• Signing back in for my yearly check in.  I have to say I was rather nervous about who it was going to be (thinks “please not Kris Marshall”) and was checking the news on my phone as I was out for the day.

    Having not seen Jodie in anything, I’m rather looking forward to it.  Whilst I’m a big fan of Capaldi’s, I found last year’s series a bit s…[Read more]

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    I enjoyed that, the main reference I got from it was from the book ‘Slade House’ in which people disappear every 20 years for similar-ish type reasons.  Curiously, when I read the book I did think it would make a good Doctor Who episode.

    I’ve seen a few Mike Bartlett things @PhaseShift, but this was completely different.  Not sure how effective t…[Read more]

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    That’s very kind @blenkinsopthebrave although I may disappear again until the new series starts.  Fingers crossed there may be some kind of story arc this time – you know for us to start theorising about.


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    Wha? Although I’ve been absent for over a year, I’ve heard rumblings the powers that be were looking for a ‘younger model’.

    Oh, and whilst I’m here, that Christmas special was cobblers!

  • Quick check in over breakfast.  I must admit I thought last week’s episode left a lot to be desired, but this week’s I enjoyed immensely.

    I noticed the background music in this episode in a good way for once.  It reminded me of ‘Carry on Screaming’, plus Perkins had a bit of the Hawtreyesque about him:

    Perkins Perkins, the railway e…[Read more]

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    Following on from my popular *ahem* analysis that Robot of Sherwood was in fact Shrek in disguise, my latest thesis compares Time Heist with another family favourite :

    1) Clara with her face coloured in


    2) Psi in search of a missing part


    3) Saibra looking for that extra something

    4) Ms Delphox or her previous clones


    5) D…[Read more]

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    Having now had time to ruminate on this episode, below is my first foray into bonkers theorising this series *tentatively lights pipe*.

    1) Last year was full of Claricles, is this year full of relatives of Danny Pink?

    2) Orson Pink states that time travel is in his blood, saying it was stories of his grandparents, then corrected to great…[Read more]

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    Having just watched it for a second time, my conclusion is that the thing under the bedcovers was another child. It was just distorted through being very unfocused.  The knocking sounds were indeed what the doctor said they were, the hull shrinking as it got cooler at night.

    Some observations:

    1) When the Doctor is first in Rupert’s room, he’s…[Read more]

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    That’s the first episode in a while I’ve wanted to watch immediately again. Fantastic! Maybe the Moff should get his budget cut more often if this is the result.

    The knocking on the spaceship reminded me of ‘Midnight’ which is another one of my favourites.

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    Gah! It all went wrong so I re-edited and put it back up again then forgot to add Robin Hood.  Here he is:

     (Robin Hood)

    Oh and this:

     (Sheriff of Nottingham questioning Clara)

     (Archery tournament)

     (Sheriff of Nottingham’s Castle)


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    Far from the obligatory Red Dwarf/Hitch Hikers references from me this week, the episode kept reminding me of something else – Shrek.  My evidence below:

     (Surly Scottish hero)

     (Forest where it is always sunny)

     (Princess Clara/Fiona)


    (Sheriff of Nottingham)

     (Faceless goons/robots to do the Sheriff of Nottingham’s bidding)


    I’m not…[Read more]

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    Just a quick check in, now the coast is clear.

    A few thoughts (in the form of a list!):

    1) If Missy is collecting those who have sacrificed themselves in some way at the Doctor’s behest, will Rusty the Dalek be part of ‘heaven’ too?  I can’t see him lasting all that long trying to bump off all the Daleks.

    2) The Doctor’s attitude to the death…[Read more]

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    Hmmm @wolfweed…. Humpty last week collected some eyes, and the Doctor seemed to be having trouble with his eyes (ie not being able to see properly) – a theme continuing on this week if you take into account his comments to Clara?

    A theme like the eggs and lights from last series perchance?

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    @wolfweed, is Baker looking shocked at Sarah Jane taking his Baked Alaska out of the freezer early? [UK viewers will be able to  tell what I’ve been watching tonight!]

    However, that’s just a distraction.  Just idly watching some bits from Deep Breath and it may have been mentioned above – if not I’ll claim what little glory there is.  The adv…[Read more]

  • chickenelly replied to the topic Deep Breath

    Just watched it finally a second time on my tiny 12 inch laptop screen – not quite the detail of seeing it projected on the Sky Lounge on Saturday.

    A few thoughts in my traditional format of a list:

    1) The cyborg’s ‘Promised Land’ put me in mind of the obligatory Red Dwarf reference which I always like to dust off for every DW episode.  This…[Read more]

  • chickenelly replied to the topic Deep Breath

    Pah!  Just settling down for a rewatch on iPlayer, but the BBC website has gone all wonky.  I’ll therefore post a few comments in the meantime:

    1) The Doctor landing in Glasgow I thought was also a reference to Sarah-Jane.  Didn’t she tell Ten in School Reunion that he last dropped her in Aberdeen?

    2) Cyborg man’s obsession in a vague ‘Pr…[Read more]

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    Also watched it at the ‘pictures’ (my granny’s term not mine) yesterday.  Not as empty as I first feared but about half full – only a couple of die-hards had made the effort, ie Baker’s scarf and someone dressed up as Eleven from his first series.

    First impressions, hmmm.  Not as immediately accessible as Eleventh Hour but Capaldi did say that h…[Read more]

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    Hello @wolfweed & @bluesqueakpip, thanks for the welcome back.   My Scottish granny is fine but was getting worried about booking a cinema ticket for the Sky lounge of the O2. Those that saw the 50th anniversary special there can appreciate how large that room is.  Hopefully it will fill up a bit come Saturday as we are hoping for a bit of atm…[Read more]

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    Hello all!

    Turning up like @timeloop just in time for the new series (been lurking for a bit as I’ve been a bit busy).

    I’ve got my cinema ticket for Saturday (although I’m not sure how busy the cinema will be, when I booked this week, the seat allocation diagram was looking mighty sparse) and even forced myself to watch the One Show for…[Read more]

  • Hurrah, now that The Bridge is finished on the telly, now to turn my mind to all things sci-fi.

    I watched the three episodes in a row and really got into it, and was all for jumping ahead.  But, I’ll stick to the spirit of this blog and save myself for next week.  Thoughts, in my favourite form, a list:

    1) Pentangle.  It did look like the pa…[Read more]

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