• it was always part of mrs gillyflowers plan that the petrified people would be revived once the earth was cleansed, i think there was also a reference to an antidote when they talk about how ada got scarred, so i […]

  • i thought mrs gallifrey, sorry, gillyflower, reminded me of some of the naysayers on the grauniad…hell and damnation, moral turpitude, same sex inter-species relationships, disgusting, cancel the series

  • wonderful! the episode Gatiss was destined to write – shades of League, Oranges are not the only fruit and Carry on Screaming, great callback to Emma Peel with the catsuit, oh and a touch of Moonraker as well. Who […]

  • @PhaseShift – i find your analysis of series 5 compelling, and what i think is exciting is that i think its as much a subconscious thing as moff setting out to deliberately run that idea through the series, it […]

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    more eps i’d like to see:

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Spiders from Mars

    The Winds of Uranus

    The Deadly Squirrel

    Planes, Trains and Tardises

    A River Runs Through It

    The Beast With Two Backs



  • @wolfweed i second that, saw the things u were referring to and wished i hadn’t

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    “physician heal thyself” springs to mind

  • random quote from series 5 a “i’ll be a story in your head. That’s okay. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? ‘Cause it was, you know. It was the best. The daft old man who stole a magic box […]

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    the only way is gallifrey


    i’m a sontarian get me out of here

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    more episodes that need to be made…

    dalliance of the daleks

    a stitch in time

    knowing me knowing who



  • @Shazzbot did u hear about the constipated mathematician who worked it out with a pencil and paper.

    sorry everyone!

  • hi all, i think there is a connection between clara and cal (the computer from silence in the library.forest of the dead) so the idea of rycbar as a password of some sort is very appealing.

    also Bosj and sitl […]

  • i was ruminating (beat that you cogitators) on jenny being constructed from the doctor’s dna, when it occured to me that perhaps the 3 Claras are clones, built from identical dna, which would explain 3 identical […]

  • Just going back to the point at the end of the ep where the picture of the brothers is altered etc…

    at 32.40 ish when Tricky attacks Gregor, the Doctor tells Tricky that Gregor couldn’t cut him up because he […]

  • re the tardis infinity issue, time loops, and how the eye of harmony fits into the tardis,  can do no better than  refer to William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence:

    To see a world in a grain of sand,
    And a […]

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    yes, he’s a jammy dodger


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    i was enjoying @HaveYouFedTheFish ‘s summary when i made a fateful misreading, i thought he was talking about JLS, not JLC. suddenly it all made sense.

    JLS split up and have their memories wiped and are spread […]

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    Claranet – he he – very good 🙂

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    this site is no good for an obsessive compulsive like myself…

    luckily my kids took it in turns to keep daddy up all night last night which gave me plenty of time for fevered theorising, and what i came up […]

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    re Clara’s clothes, has anyone done a little red riding hood vs big bad wolf theory yet?

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