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    So I saw some of The Sontaran Experiment, and all of The Android Invasion and The Brain of Morbius.  Obviously there are threads for none of these, so I’ll post my thoughts here.

    First up, it was a bit stunning seeing the classic Sontarans because, in all honesty, they don’t seem far off from the modern incarnation.  I do question whether a Sont…[Read more]

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    So I finally got to see Frontier in Space in most of its entirety.

    One thing I’ve noticed is how anxiety-inducing some of these old episodes are.  In every single episode of the serial there is some misfortune that befalls The Doctor – being disbelieved by two empires, being captured, being imprisoned on a moon, being tricked and locked in a…[Read more]

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    I got to see the last two episodes of The Daleks, and then The Edge of Destruction.

    The Daleks surprised me with how high the stakes seemed to be and how scary the situation was at times.  The group of companions and Thals going and exploring underground passageways and rock climbing, and then Barbara nearly getting crushed under the door as it…[Read more]

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    So I watched Attack of the Cybermen.  …Of course there are only topics for two parts of this episode.  So, this is where the discussion will go.

    The Cryons had a cheap but effective look.  If I’m not mistaken, they just took a ton of plastic wrap and went round and round to make the craniums, and then frizzled a bit around the mouth and ne…[Read more]

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    @janetteB Thanks for the welcome!  And yes, I will try to do some more though-posting as I watch more episodes.  Even if I rewatch new series episodes I’ve seen, I’d like to contribute something to the topic about it.  Especially with it being pretty much a decade since I was keeping up with the show.

    I think it’s always a fresh experience wh…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave Thanks for the welcome!

    So I don’t understand this website because very few of the Third Doctor’s episodes even have a forum thread, and we have multiple threads for parts of the same stories.  I don’t understand why they don’t just let users make threads on this website since we have such a good community and could easily…[Read more]

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    I came here to talk about “The Three Doctors”, but there doesn’t seem to be an episode topic for it.  : /

    I just watched through the old special and generally enjoyed it.  This was my first brush with the Bridgadier and Omega.  Both characters are probably well overdue for screen time in the new series, if they haven’t received any already.  In…[Read more]

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    Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame, best known for playing Uhura, has died at 89.

    It seems I’m a little late finding out about it.  I consider Star Trek and Doctor Who to be prime examples of classic sci-fi, originating fom similar times.

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    I could watch it episode by episode and try to give my impressions now on them.  I am sure there are several episodes where I won’t have anything interesting to say though.  Or maybe just comment whenever I feel like it’s worth doing.

    I don’t want to put the pressure on myself to commit to this lol.

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    It’s sad to hear about Cribbins’ passing.  Just the other day I was talking about The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, and made some comparisons to The End of Time.  Wilf had a pretty big part in those episodes, and in the regeneration of 10 into 11.  In a way Wilf’s exit from Doctor Who was my introduction to it.

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    @winston I also haven’t seen most of the classic Who, so there will always be new content.  With it being the better part of a decade since I’ve seen most of the episodes I did see, even that is going to be fun to watch again.  I don’t know when I’m going to get around to doing any of this – it could be a few months from now, or even a year.  Bu…[Read more]

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    @dentathurdent I think The Doctor him/herself would be one to live life in the moment and leave some things to chance, so I’ll submit that your snafu with the partition would have been Doctor-worthy.  🙂

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    Doctor Who To Stream On Disney+? BBC & Disney Reportedly In Talks (msn.com)

    I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it here on the forums yet, but there has been talks about Doctor Who potentially moving to Disney +.

    Currently here in the US, Doctor Who is streaming on HBO Max.  Personally I think that seems like the better fit, and I kind of hope…[Read more]

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    So my earliest brush with Doctor Who was probably quite late compared to a lot of people here.  I got into the series at the end of David Tennant’s run, beginning of Matt Smith’s run.  I don’t recall which episode was the first one I’d seen.

    I ordered the DVDs from the 2005 season and watched through the Ninth Doctor’s adventures, and followed t…[Read more]

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    @winston I guess there are a few factors there that determine how good the new doctors are.

    I think there is always a bias for certain Doctors over others, especially your first Doctor.  Like I consider Ten to be my first Doctor because he was still around when I got into the series, even though Eleven had been cast and that series was getting…[Read more]

  • I remember these episodes really felt like the culmination of everything the revived series had been working towards at that point.  While I also enjoyed The End of Time, and the return of the Time Lords in that, I felt like these episodes concluded the story of the past 4 seasons.  (Minus the Time War, of course.)  The End of Time was more of a…[Read more]

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    Nice to meet you, Dentarthurdent!  Yes, I am glad I am not the only person who felt that way about later seasons tending to get better!  I guess I would say I was okay with Matt Smith from the start, but it did take me a little time to really accept him in the role, though I think he played the character quite well from the moment he stepped i…[Read more]

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    I’m new to this forum, greetings everyone!

    So I have been out of the modern Dr. Who loop for several years now.  The last series I watched was the first season of Peter Capaldi.  So I haven’t seen the majority of the 12th Doctor’s run, or any of the 13th Doctor.  But lately it’s really been feeling like high time to get back into things and ca…[Read more]

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