• Just a quick pop in to say I’m glad that the watch-along-with-mother blog has restarted.  Unfortunately I’ve only watched the first half of Quatermass as I got distracted by The Bridge.

    Judas that I am, I’m busy reading the bonkers theorising on that programme at the moment.  However it’s finishing this weekend so I will be back in the land of sci-fi…

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    Hurrah! Finally got a broadband connection.

    Never mind the Tardis, this last month has been like a trip back to the 90s. No internet at home, only at work. Damn you Talk Talk and your rubbish service!

    I’ve switched to BT thhssspp *blows raspberry in the direction of Talk Talk’s dodgy call centre*

    Have I missed much?

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    Hello everyone, not been checking in as I’ve just moved house and haven’t got the internet connected yet. Just up in Scotland for Xmas in the bosom of the chickenelly family and taking the opportunity to leech off their wifi.

    Need to watch the episode again but the first impression of the chickenelly family was that not much happened. Also was…[Read more]

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    You saw it at the O2?? Me and @Bluesqueakpip were there too. Shame we didn’t know beforehand. We were the 2 in 3D glasses, fairly near the front, squeeing regularly throughout! 😀 Wasn’t it great to watch as a big communal experience with everyone applauding/laughing etc at the same time?

    Aaa, I was near the back with the good view (ie no…[Read more]

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    Just watched it again on my tiny 14 inch portable, hmmm not quite the same impact as the 02’s Skyscreen in 3D…

    Still enjoyed it though, but thought I’d dust off one of my few pet theories for the 50th which I suggested ages ago.  In the book ‘Summer Falls’, the story is about a painting (although technically it is bringing three different…[Read more]

  • Hurrah!  Just got in from the cinema.  Was umming and aahhing about forking out £13 for a ticket but glad I did.

    First thing, I did ask for a multiple Doctor story and got one – technically 13 in all.  However if we leave aside the stock footage cameos, and include the McGann prequel I got six!  Not too bad.

    Presumably this sets up the stor…[Read more]

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    Although I’m busy trying to move house in three weeks, I tried the Timelord name maker and found:

    My forum moniker is the rather grand The Czar

    However my real name comes up with the rather disappointing The Florist

    Hmmm *thinks sarcastically* which should I choose?

  • @Blenkinsopthebrave

    I have been waiting for this for a long time. I will confess to something almost heretical on this board: I think I am looking forward to this even more than to the 50th.

    What! […]

  • Didn’t someone (ie probably @Phaseshift or @wolfweed) post a bit of gossip a couple of months ago that McGann was in a minisode of his own of some sort?  I got my hopes up, then came all the denials and the […]

  • Oooh hoo hoo! *rubs hand together*

    The trailers do look good (about time they made an appearance).  As I’ve mentioned before, the multiple doctor episodes were always my favourite as a nipper.  I wonder if […]

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    Shhh, logged on at work *looks around to see if anyone spots her*

    To add my fourpenneth into the debate about the interaction or lack of interaction of new members, I think it simply has to do with lack of new content.  I, probably like quite a few posters out there, really only got back into Doctor Who through the AG series.  Whilst looking at t…[Read more]

  • I’ve been a bit busy these last few weeks (organising a house move) but honouring the wishes of @HTPBDET and his mini incarnations, I shall pose a few bonkers theories about Hurt’s ‘Doctor’ (and in the process hope that I’m not repeating ones upstream).

    *dusts off pipe and gets out numbered list*

    1. When the Doctor enters his own timeline…

    [Read more]

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    Just read the sad news about @HTPBDET, my heartfelt condolences to his family and mini HTPBDET(s).  Although I’ve temporarily reverted to a lurker again, I always enjoyed reading @HTPBDET ‘s posts which were so beautifully crafted and thought out.

  • Just watched it again, you know for research, and is Matt wearing his new wig?

  • Hurrah at last a trailer of some sort!

    Agree with others that it’s no wonder it took so long to produce, it was fantastic.  It really needs to be seen on a large screen, not in a tiny window on a laptop (mine is playing up, hence tiny window).  Thankfully @wolfweed links has identified the Where’s Wally elements for me, ta.

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    Currently away from keyboard based computers but was just browsing on The Independent and there was a link to the story on the missing episodes. I clicked on it and the link didn’t work.

    What I’m hinting at is that it was clearly a post embargo story as it named the episodes and where they were found in the initial strap line. The whole thing…[Read more]

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    @Craig, yes the grey is much better thank you.

    Although I wouldn’t consider myself to have dyslexia, when I was at art college we all had to do one of those questionnaires to see if there were any undiagnosed dyslexics in the year.  If I recall correctly, if you answered 10 out of 20 questions ‘yes’ you were likely to have some form of dyslexia…[Read more]

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    Back after a short hiatus.  I’ve been checking in and keeping up to date, but not had time to do stuff like logon.  Mind you as there is no movement on the 50th anniversary programmes other than that tiny ident *shakes fist at BBC*.

    Oooh a lovely new redesign @Craig.  At first I thought my computer or eyes had gone a bit wonky – although I do ag…[Read more]

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    Hello @Craig

    Another thing I noticed yesterday and again today is that the various edits are appearing at the end of people’s posts, see this for example…

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