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    “We have a choice: either we change and go on, or we die as we are.”

    Thus spoke the Doctor some fifty minutes prior to a change long-awaited by some, detested by others and rather bittersweet as far as I’m concerned. Whether referring to the changing of faces (and accents!) of the title character, or the new people behind the scenes, this was…[Read more]

  • Got a few pages of comments to catch up on later, but I did enjoy this:

  • @juniperfish To the defence of the makers of BBC nature documentaries (whom I adore), I am sure various shows have included footage of some snails having a good time, which would technically be bisexual hermaphrodites or somesuch. (What a weird start to my second post on these boards!)

    @jim4 Until a century or so ago, blue was actually a feminine…[Read more]

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  • Another new member here – although one with a more positive outlook than some. ^^

    After the previous two series, I for one would have been shocked had it not been a woman. To some extent disappointed too, perhaps. The writing was as heavily on the wall as the scribbles of a madman.

    Turned on the telly in time for just a few minutes of sports…[Read more]

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