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    real_marc @realmarc

    Hi Whovians …

    I’ve been watching the Doctor since I stumbled upon Tom Baker on PBS while in junior high and was hooked. I’ve attended conventions, collected Jelly Babies and more. Now I’ve created a Dr Who t-shirt idea for the woot! shirt derby (contest). I invite you to hop on over and ask that you vote for it. If it wins first, 2nd or 3rd place they make it available for purchase. I hope everyone likes it. And thank you! Now off to save the universe.

    Dr Who t-shirt

    Anonymous @

    A speech Ryan could have given in The Battle of Ranskar av Kolos (discussion in the episode thread):

    I was never anything but a bus driver, Tim Shaw. You probably don’t know much about that, being an alien and all. But I was a bus driver, and a good one.

    I got to work on time, drove my route on time, and kept to my route. I was dependable, I was. People could rely on me being where I was supposed to when I was supposed to, and thanks to me they’d get where they wanted to go, when they wanted to get there.

    Then there was Grace, my wife, the woman you killed. She was a nurse, and a good one. Kept people alive, but she did more than that. She kept ’em living. Living their life, and living a better life than they would have without her.

    So here I am holding a gun on you. I could be just like you, shooting people. I could keep you from living your life, stop you from going on, wherever it is you want to be going.

    But a bus driver is better than that, and so is a nurse. I’m the better man. [Lowers gun.]

    [Then Tim Shaw says, “You are weak.”]

    syzygy @thane16


    I like that! Thing is, is it possible, having seen him in Rosa, knowing the sort of person he is, knowing he was nursed back to health by the lady who would become his wife, would such a narrative be necessary?

    I know that Thane likes a particular thriller author. This author, in his books, writes something like this:

    “In films and books, the hero has time to present his case in order to arrest the villain they’ve been searching for across days/weeks/years but in the end, those speeches are wasted because the villain isn’t going to understand or care. He might try and trick the good character  and in real life there isn’t time for long speeches. Everyone’s too damn tired.”

    The baddie begs: “don’t shoot me. Don’t put me in the chamber for ever. I have teeth -money, people, planets…” The goodie is clever. He knows a trick when it’s coming. He knows the villain well enough now, who will say either “you are weak” or, “for Ux’s sake, stop TALKING!”

    Next thing he’s in the chamber: “don’t leave me here. I hate it!”

    And yet we don’t hear that because what else would we expect to hear? “I luurve it here, baby. Byee [finger wave]. See you in a 1000 years. You can’t resist meee, Gray-ham. I hold all of Grace’s memories. Mwah, mwha ha haa. She really rocked your bod, Gray-ham!  Ha, haa!”

    So, we’re left with the dialogue that Chibnall gave us.  😀  And  it wasn’t what Tim Shaw should feel or why Graham isn’t going to kill him.

    The episode, and the series, from the VERY first scene, was about the people, not the monsters. The monsters were often crappy or unbidden -like the spiders- those which weren’t, were in us: the American ‘chief,’ racism in the Deep South, the Kerblam system calling for ‘help’ against an organic enemy or the hatred of one cultural group for another in The Demons of the Punjab (really, the latter sums up the entire thing – the Witchfinder’s was also a battle between and ‘us’ and a ‘them’ -same with Arachnids – of which 80% of the world is currently frightened).


    Anonymous @

    @thane16 – Thank you!  I knew there’d be a case both for and against, thank you for being kind enough to present one of them.

    I’m not going to take a side, I think it’s already clear that a) Rosa really worked for a whole lot of people as an episode, and b) I wasn’t one of them. 🙁  I could wish it worked for everyone, including me, but, shoot, if I’m going to start wishing, I think I’ll go for world peace and grown-up politicians, and leave TV scripts a lot farther down the list. 🙂

    syzygy @thane16


    Not at all. Give peace a chance. I mean, of course, write, write away! That’s how we’re supposed to do things. Many years ago I was looking at a pretty famous conductor’s notations on a score of Beethoven and I didn’t really like what was there so I changed the notations (in brackets naturally) and the orchestra was twitchy. I said, “Bloc 88 you are ALL over the place! Again.”

