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    cadbob @replies

    @theidiotfrom – yes, that’s fine.  Feel free to send in the proposal.

    cadbob @replies

    Hi all.  Just wanted to pop by and share some details with you about The Doctor Who Project an original Doctor Who fiction series that has been publishing Doctor Who short stories since 1999.


    The Doctor Who Project is excited to announce that effective July 6, 2020, seasons 27, 28, 29, 30, 35 & 36 are all back online. All stories from those seasons bar where indicated are available to download in PDF format which can be viewed on your PC, phone or tablet.


    This year celebrates twenty-one years of The Doctor Who Project and what a better way to celebrate than presenting an all new season of adventures with the Tenth Doctor and companion Hanna Redfoot. So far we have filled five of the seven story spots as follows:

    • I.R.L. by Hamish Crawford who last contributed to TDWP back in 2017s Season 40 with “Palimpsest”.
    • Tempests Howl by Alex Aldred. This is Alex’s first story with TDWP.
    • The Pied Piper by Matt Tovey. Matt recently discovered TDWP and this is his first time writing for the project.
    • Legends of the Kraal by Nick Krohn. Nick last TDWP story was the 2018 Christmas Special “The Hope of Midwinter’s Eve”.
    • Infection Vector by Richard Hoover who wrote the season 41 story, “Rights and Responsibilities”.

    Season 42 is being edited by Bob Furnell, Richard Peevers and Ben Pocock and is scheduled for a Fall 2020 release.


    THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT is in the midst of planning Season 42, the latest season of new adventures involving the Tenth Doctor and companion Hannah Redfoot. We still have two vacant story spots in the season. Due to the current climate, we’ve decided to keep the story proposal period open for the foreseeable future and you can continue to submit story proposals until we fill all remaining spots.

    Story proposals should be roughly 4-6 paragraphs detailing the story plot, characters, setting and any other information you feel would go toward enabling the editorial board making an ideal assessment of your story for publication.

    To obtain a copy of the full SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (featuring character outlines for the 10th Doctor & Hannah) and the TDWP STYLE GUIDE please visit the Submission Guidelines on the TDWP website.

    We look forward to hearing from you.



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