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    Missy @missy

    Thank you for that.
    Enjoyed the trailer Alex, but a female doctor doesn’t appeal to me.
    Not that that signifies I suppose, I don’t like women playing football or rugby either.



    Meisiluosi @meisiluosi

    Just a little vid I threw together…

    (Something about the Doctor and the Time Lords, pretty much centered around the Time War.)

    Anonymous @


    I really liked the images -particularly of the cup-a-soup painting, Hurt and McGann.


    karmadesigner @karmadesigner

    Hi there, is it possible to post Doctor Who tee shirt designs that are on sale?

    #42465 @whovians-tv

    Hello fellow fans of all things Who,

    I’m one of the writers/producers on a web series that I’m hoping is very much your cup of tea: Whovians.

    This is the link to our website:

    Our trailer is already up-and-running on YouTube:

    Whovians is an original series, following the lives of Andrew, Steph, Bradley and Liam; all of them obsessed with Doctor Who. Created by fans, for fans, Whovians celebrates the people who have supported, and fallen in love with, the “Mad man in a box”. Over six episodes you will laugh, smile, even shed a tear or two.

    This is a non-profit venture, made with above-and-beyond levels of passion and enthusiasm by a small and dedicated team of people. The first episode goes live on the website, Saturday 31st October.

    Would genuinely appreciate it if you could please take a look.

    Thank you,

    Matthew Ford

    Missy @missy


    I really enjoyed the video. thank you.


    Missy @missy


    Well done.



    #42501 @whovians-tv

    Thanks @missy

    The first episode goes live on our site on Saturday 31st October, would be great if you could watch it and spread the word!


    lisa @lisa That trailer is a good pitch into your new series. Best of luck with
    your project and I will certainly take another watch again.

    swinks @swinks

    will try again with some renderings of a whomobile model I am working on, it is still a work in progress but will be available soon from Shapeways if any pinball fan wants one – search swinks or swinkswho?

    still can’t work out how to attach photos so here is a link to the model that is for the Doctor Who Pinball but this model will be available as a collector type model that you can buy direct & paint up






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    JoeEngland @joeengland

    I have an idea which I think could solve the War Doctor issue.  What issue?  Well, maybe you don’t think it’s an issue, but try and keep an open mind… I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s being driven mad by it.  If it doesn’t bother you, fine, but consider the fans like me… the ones who can’t help being bothered.

    What I have is a proposed solution, a sort of compromise between the people who can’t help thinking that the War Doctor brings the total number of Doctors to thirteen and the people who think Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth because the War Doctor doesn’t count (which seems to include the people in charge of the show).  I’ve laid it out here, in story form.

    Basically it comes down to this; we introduce a concept that states Time Lord mathematics includes a number between eight and nine.

    I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I believe this is not only viable but attractive.  It’s a whimsical, silly little twist of logic which suits the ambiance of Doctor Who.  It means that we can still say there are twelve Doctors even with the War Doctor tucked away because by the cosmic, incomprehensible science of Time Lord thinking our thirteen is their twelve.  It means that we can take the War Doctor or leave him, either answer is correct.  He’s what he’s always been… a mystery integer, something which doesn’t add up by the narrow standards of human understanding.  You don’t have to acknowledge him at all, you can stick to Earth numbers and never give him a thought.  But he’s THERE if you want to look.  And not just swept under a rug.

    If this idea appeals to you, please, try to popularize it.  Spread the word.  Let this become a meme, a notion, a thought.  Like I said, you might not care.  But there are those of us who do… who can’t stand the fact that, even though the War Doctor’s entire character arc was devoted to legitimizing him as a Doctor, he’s since been shunted to the background and reduced to scarcely more than a footnote.  It’s wrong, WRONG, confound it.  I’ve tried to get over it, but my mind doesn’t work that way.  This will bother me until it’s addressed.

    Think about it.  Won’t you?  Thank you.

    Anonymous @


    I have an idea which I think could solve the War Doctor issue.