    They wouldn’t change it. It was so ingrained. I had to live with this souped up, heavy European, ‘look at ME’ score because the concert was fast approaching and I wanted something lighter, softer, faster. But, nope. They wouldn’t budge and thus not knowing me from Adam simply ignored me in that area. I realised they too wanted to shine . Probably why they were pretty amateur.

    Also many years ago I was told by a dear friend, who went the same route, “it’s for the music. Not for the musicians or the orchestra:  for the music.”

    They ignored him too.  🙂

    Anonymous @

    @thane16 – Thank you for that, and no worries, I’m always writing something.

    As for Rosa and Season 11 in general, I watch very little television, and no dramas other than Who.  What got me onto it was that RTD and Moffat were doing the same things I read SF for: to come up with an imaginative story premise, and then explore its ramifications.  So while I understand the “ordinary people” thrust of this last season, that’s just what I don’t want; I’d watch other TV if that’s what I wanted.

    But again, what I want is only what I want, and I don’t expect anyone anywhere to cater to me.  (Besides, I’m writing all the time, so if I want stories of a particular type, I can just go ahead and write them.)

    As to the experiences you and your friend had with the musicians, well, us visionaries are rarely appreciated properly. 😀

    tallskinnyfellow @tallskinnyfellow

    Just wante to ask if anyone has seen this fantastic fan web series? Its set in Cardiff about a bunch of whovians and the weird dramas of there day to day lives. Highly recommend this comedy drama!!


    Missy @missy


    Looks interesting, shall have a good look later.

    Thanks for posting.



    Fyre Spryte @fyrespryte

    Just thought I’d share these theories of mine for how the Tardis might work =)

    The Tardis has the ability to time travel, blend into its surroundings like a chameleon or disappear, and have a volume greater than its surface area.  Though these capabilities seem like things that only exist in fiction, traveling into the future could be possible through use of time travel; the size of the interior could be possible with length contraction, tardis regions, or four dimensions; and the chameleon circuit could be achieved by length contraction, angled mirrors, lenticular images, or metamaterials.

    To understand time travel, one must first understand relativity. A person in a boat will say land is passing by, but people on the land will say the boat is passing by: this is relativity. The value of time and motion depends on the frame of reference from which it is observed and measured. This applies to everything, even time. Light is the one exception; it moves at a constant speed no matter the frame of reference, a speed so fast that it takes essentially no time to go from point A to point B. A person walking in a fast-moving spaceship will say he is going a certain speed because he is measuring his distance/time relative to the spaceship, but observers outside the spaceship will say he is walking slower because they are measuring his distance/time relative to their positions on earth. This relativity is known as time dilation: “time appears to pass more slowly in a frame of reference that is moving relative to the observer.” Because of time dilation, a person in a spaceship moving near the speed of light will not age as quickly as someone on earth. Therefore if the Tardis travels at or near the speed of light, more time will have passed on earth than in the Tardis; Dr. Who will be in the “future.” Travelling into the past, however, is not possible because time only travels forward. Technically if earth itself were to reach the speed of light and the Tardis were to maintain a normal speed, then Dr. Who would age while people on earth did not. To those on earth, Dr. Who would seem to be from the future. In this scenario, however, earth would be traveling into the future rather than Dr. Who travelling into the past.

    How would travelling at such high speeds affect Dr Who? Because all the laws of nature are the same in all uniformly moving frames of reference, time and movement in the Tardis would be relatively normal for him. The one thing that might pose a problem would be accelerating to reach the speed of light and decelerating to reach earth time. Motion for people in a vehicle is relatively normal for them, but when the bus accelerates or decelerates, the people are either pressed against the seat or thrown forward due to inertia.People leaving earth in a spaceship experience a lot of pressure and often pass out, so how much more would Dr. Who and objects in the Tardis be affected during such drastic changes in speed?

