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    so much to say, so little time

    I was in the underwhelmed camp until the type 40 got stolen, and thereafter it was pure love…

    memories become stories – in a series that has foregrounded stories so much this opens up so much possibility – that everything we watch is the half forgotten echo of what really happened – all those loose ends and weird…[Read more]

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    o m good golly miss molly

    so help me through the confession dial paradox – at the end of face the raven Me is holding it, at the end of Heaven Sent the Dr is holding it – are they one and the same? Is the Dr and therefore Gallifey still inside the confession dial that Me is holding?

    dr who /  the prisoner / monument valley mash up oh yes

    any…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave the sofa sounds tempting, but not as tempting as my bed – i have a sandman to make…but i will post more about them when i have had a slightly less crappy day at work than i had today (if u remember from a few years back, my boss is missy!!)…but one quick thought on the topic – they take over disused buildings and the aud…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave – it is indeed about a year, in human terms, but for a time traveller it might have been yesterday or tomorrow. Seriously though I am an avid reader of the site, but a terribly lazy poster. I tend to wait until i’m just bursting to get something out there.

    loving the development of  the out of sync theory and totally agree…[Read more]

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    I can’t help feeling that that which is hidden in plain sight is the Dr’s confession dial. Something about the role of the dial in the first ep bothered me, a feeling that whatever it was prepared for wasn’t the trip to see Davros. So my bonkers theory is that the events of Face the Raven take place before the Magician’s Apprentice and that we…[Read more]

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    @purofilion nice to be back, finally got to wrestle the mac away from the mrs… i’m not a theologian, more a picker upper of unconsidered trifles… for some reason the jonah story is one that stuck in my mind from an early age, i think cos my dad used to sing “it aint necessarily so”, years later i became interested in whale and dolphin con…[Read more]

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    try again, fail again, fail better…

    missy is sexy, gone to the bad – explains the boyfriend comment, and the special relationship with clara, and why the tardis is going so wonky, even by tardis standards

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    missy is the doctor’s daughter, from “the doctor’s daughter”

    ok,it may be complete rubbish, but at least its my original rubbish, and it fits in with the family themes

    just that boyfriend comment to work around…

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    just going back to the original ” next week ” trailer, i predict that when clara holds the tardis key and says you aint ever going back, she isn’t speaking to the doctor, and she might not be referring to his tardis…

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    maybe because i was tired, hungover, and had just read my little boy “the giving tree” but i thought the episode was wonderful, and strangely emotional. in fact i am loving the series, especially the wheels within wheels-iness of it and the thematic resonances between episodes. particularly interesting this time was:

    (1) danny’s wanting to die…[Read more]

  • wow.

    to me, it seems that the John Hurt Doctor can’t be one of the existing 11, specifically the time wars doctor, because “our” doctor freely admits to his part in the time war, “i’ve killed them all” so it […]

  • mind you, i’d quite like to see clara go bad, she’s a bit too goody goody, maybe too good to be true?

  • @timeloop following the great red v blue debate elsewhere on here, maybe she is a redprint! i’m not sure it follows that shes river inversed or that she is programmed to do anything other than be herself.

    going […]

  • @htpbdet i’m not sure how vigorously i should defend my speculation as i’m not sure i ever got to grips with river in series 6, but i think there are differences, most noticably that claras role is to save the […]

  • @haveyoufedthefish but if she isn’t innocent its hard to see how see how she could stay as a companion beyond the big reveal of the final episode

  • @Shazzbot i know what u mean about it being too close to river, but its my best guess at the moment 😉 i wouldn’t bet my house on it tho!

  • @haveyoufedthefish i’m with you on that, but it doesnt mean she isnt innocent, i suspect she is has been placed around the doc by some other big bad that shes completely unaware of

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    @ScaryB i second that re the bbc article on de la mare, not a writer i know, but have kindled myself some short stories. most relevant part of the article for me re dr who was the idea of the joy of things left […]

  • re the fall of the 11 th if its the same kind of fall as in he’ll rise higher than ever before and then fall so low then i wouldnt hold your breath for anything too significant

  • @Shazzbot i think the pilgrims were all in jars, and the supermodel army were her henchmen rather than pilgrims. the victorians were great collectors of things, especially specimens, and glass jars feature very […]

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