    You want everyone else to compromise to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. The only War Doctor issues come from your faulty logic.

    Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth because the War Doctor doesn’t count (which seems to include the people in charge of the show).

    That’s completely false and the exact opposite is true. The people in charge of the show never say that War Doctor doesn’t exist. It is explained in Time of the Doctor.

    DOCTOR: Have you been paying attention? I’m an old man now.
    CLARA: But you don’t die. You change. You pop right back up with a new face.
    DOCTOR: No, not for ever. I can change twelve times. Thirteen versions of me. Thirteen silly Doctors.
    CLARA: Okay, so you’re number eleven, so
    DOCTOR: Ha. Are we forgetting Captain Grumpy, eh? I didn’t call myself the Doctor during the Time War, but it was still a regeneration.
    CLARA: Okay, so you’re number twelve.
    DOCTOR: Well, number ten once regenerated and kept the same face. I had vanity issues at the time. Twelve regenerations, Clara. I can’t ever do it again. This is where I end up. This face, this version of me. We saw this planet in the future, remember? All those graves, one of them mine.

    In that quote the SmithDoc 11 is saying he’s really the 13 Doctor. When regenerates in the Tardis, SmithDoc 11 (13) says it again.

    CLARA: You’re young again. You’re okay. You didn’t even change your face.
    DOCTOR: Ha! It’s started. I can’t stop it now. This is just the reset. A whole new regeneration cycle. Ooo.

    The new regeneration cycle makes CapDoc number 1, bringing the total number of Doctors to 14. If the War Doctor doesn’t count, then CapDoc is 13.

    The only way CapDoc is number 12 is if the War Doctor and TennDoc don’t count. The Doctor lies, so that could be possible, but you have to ignore the only evidence available.

    the War Doctor’s entire character arc was devoted to legitimizing him as a Doctor, he’s since been shunted to the background and reduced to scarcely more than a footnote. It’s wrong, WRONG, confound it.

    I think a better solution to that problem, would be to write more stories about the War Doctor instead of ignoring him.  Once again you are ignoring evidence. The Doctor 8 was only on screen for the movie and the mini-sode. There are many stories for 8 in written form (those stories count? For some people), so the War Doctor could have more details filled in the same way.

    I think on screen stories are more official than written stories. So that’s my issue with ignoring evidence we have already seen on screen.

    It’s a whimsical, silly little twist of logic which suits the ambiance of Doctor Who.

    Good point. This is the right place for Bonkers Theories too. Your theory about different numbers for TL’s and Earth is interesting and definitely qualifies. 🙂

    Hopefully you stay to post more theories. Welcome to the DWF.

    JoeEngland @joeengland

    You want everyone else to compromise to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. The only War Doctor issues come from your faulty logic.

    No, they come from my faulty mind and personality.  Logic is easier to fix.

    Listen, I know… I know I’m part of a ridiculous minority that should probably be dismissed by most people as irrelevant.  I know.  But every time I see Capaldi trumpeted as the Twelfth Doctor, every time I see every advertisement, every piece of merchandise, spinoff material, fan art and fiction, books, magazines, and in-show dialog describing the Doctor in terms of twelve (and ONLY twelve), it just…

    I have obsessive compulsive disorder.  And man, has it ever latched onto this.  I’ve tried my damnedest to shrug it off, to say “who cares,” to say “well, he’s not quite a proper Doctor,” or “numbers aren’t important anyway…”  It doesn’t work.  I can’t get over it.  I’ve literally marched up and down my house screaming in frustration, waving my fists, cursing Moffat or Eccleston or the writers or whoever else my imagination can find to blame for the War Doctor wrinkle, this insufferable itch in my impression of Doctor Who.  That’s no exaggeration.

    And believe me, I’m not ignoring evidence.  For my part, I don’t consider the Tenth Doctor to count as two Doctors… regenerating into himself makes him the same guy in my book.  I just feel that he’s not another Doctor if he’s the same Doctor.