    Another problem with time travel: The Tardis would need a nearly infinite impulseand nearly infinite energy to reach the speed of light. If a hyperdrive helps a ship travel a great distance in little or no time, then essentially the speed and distance are equal in value. Something like a hyperdrive would be needed to create such a nearly infinite force over so little to no time, so that the impulse would be nearly infinite. Currently scientists at NASA are working on EmDrive, a space engine that uses electric propulsion technology to create thrust without a propellant. Some believe that this engine would make time travel possible. How infinite energy could be acquired, however, is a question that may never be answered.

    Although an object with a larger interior than exterior is not possible for a fact, there are a few theories as to how this could be. The first is through length contraction. As objects nearing the speed of light pass by a relative observer, their lengths seem to contract. For example, a 100m long spaceship zipping by earth at 87% the speed of light would look 50m long to people on earth. If the interior of the Tardis were to near the speed of light and the exterior were to move at normal speeds, then the larger interior would appear to be contracted enough to fit into the exterior. One problem with this theory is that the inside of the Tardis would only appear to be contracted to outside observers; there is no relative speed between Dr. Who and the interior Tardis. In his frame of reference, it would be the of the Tardis that was contracted. One can not say whether or not the interior would fit into the exterior because there are no absolutes when dealing with such relativity. Additionally, the Tardis would not be able to remain at rest but would have to constantly move at the speed of light. It could move microscopic distances – back and forth or in a circle – so that it would appear to be at rest, but objects inside would be thrown about due to inertia.

    Another theory that could make this ability possible is through Lavinto’s “Tardis regions.” According to physical cosmology, the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Mikko Lavinto, however, believes this acceleration “could be an optical illusion created by areas of space that are bigger on the inside than they look on the outside.” Regions of space could be replaced with ones of bigger volumes but the same surface area because of their different curvatures. As the universe expands, the volume of these areas would grow more quickly, which would explain why it seems the expansion is accelerating. Also, these regions would look like areas of low density, which would explain voids. If Lavinto’s theory proved to be correct, then maybe Dr. Who’s Tardis could utilize the same effect on a much smaller scale.

    A third theory is that the Tardis would be like a hypercube, existing in four dimensions. When a three-dimensional cube is held up to a light, its shadow appears as a two-dimensional square with a smaller one inside (See animation here). When the cube is rotated, the interior square in the shadow grows bigger while the exterior square grows smaller. Just as the 2D world can be seen as a shadow of the 3D world, the 3D world can be seen as a shadow of the 4D world. The shadow of a 4D hypercube would look like a cube with a smaller one inside, connected at the corners. When the hypercube is rotated, the interior cube in its “shadow” would grow bigger while the exterior cube would grow smaller – such that the smaller cube would “swallow” the bigger one. Even with an animation to help picture this 3D “shadow,” it is difficult to comprehend (See animation here). What the hypercube itself would look like is impossible to imagine. It is unknown whether or not four dimensions really exist, but some physics suggest that it is possible. In the Quantum Hall Effect, material is restricted to a 2D space and then an electric current is passed through. Under the right conditions, the interaction creates a voltage jump rather than a continuous flow. If people could perceive a fourth dimension, they would see the same effect there as well. If the Tardis was just a shadow of a 4D object, then it would be possible for its interior to be larger than its exterior.

