• So this episode’s villain was a siren that chased after the injured and sick members of a pirate crew.  Rory gets a cut and also becomes a target for the siren, and gets a black spot on the palm of his hand like the other victims.  For much of the episode it is assumed the siren can travel through water, until the Doctor realizes she can travel t…[Read more]

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    I sure missed a lot of stuff in my run-down, but I think it shows there was a lot going on in this episode.

    Well I appreciate your doing these rewatches with me.  I have no idea when I’ll get on to the next ones.

  • @dentarthurdent

    In either this episode or the next River actually implies that they are meeting in literal opposite order, so I think the show itself began all of our confusion.

    I thought the scenery was stunning, especially at the beach where the astronaut was.  On Nixon, I try to remember he did some good things too, like improving relations…[Read more]

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    The continuation from The Impossible Astronaut.  This one keeps the American themes going a bit, with Amy being chased and shot at by Agent Canton in Utah, and then Rory in Arizona.  River leaps out of a window to avoid being shot.  Canton builds a room around the Doctor to imprison him, and brings Amy and Rory’s body bags inside as well.  The pri…[Read more]

  • I remember as season 6 was debuting, the show continued to get more promotion in the United States.  The setting and plot of the first couple episodes involved the USA, too, and it all kicked off with a school bus, the Doctor in a Stetson, and a 50’s diner.  So much about the episode does have a different, much less British feel.

    The monster in t…[Read more]

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    I lost my original post but I’ll just try to summarize.  Essentially this episode is about the Doctor traveling between different points in an old man’s life in an attempt to make him a better person.  In the process he inadvertantly makes the man into a Scrooge type, which likely always happened.  The old man is also in control of the skies vi…[Read more]

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    My mistake!  Still, it’s cool that they can get so many former Doctors involved.

    So 3 specials and then the fourth will be the new Doc.

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    Supposedly there will be 8 episodes of DW featuring David Tenant next year, beginning in May 2023.

    They will also feature Doctors 4-9 in some capacity.

    Great news if it’s true!  The Tenant special will likely make for a series-encompassing lead-in to the next Doctor’s run.

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  • @dentarthurdent My memory of these episodes was honestly pretty far off from what actually happened.  It’s amazing how much your brain can forget and fill in the holes over time.

    I might slow down on my rewatch now.

  • Now let’s talk about the S5 finale, The Big Bang.

    I didn’t quite like how in the first part of the episode, they made it sound like something was in the Pandorica already when it was vacant.

    This episode marks the introduction of the fez for the Eleventh Doctor.

    The universe “collapses” and all of the Doctor’s enemies have been reduced to stone…[Read more]

  • So this episode has two parts, I will make a second post for the other one.

    The main plot in the episode is The Doctor is summoned to Stonehenge in Roman times, by a painting of the TARDIS blowing up that Van Gogh made.  Seeing connections to the other episodes from the season was great.  Ultimately River Song is the one who retrieves the p…[Read more]

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    So this episode had James Corden, I recognize him now though back when this episode came out I didn’t know who he was.  I still don’t really watch his show or anything, I just know of him.  It was sort of an Amy-lite episode.

    The Doctor’s TARDIS stops being able to land, so Amy is being transported around while the Doctor looks for the source o…[Read more]

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    @missy You’re right, because the sun was like an entity on the ship trying to punish them for stealing from the sun.  I kind of remember now.

    @dentarthurdent A little off-topic, but I wonder if a day will come where we make ships that can come into contact with a sun.

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    @dentarthurdent I’m surprised these episodes made you lose interest in the series back during original run.  I remember when I watched the Pandorica episodes at the end of the season I felt like it had a cop out ending sort of, but Idk how I would feel about it now.  I kept on watching through season 6 I know, but then kind of stopped for a w…[Read more]

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    @oochillyo It has been too many episodes and too much time now for me to remember the specifics of this episode, but it sounds like they had to release the fuel storage on the ship.  I don’t know if that was to like push them away from the sun or to make the ship less heavy or what.  If the engine was broken then I don’t know how it would have d…[Read more]

  • This episode sees the Doctor and Amy meeting Van Gogh, who on top of his mental health is being tormented by a large bird/horse monster that is invisible.

    Amy and the Doctor end up staying with Vincent and are confronted by the monster, and afterwards the Doctor retrieves a device from the TARDIS that he was given (by a two-headed being), which…[Read more]

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    So I should start by saying that the makeup for the Silurians is pretty good.  The costuming and whatnot as well.  The guns they carry might be where they cut some corners (how do they fire them, exactly?) but all in all they did pretty dang good.

    This episode sees the family failing to “be the best examples of humanity”, as the grandfather a…[Read more]

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    So I’m going to talk about The Hungry Earth, which is part one of this episode.  Go figure this second part has 2 threads…

    So the Doctor & Co were going to a beach but wound up at a graveyard.  The people in the Graves have been going missing, as does the crew member for a drilling team.

    The Doctor and Amy examine the drill team’s building a…[Read more]

  • @oochillyo So the Weeping Angels might be able to fly, if I’m going by the one scene in those episodes where the more humanoid ones transform and look more like angels again.  One of them had their wings spread, and I believe it was airborne.

    This of course makes the angels even more threatening because they could probably fly faster than they…[Read more]

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