    I know, that’s just my opinion.  That’s all.  But then, that’s all any of it is… I know my idea isn’t likely to ever catch on.  I should just give up trying.  But it’s the best shot I’ve got at resolving this to the satisfaction of my neurotic obsession.  It’s just not the sort of thing I can be convinced to overlook… I wish I could.  God knows I’ve got better things to worry about.

    Thanks for the welcome, though.  I appreciate it.

    ThePapalMainframe @thepapalmainframe

    For Halloween this year, I’m going to go as The Tenth Doctor. I’m going to wear a blue skirt, white t-shirt, blue blazer, tan/khaki trench coat, red tie, white converse and I’ll use my Tenth Doctor’s Sonic. Any suggestions? I’m also going to get my glasses prescription in the style of his glasses.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Logic is going to take a flying leap in the face of an actor having to spend three or four years as the Thirteenth Doctor. Personally, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if they start ‘counting’ the War Doctor once Capaldi’s finished his run – and we suddenly leapfrog past Thirteen to the Fourteenth Doctor.

    Eccleston’s refusal to be in the Day of the Doctor was lucky. Apart from the fact that I think John Hurt was actually a better Doctor, inserting John Hurt meant that Capaldi became the fourteenth actor to play the role on-screen. John Hurt, as the thirteenth actor to play the Doctor, was a one-story Doctor and an ‘unlucky’ Doctor. 😉

    Not then numbering John Hurt’s War Doctor meant that Capaldi is the Twelfth incarnation to have a number. He’s the Twelfth incarnation to call himself the Doctor throughout his incarnation.

    Personally, I now just call everyone after the Eighth Doctor by the actors’ surnames – that’s my OCD. Hurt Doctor, Eccleston Doctor, Tennant Doctor, Smith Doctor and now Capaldi Doctor.

    Alternatively, you could just think of Capaldi as 12A. 🙂

    JoeEngland @joeengland

    Yeah, talk about an unlucky number… maybe they’ll just decide to skip the number like you say, like they do in skyscrapers.  That’d be kind of a fix, right?  Well, hope springs eternal.  In any case, I like the way you think, Bluesqueakpip.

    Anonymous @

    @joeengland – I like the @bluesqueakpip’s idea that the numbers are like surnames. That helps it make sense.

    Logic is easier to fix.

    I hope you find a logical fix that fits. Not to dismiss the difficulty of OCD, but the main problem is the logic.

    The show DW is using “names of numbers” as “names of doctors”. When Clara reads the cracker poem, it seems to fit with what is happening to the Doctor.

    CLARA: And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now. The clock is striking twelve’s.

    The Doctor’s “real Gallifreyan name” is not really 11 or 12… Those numbers are just nicknames given to him by Earthlings. The numbers 11 and 12 are just nicknames for the Doctor and they are not intended to refer to the actually quantity of Doctors.

    For example:
    War Doctor is his Earth nickname and he is the quantity of Doctor number 9. His real “Gallifreyan name” is different too.

    If you say 1, 2, 3 in Spanish instead of English, they are different names, they are not different quantities.

    It’s hell’o confusing but that’s normal for DW.

    JoeEngland @joeengland

    It’s hell’o confusing but that’s normal for DW.

    Yeah.  That’s part of what irritates me.  It happens so often in Doctor Who, why did we have to make one of the few straightforward elements complicated as well?  Don’t get me wrong, I like John Hurt’s Doctor, but man… it used to be so simple.

    One Doctor, Two Doctors, Three Doctors… now the lineup’s saddled with a freakin’ asterisk.

    Anonymous @

    @joeengland @barnable @bluesqueakpip

    Hi Joe, I started typing an answer & either the site crashed or the innernet crashed my laptop (arg!)

    Anyway, I think Pip and Barnable are correct, logic exists here with the numbering, but logic may have to take “a flying leap,” as Pip stated, in order to skip over the idea of an actor playing 13.