    The Tardis’ final ability is the chameleon circuit, the ability to blend in with its surroundings or turn invisible. One easy explanation would be the Tardis goes so near the speed of light that it would contract beyond visibility, but the inertia problem would occur. Another possibility is the Tardis would be coated in angled mirrors. This could work in rural landscapes because the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, so observers would not see their reflections but those of the surroundings. However, this would not work if there were multiple observers and/or unique landmarks because their reflections would stand out. A third possibility is the Tardis would be covered in screens of bullet-proof glass. Several images would be broadcasted at once, spliced up and interlaced, and the glass would be ridged. As the light from the images passes through the ridges, it would be refracted so that only one image could be seen at a time. Moving to a different spot of observation would show a different image. This effect, known as lenticular printing, would produce 3D images (if the screen was of high enough definition, the images would look real). All these possibilities are not very practical or efficient, which is why using metamaterials would be the most likely. All natural materials reflect and refract light: how much depends on how the electromagnetic waves of the light interact with the particles of the material. Metamaterial is an exception because it is artificially constructed. Its behavior depends on the properties of its material ingredients and the way they are assembled.  Rather than reflect or refract light, metamaterials direct (or “guide”) light around an object and back to its original course, rendering the object invisible and shadowless. If the Tardis was surrounded by a properly constructed metamaterial, it could appear invisible. The only catch is metamaterial has only yet been created to work microscopically.

    While the powers of the Tardis will probably never become a reality, they may still be possible. Though not on practical or applicable scales, time travel and invisibility have already been realized. An area with a larger inside than outside is highly improbable, but mankind’s understanding of space is rapidly advancing and may come to change what we believe about the universe. Questions of space and time, unknown dimensions, relativity and absolutes – the more one discovers, the less he finds he knows. Maybe after thousands of years a machine like the Tardis will not be such an unachievable idea.

    Yeah so that’s it 😛 Let me know if anyone has some additions or further theories.

    winston @winston

    @fyrespryte  Welcome to the site.I hope you like it here.

    Your post is very interesting and sciencey  and I have nothing intelligent  to add to it. Time travel science makes my head explode so I let the Doctor explain it with “wibbley-wobbley ,timey-wimey.

    Sokurah @sokurah

    I’ve “always” been a Doctor Who fan. Well, at least for the last 700-and-something years, and last year I put the finishing touches on a Doctor Who game for Windows and Mac platforms.

    It’s a graphical adventure-type game inspired by the old Lucas Arts adventure games and it’s free to download.

    Let’s not talk too much about the story, lol, but the puzzles are inspired by stories mainly from the Fourth Doctors reign – and you play as him and will meet many classic monsters like Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans … and Morbius along the way. The estimated time to play the game is around 1 hour if you know the solutions to all the puzzles but expect about 3-4 times that to figure out the puzzles.

    You can find the game here:
    … yes, I have a TARDIS domain 😀

    Here’s a few pictures.

    Enjoy 🙂 … and let me know if you like it 😉

    Melody22411 @melodyhughes

    Hi, I just wanted to know everyones opinion, I am 19, and every since I was a very young girl, I have been obsessed with the doctor, never missed an episode, then season 6, episode 7 arrived, ‘a good man goes to war’. The episode where Riversong was born, but what shocked me the most was, her birth name was Melody, my name, you can imagine 11  year old me was speechless, Melody isn’t a common name at all, clearly this is just a coincidence, or is it???

    MrGumberculese @mrgumberculese

    I did a project in film making to learn some things, and I thought the Dr. Who fandom would appreciate it.  <3


    ImDaMisterL @imdamisterl

    Was trying out some Cybermen voice effects. What do you guys think?

    Mondasian Cyberman:

    Moonbase Cyberman:

    Wheel in Space Cyberman:

    Invasion Cyberman:

    Revenge Cyberman:

    Telosian Cyberman:

    Lumic Cyberman:

    Upgraded Cyberman:

    doctor-levina @doctor-levina

    Hello there! Sooo I thought I’d post the first chapter of a fanfiction I’ve been working on, although it’s not your average fanfiction, it’s very distant from the show with a completely different storyline, to be honest I am actually not sure if it will ever connect to the doctor etc in any way but I hope that’s not a big problem… Tell me what you think:

