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    @archier    That is funny because most Canadians dream of going somewhere warm in the winter. We got about 2 feet of snow the other night and it is beautiful to look at but very hard to shovel.

    Stay safe

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    @archier Hi and welcome to the forum, our little Dr Who loving community. Don’t worry about posting in the wrong place. We all do it. Technically The Sofa is supposed to be for Dr Who related discussion but as you will observe, we are continually going “off topic”.

    @dentarthurdent I really like part one, “Under the Lake” and most of part two…[Read more]

  • winston replied to the topic On The Sofa (10)

    @archier  Welcome to you from up here in chilly Canada! We love the Doctor too so you are at the right place. Have fun exploring and commenting.

    @janetteb  @dentarthurdent    It was -25C   all day today, have pity for my frozen tootsies. All I can say is Brrrrr…..

    Stay safe.

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    @archier    Don’t worry about that.   Everyone here is pretty friendly.  And this site’s geography can be quite confusing, so posts often end up in the ‘wrong’ place.   Also, ‘topic drift’.    I just posted some episode comments here, when it should have been on the ‘episode’ page.

    Craig  (the Chief Dalek) is pretty tolerant.   I can only thin…[Read more]