    Interestingly, friends of an older generation only started their re-watch when Hurt appeared on screen. It was a ‘hello!’ moment as they felt he added some gravitas and nobility to the show (they’d probably switched off after T. Baker’s run). I’ve found most merchandising tends to stick to photographs of the doctor with sonic, Tardis and other props, ignoring numbers altogether.

    On other threads, I also refer to the names of the Doctor -it gives them their own personality and respects them as actors -for me, anyway.

    I don’t think Hurt (as 9) was ever dismissed or seen as a blip in the history of the show (see comment above) but as Pip has stated it’s the issue of the incarnation that’s important. Adding how many faces the doctor has had is not the same as how many doctors, in a numerical sense, there happens to be.

    Whilst your theory of Gallifreyan maths is fantastic (superb bonkers theorising!) I think even the Doctors themselves have discussed the number of regenerations they’ve whipped past (Tennant with his vanity etc) and certainly near the end of Smithy’s life, he himself was certain he’d used up all his remaining regenerations and laid that out very clearly for Clara (and for the audience; most of whom, like me, were a trifle confused!) in his final episode. So perhaps Gallifreyan maths ‘agrees’ with ours, in the end?

    Anyway, pop on over to the other threads: only a few days to go and also, welcome to the Forum!

    Kindest, puro 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @thepapalmainframe I love your Halloween idea! But, why the skirt? Could you get a blue suit or do you wish to make it a Missy/Master; female doctor type of hint?

    I like it either way. Even down to prescription glasses! I’m assuming you’re not Australian? 🙂

    Here, we don’t really do Halloween -not that much, anyway. Lately, though, people have endeavoured to try something and 2 dollar shops have brought in hats and teeth, and fake blood etc…

    So far no-one has ever come to the house for trick or treating in 50 years that I know of!


    JoeEngland @joeengland

    Thanks, Puro.

    Anonymous @

    @joeengland @Purofilion @bluesqueakpip

    I just thought of a way that calling CapDoc number 12 works.

    Bonkers Theory: The numbers are going backward now.

    Since 11 was really Doc13, then he regenerated into 12.

    Of course the downside is, this makes the problem of naming the Doctor’s by numbers a total nightmare, because the next Doctor will be 11 again, then 10….

    But not so fast…What if?

    Matt Smith is coming back. Followed by Tennant, Eccleston, Hurt, and McGann… Yahooo!!

    The reverse numbers theory solves a problem I’ve been thinking on, Re:

    11 used a regeneration already to get to CapDoc 12 (or Doc1), so there should only be 11 more regenerations left (instead of 12 like before).

    If CapDoc is Doc12 in reverse, then there would only be 11 more regenerations to get back to 1. The Doctor’s going home the long way round.

    Anonymous @

    On the other hand:

    If CapDoc is Doc1, then the missing regeneration could explain why the Valeyard shows up sometime in the Doctor’s future.

    Anonymous @


    Capaldi is Doctor 12 or preferably Doctor 1. He’s the first Doctor of the cycle with a ‘new face’ or a ‘first face’.

    So, a clock face works to demonstrate your idea and I think also the general idea of studying a Doctor’s regen ‘profile’?

    The key issue to remember is that there are 13 regenerations: so he can regenerate 13 more times?

    Is that correct? Does that fit your numbers theory?

    (note: I am terrible at mathematics but good with patterns)

    I think this is beyond Fan Creativity and we should go to The Pub, yeah? 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @Purofilion – I think I like CapDoc as new Doc1 works better too.

    I think there are only 12 regenerations and 13 faces. (But 11 said it? rule number 1 n’all 😉 ).

    MacMac @macmac

    Hi Whovians !

    I’ve made an humble tribute to those great actors and this masterpiece of a show, and I was curious what other Who fans would think of it :


    The editing isn’t the best, especially audio-Wise. Maybe this should have just been a .gif?