    TimeGateDW @timegatedw

    Hey guys, my Doctor Who audio series ‘Time Gate’ is on its second episode – would appreciate some feedback from some hardcore whovians! Follow the link and enjoy 🙂

    Time Gate 

    TheBoredBlueGuy @theboredblueguy

    Hello everyone,

    A while ago, I started a wiki known as the Doctor Who Fan Films Database and I’ve been working on adding every single Doctor Who related thing that is not canon to the original series (including parody videos even if the Doctor is just a minor character in that work; EX: TOON SANDWICH). After working on the wiki for about three years, I realized that this project can’t be a one man job, which is why I’m opening up admin positions for the side, if you want to learn more, please read this blog post.

    So yeah, I’m looking for potiential worthy editors of the wiki who I can trust for the position, and if I found that one of the ediors has purposly trolled or messed up the wiki in any way, they’ll be banned from the site immediately. And also if you have a Doctor Who Fan Film (or just a parody video with a Doctor Who character in it) of your own and you’re curious to include the series in the site, then we’ll be happy to add it in as well as you can help add articles that regards your fanfilm.

    If anyone’s interested you can contact me on this message board, privately, or my message wall on FANDOM and we’ll discuss details right away. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

    Mark-Reach @mark-reach

    Wild Time in Court

    By Mark Reach

    He rolled the bus to a halt outside the United Nations building in New York. It never ceased to amaze him how often the simplist things would confound his old friend. It was as if she didn’t pay attention to the reality she was living in at times and continued on in her own way, right into a neat set of traps, usually laid by one of their mutual old flames who did so love to play the evil villian.

    Stepping out, of the oddly out of place British double decker, Juno S. W. Esquire clicked his fingers the doors shutting smartly behind him and the bus motored itself into the press of traffic. There. She would circle in a holding pattern until she was needed.

    This shouldn’t take long. He, no she, never did take long. She either was out of a scrape rather quickly having baffled everyone into subservience or more likely as not Juno would meet her running full-tilt out the doors with a hoard of bloodthirsty aliens on her tail.

    He glimpsed forward to see if that would actually occur and didn’t see the possibility high in the relevant futures but who knew when it came to her. How many times had the universe rewritten itself around her? How many universes had she lived in? Two most certainly and more than likely a host.

    Juno had once told him when he was a him and not a her that they, everyone that is to say, are nothing more than stories. It seemed to Juno that she was a tale told by firelight to the teaming armies of the universe as a night terror made flesh.

    Juno pushed the elevator call button having traversed the lobby without sight of the running lady. The unbeatable foe who could never die. He entered the lift pushing the button for the secret set of conference rooms used to discuss problems like this. The nameless dread hidden at the end of everyone’s lives. He did hope she was well. That business with their old flame having made a pact with those horrid metal men rankled him, he knew it did her too. She was death. The lift arrived.

    A young-looking blond hair woman wearing an ankle length tan coat over a pair of pants that looked as if they had seen plenty of running and a dark shirt with a rainbow splayed across it turned to face the lift from across the massive Hearing Room. Everyone else turned to see Juno S. W. Esquire walk into the room in his custom black business suit and complentary white and yellow scorpiris in the lapel.

    She squinted at Juno for a moment before smiling and leaning into him as he walked up, “You’ve ‘ad a change.”

    “You’re one to talk!” He waved a hand at her chest not indicating the rainbow, “when did you put those on?”

    “Oi! Let’s not have a go! I could point out one or two additions of yours as well! I wasn’t even sure you could do that.” Her glanced slipped southward briefly.

    “Right.” Juno turned to the room at large, “what does my client seem to have done this time?”

    The tribunal of top secret military leaders (was that a United Nations Intelligence officer? And a dark skinned woman from Flame-lumber? No, Hot-wood? Ah, whatever, these secret agencies all had fancy names) stood dourfaced looking at Juno as if he had no business here.

