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    They had to bring something in at the end to shine just a glimmer of hope. Even evil Moffat, who KILLED OSGOOD (the audience avatar as @ABXY pointed out!) and is making us wait for WEEKS, couldn’t leave Clara and the Doctor as such broken souls. Would have been just too bleak to bear. (And I love that it was Santa not Father Christmas. Would have…[Read more]

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    @ABXY– well that scene near the end of Robot of Sherwood works better as an analogy…

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    @ABXY, @Margaret-Blaine– that’s what I call teamwork. Would have bothered me fir ages without this site.

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    @ABXY, I know, I said the mother of the children mentioned in the Jenny episode. He tells Donna he’d been a father before 😉

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    @ABXY– queen Elizabeth? Still one more than I would have thought. Assuming ‘wife’ to mean significant relationship, one on gallifray, Susan’s grandmother and the mother if the children mentioned in the Jenny episode.

    Now we know four wives, probably safe to assume at least one, maybe two from Gallifray. But how old was he when he ran away? He’s…[Read more]

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    Is Missy truly dead?

    I think the answer to that one is an unequivocal ‘No’. She’d have been legging it for the horizon if she hadn’t had a ‘get out clause’ available. 😈

    However, if they keep to the old Ainley tradition of killing the Master off and then just brushing it off on the next appearance, they don’t have to worry about…[Read more]

  • @ABXY

    Is Missy truly dead?

    Probably not – the visual effect made it nicely ambiguous, but either way the Brigadier got her out of the way and saved the Doctor’s soul.

    Is Gallifrey truly back?

    No. As was clearly shown, Missy lied. And then the Doctor lied to Clara as Clara lied to him.

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    @ABXY– yes I loved that.

    There was a lot of fan teasing- in a nice way. Four wives, all dead, children and grandchildren lost PRESUMED dead, clone daughter. A lot of clarification and bad news for the Asexual Doctor Presivation Socity or whatever it was- on a blog on here I think?

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    @ABXY   Re ‘Danny Boy’.   When I lived in Northern Ireland I was informed by my friends there that the words are meant to be those of a father to his son who is going off to war, not a woman, and since the song originated in Ireland I assumed that they knew what they were talking about.  In practically any pub at the weekend there would be someon…[Read more]

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    @ABXY Agreed I need to watch this now!

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    @ABXY @mattie @chickenelly I’m another who was reminded of Midnight. I felt that there were some unresolved questions from that episode, and for a moment I was excited by the thought that they might be answered; but maybe that was a red herring?

    So much to think about, and will need to watch again, but one thing that struck me very powerfully was…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the Resurrection reference, @PhaseShift, I thought I had heard the “duplicate” thing mentioned before; but I thought it might have been in audio, which I usually try to keep away from in these discussions.

    @ABXY (and others as well) I think that war/the military is going to be a theme in this series. I wonder if it will tie in with the…[Read more]

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    @ABXY sadly, although the UK (as confirmed in Ofcom’s recent statement regarding the 6 complaints it had received about the kiss) doesn’t officially discriminate against kissers according to gender (or species apparently!) it’s not the case in much of the rest of the world.




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    @ABXY  Well, nobody said I wasn’t cheating a bit.  >.>  *lol*  I used an online generator to help and then got fed-up with it giving me silly things.  Plus, it doesn’t come up with “Cyberman”, can you believe it!

    The more I think about it, the more I wonder if we’ve really found out what the whole phrase means.  Run and remember?  I mean, it cou…[Read more]

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    @purofilion Apologies, I missed that from earlier. The idea that she’s the TARDIS is interesting, but putting the TARDIS (or the Vortex?) into that form is surely no easy task. Two instances spring to mind: Rose as Bad Wolf, and of course something involving House again: could House be making a reappearance?

    @ABXY Yes, I also thought this might…[Read more]

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    @ABXY Okay, I will show those, as well as post on dA.  I just need to get pics developed.  I also made a TARDIS tee shirt, but I’m not sure if I have a good picture of it.  I do have a picture of myself wearing it at the mall.

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    @ABXY Why thank you very much.  I’m always happy to meet other people.

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    Awakening/Black Orchid as 1st choice, Kinda for 2nd

    And hi to @fosterferris aka TheCrackInTheWall and @ABXY

    23 Aug


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    Good to see you back @MonochromeDimension

    Nice new pic of PC – he looks much more colourful than the other 2! Also looks like he’s getting nicely embedded in the role 🙂

    And welcome  home @ABXY

    Nice vids @fatmaninabox (yikes!) and @Wolfweed

    I realised the restoration process was laborious but that video really brings home how fragile the…[Read more]

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    Welcome from me @ABXY

    Well, at least we have the internet now. When I was at school, it wasn’t an option (yes – I’m old) and being a Who fan could be a lonely thing.

    Have an explore around the site, and if you are interested in the older Doctors, we run a review club where we watch an episode of the old series a week (published Saturday).…[Read more]

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