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    @puroandson Thanks, I was picking up on an idea posted by others (@bendubz11, @frobisher, @bobbyfat, @starla, etc.), so it’s hardly an original thought. I just decided to go through each episode and see what of the Doctor’s wardrobe I could see. But whoa, I should have given my post more of a read before hitting the “submit” button. Several typos…[Read more]

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    @bobbyfat  I’m with @blenkinsopthebrave here — more, please!  Sounds wonderful, something like a theatrical experience I read about in Finland, I think, a couple of years ago.

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    oh, I could go on…

    Well, please do! It sounds fascinating!

    Maybe over at On the Sofa. I am sure I would not be the only person interested in punchdrunk. They sound brilliant.

    And I am still trying to work out the out of sync theory. I keep going back to the scene with Ohila in the Prologue. I am sure we will go back there…I think.


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    Also been thinking the sonic glasses are a clue. Both devices are  new tools.

    I thought that the  purpose of the sonics  was to try to detect something and

    then the dial’s purpose was related.    BTW, it only looks like a confession dial

    in the way the Tardis looks like a phone box don’t you think?

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    That is a brilliant theory! Totally agree that the confession dial is the clue hiding in plain sight. The idea that the episodes have happened in a different order is inspired. It also gives a logic to why the Doctor recognises Ashildr when he first sees her in the Viking camp.

    That would mean that the first reference to the…[Read more]

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    @pedant  Thank you for letting me know about the Fox Inn letter from Puro.  Yes, lots of love.  I was worried.

    @bobbyfat Cool theory.  I have often wondered if it truly IS a confession dial or something he knew he would need at the right moment.  Not necessarily a bomb, but something needed.


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    @purofilion @Arbutus  and @Bobbyfat yes I thought that too! The idea that someone could be rattling around the TARDIS with the Dr -I didn’t say the crucial “another TARDIS inside a TARDIS’ though! Great idea.

    It has been suggested before! In post #33840 on the Flatline thread. (I may not have been the first to suggest it, though!)

    Given that TARD…[Read more]

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    @Strax    While I didn’t share your boredom with the episode, I really liked your post. I too enjoy grumpy old men!

    @Bobbyfat   do those who make it to the nether sphere have to believe there is an afterlife     Interesting idea. Half faced man certainly believed in the promised land.

    how come missy bears an uncanny resemblance to my boss?[Read more]

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    Having just rewatched this episode again with the suggestion in the back of my mind, (sorry I have forgotten who first suggested that) that everything this series is an invention of Clara’s I must say Danny does appear to be her perfect SO So perfect that, as the Doctor points out, he isn’t entirely believable.

    @Whisht I like that suggestion.…[Read more]

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    btw – in terms of theories I’ve enjoyed… I didn’t want to mention posters by name, as I’d forget someone and that would be dumb.

    However, perhaps its good to remember some of those who don’t seem to be around anymore, in case a mention gets an email to them that they open and want to take part.

    So here’s to @MTGradwell @Bruin @CraigNixon @penny…[Read more]

  • @Bobbyfat So Clara is is an opposite blueprint of River? That would make her turn out bad , since she started good……

  • @bobbyfat @shazzbot – we seem to have eliminated any possibility she can be anything other than completely innocent. Therefore the laws of drama insist that she can’t be!

  • @bobbyfat

    Loved the sepia tinged flashback

    Oh – wasn’t that good? I loved that look for the flashback. Worked perfectly I thought. Mind – i was still chuckling from The Doc sweeping Jenny off her feet for a snog. 😀

  • @Bobbyfat Not to mention Strax going off to play with his grenades, Hehe. (Ho hum there’s always someone lowers the tone 😉 )

  • @bobbyfat.      I think it is all entirely planned and deliberate with SM. He leaves little to chance.

  • @PhileasF & @Bobbyfat

    Yes, the story motif is strong in the run. I think SMs run, when it is available to view in full retrospect, will be quite telling. It seems so far to be about the power of the story in […]

  • @Bobbyfat – Spoilers######

    I refer specifically to dwm pg 22 3rd paragraph (& the picture caption).

    Keep away folks if you want to remain pure! I mean it!

  • @Bobbyfat – Clara could be an anagram of CAL, River and Amy. River to come up with the idea, CAL to do the programming, and Amy (possibly with Anthony’s help) to arrange the adoption of a baby designed to be […]

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    @Bobbyfat – I like your thinking! silence vs song

    It fits with many of the motifs, i.e., ghosts, love, the past, the future, memories. He is tossing out so many clues and pathways, I feel saturated.

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    Er… Claranet?

    Sorry @Bobbyfat

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