    In the following hours it came out that his client, totally by accident, tipped off the original inhabitants of Earth that the silly monkeys on the surface were moving their entire population to another inhabited planet close by, they were in for a shock, by-the-way, she had pointed out if they really did want to move there and now the natives of Terra had woken up just in time to see the approaching Martian Strike Force. Now mankind sat at the uncomfortable crosshairs of two sets of reptilian eyes and She stood in the middle of it all as usual.

    Juno asked for connections to both war parties and talked them down with his normal finesse and then peircing the tribunal with a very wicked grin he asked if he could depart with his client or did he need to bring the nasty green men back. They were both shown the door rather quickly.

    At the front sidewalk, under the flapping flags of several Nations, Juno turned to his old friend, “going my way?” The doubledecker bus slid out of traffic and up to the curb.

    “Oh, I think not.” She smirked and tweaked the scorpiris on his lapel. “Bit on the nose isn’t that?”

    “I seem to remember you wearing a vegtable at one time” She made a rather obvious clearing of her thoat and answered sheepishly, “I had a condition then and by the way, I could’ve ‘andled that lot in there.” She waved to the building at large.

    Juno leaned closer, almost in range of her pouty mouth, “why didn’t you then, love?”

    She actually look abashed for a minute, “a lot ‘as ‘appened and I’m not thinking straight.” She turned to a rather conspicuous potted tree in the middle of the sidewalk.

    As he turned to go he mentioned over his shoulder, “that’s not your usual ride.”

    “No, it’s on loan at the mo. Friends took me other home. Goodbye.” Just before she disappeared behind the tree she turned, “I ‘ave you know.”

    Juno could not help but stop and turn on the bottom step of the bus, “‘Have’ what?”

    “Made my story a good one.” She smirked and disappeared.

    Davros @davros

    Some years ago I was making DW-related memes, mostly crossovers with other franchises. I’ll post some here.



    @sokurah Nice one with the game! I wouldn’t know where to start with that.

    Sokurah @sokurah

    @The Idiot From Gallifrey Base

    Thanks. Give it a shot anyway. It’s not really that complicated 😉


    @sokurah You’re welcome. I’ll leave the game creation to the experts. Prose and screenwriting is more my thing!


    Ay up, I’m the Yorkshire Time Lord. And this is Doctor Who With The Dogs: The Catkind:


    https:// youtu .be /7Lwov6Td-uk


    Did some Voice/Over work for my Doctor Who With The Dogs YouTube series today. God, it feels so weird using a conservatory as a make-shift ADR suite with your phone substituting as a microphone. I feel like I’m talking to myself, and it also gets me anxious that I sound nervous (but then when I listen back I don’t sound nervous, so how come I feel it when I record it?).


    Kharis @kharis

    Found this podcast:

    This guy Richard is pretty funny.


    Jackson Lake @jacksonlake

    Incarnations of the Doctor

    Thirteen Doctors from 1963 to 2020.

    Theme music is “I am the Doctor” by Murray Gold.


    Missy @missy


    Murray Gold, what can one say? Such a loss to the series.

    Although I enjoyed all of the themes, the 12th Doctor’s was by far my favorite.

    It suited him. A Good Man.





    Murray Gold, what can one say? Such a loss to the series.

    Certainly was. Seguna Akinola is great, but he’s no Murray Gold.

    Missy @missy


    I can’t give an opinion about the above, not having watched the series since all the good people left.

    Such a shame.










    cadbob @cadbob

    Hi all.  Just wanted to pop by and share some details with you about The Doctor Who Project an original Doctor Who fiction series that has been publishing Doctor Who short stories since 1999.


    The Doctor Who Project is excited to announce that effective July 6, 2020, seasons 27, 28, 29, 30, 35 & 36 are all back online. All stories from those seasons bar where indicated are available to download in PDF format which can be viewed on your PC, phone or tablet.


