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    tommo @tommo

    so i drew John Hurt’s doctor.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="957"]The War Doctor This incarnation needs more love….<br />The moment passed remember.[/caption]

    MacMac @macmac

    Really nice drawing ! Indeed this Doctor needs more attention !

    I’ve made a second quick tribute, this time to the Master. After watching again The Dæmons and seeing the Master doing _|,,/ with his hand, i immediately thought of my favourite song :p

    Here’s the video !

    Missy @missy

    @tommo What an acuraste sketch. It looks so like John Hurt.


    Missy @missy

    @macmac clever video.


    tommo @tommo

    @missy – thanks so much.

    i have a capaldi to go up shortly.

    Missy @missy


    I look forward to it.



    PrincessEllua @princessellua

    @tommo. You really captured John Hurt.  That is great.

    I am writing a Doctor fanfic and I have some questions. Does the doctor ever reference nasa designations for solar systems, planets, galaxies, etcetera or is everything up to the artistic license of the writers? In other words can you match the planets in the Who universe with actual planets in our universe?


    PrincessEllua @princessellua

    also, was wondering what species humans can procreate with in Who universe? thank you.

    DiegoE @diegoe

    Hi! I’ve been working for some time on a Doctor Who RPG indie videogame in which you will be able to play as your own customized Doctor incarnation. It is still far from finished, but i’m planning on releasing a playable demo soon. Of course it is not a simple project, and I appreciate all the help I can get (and I will be needing some voice actors for the prologue soon). Here you have the Facebook page, in which I’ve posted some pictures and videos of the process, I hope you like it.
    Doctor Who RPG

    RandyPan @randypan

    Would it be like a Square RPG?

    DiegoE @diegoe

    Indeed. One of my greatest inspirations is Chrono Trigger, so it would be like it on some aspects. I’m also trying to make the art feel somehow like a classic RPG.

    Anonymous @

    Made this image about the US conservative party, just thinking about them one night. It struck me as funny.






    Anonymous @

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