    Missy @missy


    Very clever macmac. I enjoyed it – love the sinister laugh at the end. Back later.



    Missy @missy


    Thank you, this is fantastic. I’ve only just found this thread – still finding my way around.



    midnyt @midnyt

    @mrvii I know it’s been a while, and you’ve probably got your gallifreyan sorted out, but that would read as “things above all”

    Just like you start reading words counter-clockwise from the bottom, your sentences should do the same.  (alternatively, you can write them somewhat linear from left to right)

    I also dislike that translator because it doesn’t complete the lines. I only use a translator to get an idea of spacing.

    As far as accuracy of the words, I don’t see a line coming off the n in things, but other than that, it looks ok.

    midnyt @midnyt

    Hello, y’all.  I’ve been away for a while, but the Doctor is coming back and so am I (I hope).   I’ve been practicing my Circular Gallifreyan again, and made this wallpaper in honor of the new season.

    “The Magician’s Apprentice”

    bottom left corner is the date (USA format)

    Click for full size


    Missy @missy


    Love the Tardis model. My Oh built me one about the same size. Light goers on inside, and the light on the top works too. I’ve had many an admiring stare from friends.


    GallifreyanGoldfish @thecleverzygon
    anthonykiely @anthonykiely

    I am doing a Doctor Who fan series and I need writers. If you are interested please email me at THIS IS NOT FAKE IT IS REAL.

    AlexM @alexm

    @anthonykiely could you give a little more information about that?

    swinks @swinks

    just finished multiple versions of the whomobile if anyone wants to grab a model and paint up.

    Whomobile Models


    – 1 x version without a windscreen (looks more like a star wars land hover)

    – 1 x version with the windscreen like Jon Pertwee’s personal owned vehicle that inspired the TV series version

    – 1 x version with a full enclosed cockpit. Due to the scale the windscreen can’t have the cut outs as the model starts to fail and will not qualify for the polishing process.

    3 are for the a pinball mod so these have no base and the other “Collector” versions are for the Doctor Who Fans that would like to add a vehicle to their collection of Doctor Who collectibles. I designed in a base with my take on how the hover vehicle would be – 1 air intake and 4 hover jets.


    Yaco Taco @yacotaco

    I thought of this quite seriously, and if any of you have a problem with it, then be my guest to rant at me. I wanted to have all the men who played the Doctors (yes, even Christopher Eccleston…if possible) who are alive to day to come together with the men and women who played their companions that are also, alive today, to sing one song. one song that has a lot of meaning and makes me think of the Doctor every time I hear it. that song, is My Way by Frank Sinatra. I know this’ll take a lot of planning and time, but I hope this request of a 16 year old American fan boy, becomes a reality on tv and youtube. My real name is Michael Rowe, incase they wished to know if this is even conceived by any of them to be a reality

    AlexM @alexm

    That’d take a hell of a lot of planning and dedication, but good luck to you. I hope you can get it to work!


    (Potential stumbling block: the Doctors who have passed away. There are maybe ways around that though.)

    Yaco Taco @yacotaco

    Well, I hope to get an online petition up for this, if I can figure out how to make one. I thought starting here with this idea would work, to spread it through the community of Doctor Who fans. for them, I’m not expecting any actors, but if other impersonators fill in their roles, that’d work out just fine.

    DoctorWhoniverse @doctorwhoniverse

    This is a video i posted on youtube as a tribute to Elizabeth Sladen, although it got taken down due to copyright. So instead i’ve uploaded it on Vimeo (Link Below) where there’s less chance of it being removed! 🙂

    R.I.P Elizabeth!

    The Sarah Jane Adventures: What if the rest of Series 5 was made? – A Tribute to Elizabeth Sladen

    Meisiluosi @meisiluosi

    @missy @purofilion
    Thanks for positive feedback on that vid, much appreciated…;-)

    @yacotaco It might work if you get these people to contribute either individually or preferably in smaller groups. Then edit the recorded material into a video. (I guess that’s what you have in mind?)

