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    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @rewvian (re the Doctor confronting Madame Calvieri) I’m not sure I chose quite the right word (‘powerful’) to express my view of the Doctor at that moment. Certainly in every previous episode he had been dynamic and active. Warning off the Atraxi, confronting the Daleks in their own ship (though much of that was a bluff), battling the Weeping Angels. I guess the scene where he sat on the throne, he seemed authoritative and in control of the situation – maybe that’s a better way to put it.
    Anyway, that’s just the effect he had on me, ymmv as they say. 🙂

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Amy’s Choice – doesn’t seem to have its own thread, so like Rewvian I’ll plonk this here.

    So the Tardis lands – right in Amy’s flower bed. Nice piloting, Doc. Maybe you should get River to drive you around. And has it really been five years since the last one? (Actually not, this is a dream).

    So, which is the dream and which is reality? This soon becomes a really critical question – with deadly consequences if they get it wrong. Amy thinks the current dream (whichever it is) is the real one. The Doctor points out they both feel real, dreams always seem real when you’re in them. [Minor personal caveat – when I dream, a tiny part of my mind ‘knows’ I’m dreaming, so if anything bad is happening I never get really scared, the part that’s ‘monitoring’ sends a ‘don’t worry’ message.]

    The Dream Lord makes me want to punch him. Smug sod.

    And Mrs Poggit – since this episode I’ve never looked at old people in quite the same way again. And the creeping approach of the old – creeps is remarkably menacing. The sight of Rory whacking an old age pensioner is curiously satisfying.

    And eventually Amy ‘chose’ Rory. Though how the psychic pollen managed to make them share dreams is unexplained. Was there ever any risk of anyone dying? Probably not.

    Overall this episode didn’t have a major effect on the storyline, but I found it quite watchable, not least for the novelty of attack of the killer OAP’s.

Viewing 2 posts - 51 through 52 (of 52 total)

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