    This year celebrates twenty-one years of The Doctor Who Project and what a better way to celebrate than presenting an all new season of adventures with the Tenth Doctor and companion Hanna Redfoot. So far we have filled five of the seven story spots as follows:

    • I.R.L. by Hamish Crawford who last contributed to TDWP back in 2017s Season 40 with “Palimpsest”.
    • Tempests Howl by Alex Aldred. This is Alex’s first story with TDWP.
    • The Pied Piper by Matt Tovey. Matt recently discovered TDWP and this is his first time writing for the project.
    • Legends of the Kraal by Nick Krohn. Nick last TDWP story was the 2018 Christmas Special “The Hope of Midwinter’s Eve”.
    • Infection Vector by Richard Hoover who wrote the season 41 story, “Rights and Responsibilities”.

    Season 42 is being edited by Bob Furnell, Richard Peevers and Ben Pocock and is scheduled for a Fall 2020 release.


    THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT is in the midst of planning Season 42, the latest season of new adventures involving the Tenth Doctor and companion Hannah Redfoot. We still have two vacant story spots in the season. Due to the current climate, we’ve decided to keep the story proposal period open for the foreseeable future and you can continue to submit story proposals until we fill all remaining spots.

    Story proposals should be roughly 4-6 paragraphs detailing the story plot, characters, setting and any other information you feel would go toward enabling the editorial board making an ideal assessment of your story for publication.

    To obtain a copy of the full SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (featuring character outlines for the 10th Doctor & Hannah) and the TDWP STYLE GUIDE please visit the Submission Guidelines on the TDWP website.

    We look forward to hearing from you.




    @cadbob Are we allowed to submit Multi-Doctor stories?

    cadbob @cadbob

    @theidiotfrom – yes, that’s fine.  Feel free to send in the proposal.

    TheTardisDoctor @thetardisdoctor

    I am new to the forum and am trying to decide what to post 1st. I am a Doctor Who fan that happens to own a photo booth company. I had a bride call one day and asked if we had a Tardis. I said no but went on to build our Tardis photo booth. We now travel the country with it and it has been a blast. Here are a few photos of it from a wedding we did in Houston, TX, held at the the <span class=”st”>Houston Museum of Natural Science. We set it up under a full size T-Rex skeleton. You can see the tail in one photo. Our Tardis Photo BoothOur Tardis wedding photo boothThe Tardis interior.Tardis photo booth T-Rex</span>

    Director Heflmyer @directorheflmyer

    Hello to everyone!

    I am new to the Forum, but am excited to share what I have been working on.

    My friends and I have been playing Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who roleplaying game, and it has been a blast! We have also been recording our experience (with some audio errors) and I would love to share that with you!

    It follows the adventures of a Timelord named The Prof, and his recently acquired band of friends. I plan on running aprox. fifteen episodes of this and we are already 5 episodes in with 4 of those episodes already posted!

    This is the playlist for the posted recordings.

    I plan on using these game sessions to create scripts for an audio drama and have also been working with artists and composers to really bring this to life. I hope you enjoy listening to these recordings, I would love to hear feedback!

    geneticist dalek @geneticistdalek

    dalek who

    To be seen on BBC networks and affiliates on : JANUARY 01, 2021

    A continuation of the comedic-drama, that focuses on the reincarnation of the doctor into the thing he has battled most, a Dalek. The reason for this show’s fresh new direction, is to reconnect with a broader view, across the spectrum of the Who franchise; to lay down fresh roots to a younger audience, that can see a more inclusive doctor through a perception filter. A less-rigid interpretation of the doctor that communicates with co-stars of different ethnic backgrounds, that doesn’t exterminate those of LGBT+ just for token value.

    After the passing of the 13th doctor, the tardis focuses it’s energy to revitalize the doctor, based on their strongest memories with previous entities they had to overcome. By doing so, the tardis focuses on the longest known antagonists, as a means to make the doctor an equal with it. The era of the 14th doctor becomes reality, as a Dalek, struggling with an identity crisis similar to transhuman operations. It is from this, that we see the co-stars playing a more supportive role, to help the doctor pursue what is good in the universe, while trailblazing new goals that benefit everyone.