    Get the word out and convention going fans might help you get the footage. And who knows, if you ask nicely, maybe even actors who participate in the fandom stuff less often and less enthusiastically – or hardly at all – could be persuaded to contribute their bit.

    Maybe set up a page, post link on forums and various pages on all kinds of social media…?

    elizbuck @elizbuck

    Hey! I’m new to Who (in the last 6 months) and totally love it. I’m wanting to read some like trivia on Who. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions what to read? I want to know about the characters and how they connect, background, fun facts- stuff like that. Let me know what you have read that is worth reading. 🙂

    DifferantDalek @differantdalek

    I wonder if it’s possible, in the Magican’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, that there is a civil war going on between the Davros Loyalists and Anti-Davros Daleks. This might explain why we see daleks with the old casings – cause Davros needs to use whatever he can find. My guess is, the Paradigm Daleks, lead by the Prime Minister, are the ones trying to destroy Davros. I seriously want to see them back, and it has been a while since we have seen them.


    However, I have another theory: Why did the Doctor leave? Because of Susan’s mother.

    tommo @tommo

    Hi everyone.

    i joined this forum yesterday after having been a massive ‘whovian’ since i was about 4 years old.

    one of my personal favorites being no. 8 (mr. mcCoy)

    i look forward to countless hours being passed on here discussing all things who with you all.

    just thought i would put up a link on this here thread sharing some of MY art/illustration work i have done. below is a link to my DA page. please scroll through and check out my Doctor series of pencil portraits. it’s always fulfilling to receive feedback from people who love this show as much as i do.  (the doctor images will be on the earlier pages.)

    thanks guys n gals. see you around.

    tommo @tommo

    sorry i mean no.7 (mcCoy) 😉

    Anonymous @

    I’m not a better writer than SM. The Witches Familiar was very good, but I think it missed an opportunity which stops it from being one of my all time favorites.

    Assuming the handmines can’t grab Daleks, there was a better option than using the Dalek gun to beat the handmines.

    Here is my fan-fic ending for TWF.

    The Tardis lands, doors open, CapDoc (wearing his sonic shades) comes out driving Davros’ Chair. Boy Davros asks “Who are you?” CapDoc spins dirt flying, doing a few ‘donuts’, squishing handminds as he makes a path to boy Davros. “I’m the Doctor” he says and picks up Davros, puts him on board and they both take the controls of the chair. “Exterminate?” the Doctor asks. Then Boy Davros decides to have another go at squishing more handmines (really who wouldn’t?? it’s so much fun!) before they drive away. The End.

    Meisiluosi @meisiluosi

    When I do DW fanart, it’s almost always audio plays. (Gotta admit ever since SM took over, a lot of my enthusiasm for the TV show has gone… I’ve turned into one of those annoying ‘BF-already-dunit-&-dunit-better-too’ people…:-))



    @tommo     I enjoyed browsing through your DA gallery, the pencil sketches look really cool. Your style’s got a bit of roughness to it, I like that.

    anthonykiely @anthonykiely

    @alexm I need writers for a 13 episode doctor who fan series. If you need more anymore info email me at:

    tommo @tommo

    <span class=”useratname”>@meisiluosi</span> – thanks very much. glad you like my style. one of the reasons i adopted it is because nothing is ever really finished. i don’t like endings.

    great work too btw.

    anthonykiely @anthonykiely


    gamergirlavatar @gamergirlavatar

    @anthonykiely I can’t help you with your stories because I don’t like to email people I don’t know in real life but I do write a lot, so much that I’m writing my own book (not Doctor Who). If you get stuck than I could help you, just send me a private message. Also, I can give advise. This advise, though simple, is very important. Fix any plot holes, plot holes steel all the magic away from a show. Number two, don’t have people break character. You create a characters personality and you have to stick with it no matter what. Like I said, if you get stuck or need help just send me a private message on this site.

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