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    Merry meet, one and all!

    Lovely way to bow out, a character piece in which the First and Twelfth Doctors get some cantankerous banter in, and Peter Capaldi sings his swan song beautifully at the end.

    Moffat has always been a bit marmite, hasn’t he, but he’s given us a wild gallop of good years through the universe and, I will miss his particular…[Read more]

  • @nerys Yes, like you, I relaxed once Bill arrived!

    However, I am appreciating the tricky and difficult Clara/ Twelve dynamic more now that I have begun a S9 rewatch. In hindsight all the tarot card speculation makes complete sense not just for the Doctor with his re-birth/ return to Gallifrey, but for Clara, with her re-birth as a time-traveller…[Read more]

  • Lots of great comments and I’m pleased we’ve got a thread to celebrate Twelve – thanks @Craig .

    @DrBen and @ichabod  Yes, I think there’s a reason why Twelve doesn’t want to regenerate, beyond that he’s grown attached to this version of himself (that was Ten’s schtick). I do think he’s tired, and part of him would just like it all to be over.…[Read more]

  • @cathannabel

    Thanks for writing this. I agree that often it is not worth engaging with the “PC gone mad” and “SJWs have ruined culture” brigade, because these phrases are lazy covers for what such arguers don’t […]

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  • @Conchobarre and @mirime  – You sound as if you have both done a great job explaining the change from male-presenting to female-presenting Doctor to your young sons. I look forward to hearing their reactions to the new 13th Doctor in action.

    @Wolfweed – Thanks for the Barrowman clip. I love him and I love him for wearing his TARDIS glittery…[Read more]

  • @DrBen

    Looool at Dad as a “daft mansplainer” – haha – I’m not sure CC is as much of a troll as Moffat, however, although I would enjoy this a lot.

    I do hope Jenny and Vastra are revisted at some point. I love them.

    My guess is that Doctor 12 will be with Doctor 1 at the time of his regeneration into Doctor 13. So we’ll get a very brusque, “Stop…[Read more]

  • @Cathannabel – of course – always delighted to be quoted 🙂

    Look forward to reading it.

  • I must agree with my fishy colleague @jimthefish in relation to the quality of your arguments @Glasgowboy

    There is no requirement to love Whittaker’s casting (although, as she hasn’t yet uttered a single line of dialogue as the Doctor, judgement on merit seems premature).

    You write, “At the moment it [Doctor Who] is nothing less than a column in…[Read more]

  • Hi @ichabod

    Loved your account of being at a convention and finding out about Whittaker’s casting at the end of the weekend.  Presumably it wasn’t a Who convention, or someone would have announced it there. It’s great to feel this delighted, isn’t it.

    Like you, I am rather dizzy that the BBC really went for it. Even though all the hints had…[Read more]

  • @Serahni – ha ha – great list of all the ways Doctor Who has previously been “ruined”.

    @Craig and @JimtheFish – Ugh – I’ve seen the headlines – The S*n has “Dalektable” and The Daily Fail has “Doctor Nude”. I’ve also seen “Doctor Whooters” doing the rounds on social media.

    I hope the writers’ team trolls everyone hard and we find the new…[Read more]

  • @jim4 And a D minus for logical fallacy as well.

    If it’s just a kids’ show and not worth getting one’s knickers in a twist about, then being on here getting one’s knickers in a twist about a female Doctor seems, well, wholly illogical Captain.

    I’ll turn my attention to more interesting matters, therefore…

    What will the Capaldi to Whittaker…[Read more]

  • Part of me cannot be bothered to engage with the one-off sign-ups who’ve joined to froth about the Doctor regenerating in a female body. But another part of me feels they should be anwered, publicly, despite the present age’s penchant for “edgy” ironic/ post-ironic trolling.

    @jim4 whatever the truth of your nostalgic vision of early Who as for…[Read more]

  • Yay @Craig <does a dance of joy with you> 🙂

    @Lordwindowlicker – Welcome and blimey, you asked! Prepare for a lot of irrational spleen in response… I can already see a bunch of people have joined up simply to vent/ rant etc.

    One common (generally frothing) complaint that gets to the heart of the matter, is that boys (and men) have now <sob>…[Read more]

  • I am fricking delighted!

    Like others, I enjoyed Attack the Block but haven’t watched Broadchurch.

    It’s not as if we haven’t been prepared…

    The Time Lord known as The Corsair preferred to switch about on a regular basis, as told to us in The Doctor’s Wife. We’ve enjoyed a great outing for the Master as Missy, thanks to Michelle Gomez.

    This…[Read more]

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    Well I’m late as usual – just reading through everyone’s comments!

    I love the Missy passing her ring to the Doctor theory @Wolfweed . I have no doubt the Master will return in future Who by some means or other – there did seem to be some unspoken communication passing between them. And like you @Nick I am still hoping for a Valeyard story -…[Read more]

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    @Phaseshift I am horribly late responding to this – got side-tracked by work – but thanks for the lovely considered response.

    I did know previously about the reds and blues as a deliberate part of the costumery and did a public fishy victory dance somewhere lost in the threads of time 🙂 But I didn’t know all the other elements re Clara and…[Read more]

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    Hi folks – missed a couple of episodes with you all, so will have to catch up! Has the painting and ship thread diappeared? I certainly spotted the ship this episode (Doctor’s fake prison ship – couldn’t really miss it) but was there a painting? I guess there was a painting of a monk in Bill’s apartment?

    This is turning out to be my favourite…[Read more]

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    @mersey and @jimthefish

    The “meaningless clues” vs “extra level of detail” debate re Moffat and teams’ work (on Who and Sherlock) does get to the heart of one of the elements of his work which can be both wonderful and infuriating.

    Sometimes the clues have really gone somewhere, narratively speakng, like the build up to ganger Amy – first…[Read more]

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    Fair enough – true the last frost fair was twenty years before Victoria ascended the throne.

    I wonder if the Doctor is going to run into River (or most likely, see her from a distance – ouch – clutches heart). She returned to the Storm Cage after a visit with the Doctor to one of the frost fairs in A Good Man Goes to War.

    Nice spot in…[Read more]

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