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    @Lisa Thanks for your list of Dr Who doppelganger characters (actors who have appeared as different characters at various times). Knew about most of them (mainly thanks to very observant/knowledgable people on these boards 🙂 ) but I’d missed the lovely Chipo Chung as Chantho/Turn Left’s fortune teller and Adjoa Andly’s double turn as Sister…[Read more]

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    @botheyesshut Hi there, glad you like the forum.

    I think, if you go to your profile, under the “Messages” tab there is a secondary tab called “Notices”. I think you can turn it off there, although I may be wrong.

    If not, the other easy way is to post on the sofa again but untick the box for notifications when you post.

    If neither of those work,…[Read more]

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    @botheyesshut I am glad that you will be the coolest kid in town, along with wife and kid of course. 🙂  (my emoticons are rather like my son’s internet responses when he was four. All he could type was “hello”, so someone in the game would be saying, “you are about to be attacked by orcs” and in response he would type “hello”. ) Oh and welcome…[Read more]

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    @botheyesshut, well glad to be of (limited) assistance, that all sounds highly… technical…

    Hope it works and enjoy! Also hope the weather improves; honestly, I’ll take a bit of rain over what you’re getting!!

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    @botheyesshut, Greetings, glad to hear even Long Beach has its issues (sorry, slightly jealous in cold, damp Scotland)!

    Saw this article over at Kasterborous.com: http://www.kasterborous.com/2014/12/can-catch-last-christmas-um-christmas/

    Seems to include US times. Hope that is helpful and a very Merry Christmas to you!