    I made a petition below if interested;

    http: // CDfkVyymgQ

    TimeRotor25 @timerotor25

    I have used GIMP before on a couple of Transformers fan pictures. Here is a piece I have just done for Doctor Who, hope you like it! 🙂

    Anonymous @

    What if…Doctor Who had continued in 1990? I think Nicholas Clay, based on his performance as Dr.Cornelius in Virtual Murder, might have been a good choice for the Eighth Doctor. I can imagine the great chemistry between him and Julia Sawahla, who was asked to audition for Raine, the companion to replace Ace, before production was halted on the unmade Season 27.

    Here is my impression of a publicity photograph of a revamped Doctor Who in 1990, which includes the logo of the film planned in the early nineties taken from publicity material.



    Anonymous @

    Hello everyone !

    I’m a new member on this website, I just discovered it.

    I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I was a child. My dad raised me with the classic series.

    That’s why I am writing my thesis on Doctor Who, its fan community and their participation and appropriation of the show. I don’t know if I can but I made a form with some questions and wondered if you could help me by filling it. If it is against the rules I apologise….

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂

    On the Sofa I mentioned considering writing a Doctor Who story or ep with the Cybermen (more details can be found there) and I just had a light bulb idea;

    Like Captain Jack and Sam Swift what if more things could be immortal/indestructible, imagine The Doctor made a planet immortal, it can be mined, extremely old or lost from its origin but it survives it can not be fully destroyed, maybe has a healing factor (like Wolverine) and chunks of it re grow, maybe its alive like the Sun in The Rings of Akhaten ect anyway its indestructible though many groups have tried to destroy it time and time again.

    As time goes many of these groups realize the planet is immortal and so its used for conflicts, wars and experiments like what happens to a planet if nuclear war occurs and black holes exist ect and this planet could be an origin of the CyberMen, their planet is ruined by war, experiments, invasion and environmental effects time and time again so they keep finding ways to survive and become CyberMen, in a way The Doctor is responsible for creating them.

    Maybe this planet idea would be better for a full book separate from Doctor Who but who knows could be a cool way to flesh out The CyberMen and The Doctor’s impact on others.

    I look forward to anyone’s ideas or discussion on this.

    Thank you 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    OsdfFdsfg @osdffdsfg

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    wjheritage @wjheritage

    Hi all,

    Newcomer here. I am the Grandson of Doctor Who artist Walt Howarth. My Grandpa absolutely loved doing the artwork for the annuals, and took so much pride out of seeing them in the shops. I hope you all loved his artwork as much as he loved creating it?

    I’ve created a brand, WJ Heritage, to continue his legacy – as it is richly deserved.

    The aim for the brand is to one day see the WJH logo in as many countries as possible, by using organic clothing with high quality embroidery. On top of this, his artwork will appear on a few products including phone cases & t-shirts. The website tells you all about Walt’s life & work, shows a selection of his art, and has a shop for all products to be purchased – – including a very popular limited edition Doctor Who artwork t-shirt

    I’ve loved Doctor Who since I was little, because of my Grandpa. I’m really happy to be a part of this world.


    Doctorwhofan2003 @doctorwhofan2003

    i created a brand new doctor that fits between 10 and 11.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey WJHeritage how are you 🙂 Welcome to The Forum I hope you like it here, lots to see and talk about 🙂

    I clicked the link and can I just say the website and the story behind it are brilliant and I hope lots of people are drawn to both 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @doctorwhofan2003 how are you 🙂

    I would like to here about this mystery Doctor, what he or she is about ect ect 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Andy @andymetcalfe94

    I was wondering if someone could help me,


    ive bought a house that has a giant Dr Who metal sign in the garage from 2009.


    wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it?Dr who metal sign

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