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    jonesy_GU42 @jonesygu42


    I was a bit of a latecomer to the Doctor, only really starting to watch in my 20s, been a fan for almost 40 years now, wthout ever really looking into it more than watching on TV.

    From looking online now and various online services it’s a mixed bag of where you can watch, Britbox, iplayer etc, is there a definative place where they all are, or does that not exist? Does anyone have a full list of every episode ever broadcast?


    Apologies if this is the wrong thread to put this on!


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi. I don’t know the best place to find episodes (I just use DVD sets), but the best place for a list of all Dr Who episodes is probably

    From the front page, you follow the link TV -> Doctor Who -> Main Episode List
    (or I think should take you straight there).

    This is an exhaustive list of every single episode ever screened, with their screening dates, plus ‘specials’ and ‘webisodes’ and so on. Clicking on any particular episode takes you to a page for that episode with a detailed episode synopsis, cast list etc – it’s a fantastic resource.

    My other favourite go-to site is Chrissie’s transcripts site at, which has a full transcript of the dialogue of every episode – another fantastic resource. (I often have the transcript up on my laptop when viewing an episode, since my hearing seems to be a bit dodgy when there’s background noise going on, it makes it much easier to catch snatches of dialogue that I’ve missed).


    TwelveIsMyDoctor @twelveismydoctor


    If you are in the US, HBO Max has all NuWho episodes (except The Power of the Doctor…they generally take about 6 months to add new episodes to their lineup) and Britbox has all Classic Who. Hope this helps!

    jonesy_GU42 @jonesygu42

    Thank you so much! It was right there all along, that’s the rest of my day sorted. Much appreciated

Viewing 4 posts - 501 through 504 (of 504 total)

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