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    jonesy_GU42 @jonesygu42


    I was a bit of a latecomer to the Doctor, only really starting to watch in my 20s, been a fan for almost 40 years now, wthout ever really looking into it more than watching on TV.

    From looking online now and various online services it’s a mixed bag of where you can watch, Britbox, iplayer etc, is there a definative place where they all are, or does that not exist? Does anyone have a full list of every episode ever broadcast?


    Apologies if this is the wrong thread to put this on!


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi. I don’t know the best place to find episodes (I just use DVD sets), but the best place for a list of all Dr Who episodes is probably

    From the front page, you follow the link TV -> Doctor Who -> Main Episode List
    (or I think should take you straight there).

    This is an exhaustive list of every single episode ever screened, with their screening dates, plus ‘specials’ and ‘webisodes’ and so on. Clicking on any particular episode takes you to a page for that episode with a detailed episode synopsis, cast list etc – it’s a fantastic resource.

    My other favourite go-to site is Chrissie’s transcripts site at, which has a full transcript of the dialogue of every episode – another fantastic resource. (I often have the transcript up on my laptop when viewing an episode, since my hearing seems to be a bit dodgy when there’s background noise going on, it makes it much easier to catch snatches of dialogue that I’ve missed).


    TwelveIsMyDoctor @twelveismydoctor


    If you are in the US, HBO Max has all NuWho episodes (except The Power of the Doctor…they generally take about 6 months to add new episodes to their lineup) and Britbox has all Classic Who. Hope this helps!

    jonesy_GU42 @jonesygu42

    Thank you so much! It was right there all along, that’s the rest of my day sorted. Much appreciated

    Clara Oswald @thetimelordwizard

    I first came across it when I heard voices downstairs at night and came halfway down the stairs to see my mom and older sibings watching The Ribos Operation.  I started watching with The Power of Kroll.  That’s probably why one of my favorite Doctors is Tom Baker.

    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi @timelordwizard. I started watching Dr Who when my brother, on a uni break was watching The Terror of the Zygons and so Tom Baker is my favourite Doctor too.



    auntie8nay6 @auntie8nay6

    I’m loving reading everyone’s memories about when they discovered Doctor Who.

    Being from the U.S., I didn’t know the show existed until my 30’s with the 2005 reprise; and I honestly don’t know how I lived without the show before then. I was in bed with the flu and ran across an episode with the Tenth Doctor. He was fiddling with the TARDIS console, and I was immediately intrigued. I loved the combination of complexity and playfulness. I watched episode after episode, and I will swear to anyone who asks that it made me get well faster.

    That’s what Doctor Who continues to do for me to this day … lifts my spirits and makes me feel great.

    I’ve gone back and watched every episode I can get my hands on, including classic Doctor Who. I call the Tenth Doctor “my doctor,” because he introduced me to the show, but I love them all.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Welcome to the site. I am ancient enough to have discovered Doctor Who as a small child around the time when the very first  episode with William Hartnell was shown in the UK in November 1963. I was in Australia then, and I suspect it may have screened a few months after that in the colonial wilds of Australia. I do remember my mother thinking it might have been too scary for a little nipper like me. But I was made of sterner stuff and have been a fan ever since.


    winston @winston

    @auntie8nay6   Hi!  I am a fellow Whovian and your northern Canadian neighbour. Glad you found the site, we all love The Doctor here so it is a very nice place to be. I watched a few episodes of old Who when I was young but like you I started with new Who in 2005 and I have never stopped watching and loving the show.I watched the first episode because I had seen Christopher Eccleston in another show and I was curious. I was immediately entranced and I didn’t move till it was over. So because he was my first Doctor and the one that pulled me into the Tardis, the 9th Doctor is my Doctor. I do love the 10th Doctor and all of the rest of them too.

    stay safe

    auntie8nay6 @auntie8nay6

    @blenkinsopthebrave, Hartnell is one of my faves. He kicked off the legacy with such a fascinating personality. And @winston, Eccleston did such a great job carrying that legacy forward.

    Thank you both for responding and making me feel so welcome.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @auntie8nay6 Hi Welcome to the site.

    I began watching during the Tom Baker years when I was in my teens though I think I might have been frightened yb an old episode when I was very young, watching TV at my grandmother’s. My family did not have tv at the time.

    Tom Baker is “my Doctor” though I really love all the re-boot Doctors. I was very wary when I heard the show was coming back after the trainwreck attempt in the mid 90s but by the end of Rose I was totally convinced. My beloved Dr Who was indeed back and in excellent hands

    Now we await the new series once again under the helmsmanship of RTD with all digits crossed.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @auntie8nay6 I think I saw the first few episodes of Doctor Who. I remember I was ‘too young’ to be allowed to watch Quatermass and the Pit – which was a truly scary BBC sci-fi. ‘Who’ came along four years later. Patrick Troughton was my favourite early Doctor. I sort of lost interest after Jon Pertwee, though.

    I became a fan of Blakes 7, which had some marvellously sarcastic dialogue, particularly Avon. I’m a sucker for well-written and original dialogue.

    It wasn’t till NuWho in 2005 that I recovered an interest. Eccleston was good and Billie Piper was fabulous. So I followed it again until midway through Season 5 when I sort of lost track. More recently (and I can’t remember what prompted me) I took it up again, all on DVD’s, about the same time as I ‘joined’ this forum I think, so I now have all the series from ‘Rose’ up till the last one. My favourite new Doctor is Capaldi. Favourite companion – Rose or Clara, though Martha and Amy are close behind.

    And I’ve since back-tracked to get the last few stories of Seven (McCoy) – very witty guy, McCoy, and there’s definitely a rapport between him and Ace.

    Currently on my third sporadic re-watch from ‘Eleventh Hour’ onwards, currently towards the end of Season 7.

    Welcome to the site (though I have to say, your profile pic is a bit inauspicious – ‘moisturise me!’)

    Missy @missy

    @auntie8nay6. Welcome. I am not on very often, but I read all the posts.

    Unlike @dentarthurdent, I saw the very first episode of Doctor Who. Unfortunately it went to air the same day that JFK was assassinated, however they showed it again on the Saturday and I watched that too! 🙂 Love at first sight.

    I liked all the Doctors except for the last two, but watched them anyway. When they brought it back, I loved ALL the Doctors, but Peter Capaldi was definitely my favourite. Favourite companions were Rose and Bill and Clara sometimes. Amy and Martha got on my nerves! then of course we had River Song – brilliant!

    As all on this great forum knows, as far as I am concerned the series finished with him, the last lot was a farce, and I didn’t watch any of them.

    Now, thank goodness, sanity has prevailed and we have a male Doctor again. Right, off my soap box and roll on the end of the year.


    Missy @missy

    How could  have forgotten Donna Noble? I preferred her to Clara.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @missy I think you misread my post, I did see the first few eps of the original Doctor Who. And as much as I could catch intermittently for the next few years.

    I lost track sometime around the Pertwee years. I have since gone back and watched the last few McCoy stories and I do like him and Ace. If only they could have had the benefit of NuWho’s effects budget. And I think McGann would make a marvellous Doctor though I’ve only ever seen him in the short episode Night of the Doctor (haven’t seen the movie).

    Most of the rest I agree with you on, except I did like Amy and Martha (though not as strongly as Rose and Clara). Oh I said that, didn’t I? Donna I never warmed to, largely because of her unfortunate first appearance – shouting at the Doctor who was in shock after losing Rose – gave me a strong prejudice against her. I feel a little more charitable on re-watching.

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