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    Kevin Who @kevinwho

    So, have you seen or heard the rumors there won’t be a Christmas special, but a New Year’s one, instead?  (I’ve seen this attributed to the Mirror.)  The ostensible reason is the writers can’t think of anything new for a Christmas special.

    Admittedly they’ve gone through quite a few, but frankly, if the story is true, I think they just should have asked us.  The Doctor Who Forum to the rescue!  I propose a Doctor Who Christmas Challenge, not to be taken seriously even if I did use boldface. 😉

    I say we sketch out our ideas, the BBC will of course see them, and hire us all as writing consultants, making our wildest dreams come true.  Well, okay, maybe not, but it ought to be fun anyway, right?

    So, here’s mine, which will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are still Christmasy DW stories to tell if you lower your standards enough.

    The Christmas Monument

    The Doctor and company take the TARDIS back to the Ghost Monument.  “I’ve been meaning to investigate why the TARDIS came here instead of coming to me anyway,” the Doctor explains.  “And there shouldn’t be any sonic mines!”

    “Toxic air!”  “Poisoned water!”

    “We won’t be there that long,” the Doctor says.  “Then again, that’s what I told Ptolemy – or was it his sister?”

    They land, open the doors, and find snow blowing in.

    “Snow!” cries Ryan.  “I love snow!”

    “I’m getting a parka,” says Yaz.

    Graham says nothing, remembering how Grace had always wanted a winter trip.

    “Too cold for the biologicals in the water to be a problem,” says the Doctor happily, looking at the sonic’s readout.  “And the wind patterns should minimize airborne toxins.  In fact, people should be able to -”

    “Excuse me,” says a man, limping up on crutches.  “Are you a doctor?”


    Okay, enough narrative.  I’m not getting paid for this, after all!

    The TARDIS team doesn’t turn away from the man who needs help.  He’s in no shape to ski back home, where his wife is due to give birth any minute.

    The Doctor finds that the Ghost Monument and its peculiar orbit and gravitic perturbations may attract a TARDIS, but because of that will only let them land in certain places.  They can’t just fly to the man’s house.  Ryan can’t ski with his dyspraxia, and Graham looks dubious at the prospect.  Yaz comes out with a parka and four sets of snowshoes.

    They snowshoe for three days to the man’s house; they’re pursued by the local equivalent of wolves, and have another run-in with Remnants, with no handy acetylene to burn them up with (luckily the Remnants are somewhat slowed by cold as well).  But they escape* and finally reach the house.

    *Yes, I’m skating past this part (or skiing?); I can come up with something, but I think any writer could.

    Inside “two experienced doulas,” a police officer trained to help with medical emergencies, and a doctor of medicine, candy floss and a few other things succeed in helping the woman living there give birth.

    “And another child is born,” says the Doctor with satisfaction.

    “That was monumental!” says Yaz.

    “Happy to help,” says Ryan.

    “Doctor,” says Graham, “I know we can get back just after we left…but just what day is this back on Earth?”

    “What day…why, I believe it’s Christmas!”

    “What a Christmas present,” says Ryan to the happy but exhausted mother.

    “A miracle, really,” says Yaz quietly.  “On Christmas or any day.”

    Graham agrees, “The birth of any child – it’s timeless.”

    Timeless.  The Doctor’s face is shrouded for a moment, before she joins the others in smiles.

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