  I joined last night and was told this was one of the best places to start!

    I was introduced to Doctor Who by my brother about 6 or 7 years ago, around around when it first came back.  The first episode I saw was “Blink”.  I remember instantly falling in love with David Tennant right then and there.  Although, Matt Smith was a close second, the more I watched the 10th doctor, the more I loved David.  I am actually going to meet him when he’s in Philly, PA at the comic con!!!!  I’m soooooo excited!

    I don’t really speak much to my brother anymore and actually kind of forgot he’s the one that introduced me to the show.  It’s become my absolute favorite show and my source of comfort when I’m upset.  There have been many times when I’ve been depressed either from something small like a fight with a friend, or something bigger like finding out my grandma has cancer.  Whenever I’m upset or feeling lonely, I watch Doctor Who.


    It’s helpful watching the show because whenever I am at my lowest, Doctor Who always reminds me that everyone is important in their own way.  The Doctor has also lived such a lonely life, despite being surrounded by his companions.  It’s a nice reminder that life may give you your downs, but it also has so many amazing ups that makes it so beautiful.  The show has a very close place to my heart.

    I recently started watching the old episodes.  I’m still on the first doctor mainly because I don’t have a lot of time to watch them all in one sitting due to work and life in general.  I also don’t have the money to buy all the DVDs, so if anyone knows where I can watch old Doctor Who episodes without having to wait for the DVDs, please let me know!

    I am getting married April of 2016 and we’re having a Doctor Who themed wedding!  I’m pairing all my bride’s maids with companions, we’re going to have an AMAZING Doctor Who cake, the specialty drink is going to be a Sonic Screwdriver (that’s blue) and sooooo many other things that I could just go on and on about.  I may even ask for some advice here on how else we can incorporate Doctor Who on our special day!

    Thank you all for welcoming me!  I can’t wait to talk more!

    ThePapalMainframe @thepapalmainframe

    @azkoth, Doctor Who is a great show! If you don’t have one already, Netflix has up to season 7 of New Doctor, and all of the old, with plenty more content! It’s maybe $7 a month for a subscription, and is available on smartphones, computers and if you have the Apple TV, you can stream from there. And congratulations on your wedding! For a Doctor Who themed party I had earlier this year, I made Oods by making biscuits, then having olives for eyes and spaghetti that I dyed red for the tentacle things. And I think it is very nice that Doctor Who is your comforter in tough situations. Its the same with me!

    Azkoth @azkoth

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ve already seen all the new doctor who at least 5 times over. I watch the new seasons all the time. I’ve seen the old doctor who on there, but not all of it. They only have a few episodes of each old season, so I started buying the dvds.

    That’s a great idea with the Ood! I love the Ood.  Maybe I’ll steal the idea :p

    ThePapalMainframe @thepapalmainframe

    You can totally steal the Ood idea! Thats what I intended for people to do!

    gameravatar @gamergirlavatar

    Hi I just want to share a Doctor Who memory of mine . My first Doctor was Christopher Eccleston and I didn’t know the Doctor could regenerate . When I saw him regenerate I was in shock . I gave David a chance but I didn’t see him as the Doctor . I was going to take a week off from watching Doctor Who but those weeks turned into years . Than I had a friend and she was saying how she had never seen Doctor Who . Than I had to sat her down in front of the tv and showed her the first episode of new who . After that she started watching Doctor Who but I told her not to care about her first Doctor to much . After that I started watching Doctor Who again and I started watching Torchwood as well .

    gameravatar @gamergirlavatar

    @rottenwriter83 I read your post about Rose and how you wonder what her and tentwo (what I call the Doctor that was created by Donna and the Doctors hand ) are doing . I wonder about that to . I like to think that they work at UNIT to come up with ways to save the world . I also like Rose . At some parts in the show I thought she let her feelings get in the way so at some parts I thought she was dumb but I still like her . I love how she knew she was going to die in battle and even though she was scared of death she was willing to die to save the world in Doomsday . Good thing she didn’t . When I firsted watched the part of the show when she told The Doctor she loved him , I thought she ment she love him like he was part of her family . I also didn’t understand that The Doctor was going to say “I love you” back . After I watched “Journey’s End” and watched the sceen with tentwo telling Rose he loved her I still didn’t understand so I went back to the sceen in Doomsday . I watched that sceen three times and still didn’t understand .Than one day two of my friends were talking about how The Doctor didn’t get to tell Rose that he love her . Than I thought ” Oh he was supposed to say I love you ” . After weeks I finally understood . I think that’s a funny memories .

    gameravatar @gamergirlavatar

    Hi guys , I have to type these two memories cause they’re funny but they make me mad every time I remember them . The first memory is when I was watching the 10th Doctor regenerate for the first time . I had my friends over and we were watching the episode together . My friends talked through the scene were The Doctor said ” I don’t want to go ” so replayed that scene FIVE TIMES so I could hear what he said . Than when I finally heard what he said my friends said ” awww that’s so sad ” and I wanted to jump up and say ” it would have been sad if you guys didn’t talk throught it five times ” and walk away but I didn’t , I stayed calm and didn’t say any thing but that scene has been ruined for me .

    The next memory is when I was about to watch ” A Good Man Goes to War ” . The night before , I thought about who River was . I came up with the theory that she was Amys daughter and The Doctors wife . Again I had a friend over when I was watching this episode . This friend looked up River was on the internet a few days before . In scene where Rory goes to get River so she can help at the battle of Demons Run , River said ” Rory “. Than my friend said ” daddy ” . I lost it . I said ” oh thank you so much for ruining it ” . Than my friend said ” well you were going to find out any way ” . In my mind I was thinking ” it doesn’t matter ” . I said ” yay I thought River was his daughter , but still ” . Now when me and my friend talk about River I bring up how she ruined that episode for me and she always says the same thing , ” you were going to find out any way ” .

    Anonymous @


    Personally I thought Tennant’s “I don’t wanna go” moment was a bit over the top -but I can understand the sentiments. maybe you need different friends? Are they mean gals? I actually have no-one to watch Who with these days. My boy informed me that Smith was his favourite (and fair enough) and that he hasn’t warmed to Capaldi at all. “Great Boy Ilion”,  I said. “thanks for that”.

    I agree, your friends shouldn’t use spoilers. What do they like? Can you exercise some cold revenge?? \<**>/

    Kindest, purofilion

    Missy @missy

    My memories?

    I saw the very first episode, plus the repeat, all the following episodes right up to the 13th Doctor – and have been a true Whovian ever since.

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