• @cloisterbell

    What about the fact that I’ve watched some of her shows, and to phrase it delicately, was less than blown away by her acting abilities?

    What about the fact that she has seven more award nominations than Matt Smith had when he was cast as the Doctor? To say you dislike the roles she’s been in, or her acting style, is fine. But t…[Read more]

  • @cloisterbell I have also seen Jodie Whittaker in several roles and was as surprised as most others at the choice because judging by what I have seen her in she isn’t an obvious pick for the role of the Doctor but then I thought the same of Matt Smith who I had previously seen in, in,, (name of series escapes me). I expressed my own doubts about…[Read more]

  • Everywhere I go at the moment there is discussion about Dr Who. People who have not talked about it before or watched it for years are excited by the news. That can only be a good thing and if people do only tune on at Christmas because they want to see a woman take that role that is still good. Some may not bother again but plenty of others will…[Read more]

  • @nick and @cloisterbell

    It’s true that we won’t really know until Xmas at the earliest what JW will be like as the Doctor one way or the other. PC’s Doctor, for example, was not quite what I was expecting but he still surpassed my expectations. I was dreading Matt Smith and he knocked it out the park in his first 20 minutes.

    But as to JW…[Read more]

  • @cloisterbell

    I have seen Jodie in Broadchurch and in Attack the Block (but I didnt realise that was her until she was cast as the Doctor). That’s enough for me to know she’s a good actor. However, I’m not yet convinced she is the right choice. I can only make my mind up on that when I’ve seen her in the role delivering her and Chibnall’s vision…[Read more]

  • @wolfweed

    That’s excellent news. Mind you, there would have been a positive uproar if it had been otherwise. But am I the only one surprised at how low Capaldi’s salary was?


    I’m sure there are many who would have preferred, say, Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the part. And I myself was a bit worried that she might have been a bit…[Read more]

  • Hi @cloisterbell, wellcome to the site!

    The most negative comment’s I’ve heard from pro-female (or indifferent to female) Doctor have been about it being a safe choice or mentioning other women allegedly in the running who they would prefer. By and large I think that people who don’t object to the idea are reacting to the tantrums, not by any…[Read more]

  • @craig— That’s a lovely little short too, isn’t it? I definitely prefer the full feature though and I’m really impressed that they managed to extend it without it feeling like a smallish idea that’s just been padded out. JW aside, I’m just surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before because it really gladdens my heart to see there is still a…[Read more]