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    deadmeat3171 @replies

    Not read all posts all the way through but is it just me or during the doctors conversation

    Did any body notice his tom baker impersonation almost as if he was having a conversation with the part of himself that was the fourth doctor

    deadmeat3171 @replies

    Who says the scar is from when the doctor died as matt smith

    He will have to return there one day

    to answer the question

    deadmeat3171 @replies

    I’m curious why somebody who’s seen all the previous versions of the doctor(name of the doctor)

    Would be freeked by him regenerating

    She even commented how she didn’t recognise John hurts doctor meaning she remembered all the others

    Is Steven mofat now messing with his own stuff after changing stuff from the Russell t Davis stuff

    deadmeat3171 @replies

    Forgot rule one the doctor lies

    Could it be he did remember he’s going to regenerate

    But maybe not how

    Or perhaps the whole speech was for the time lords benefit like the speech to river in the afore mentioned episode let’s kill hittlerhittler as they where probably listening

    deadmeat3171 @replies

    Wasn’t that good a secret all the difrent aliens in the fleet new he was on his last regeneration

    As for the forth doctor its not relivent his number its the fact that he was a future doctor

    Plus the doctor who as a code from the time lords to make sure it was safe as only the doctor can answer is stupid

    As 1 he’s not the only one river song for 1 knows and has said it twice

    Or 2 if he is how would the time lords on the other side know

    Just think somebody had an idea and there just trying to hammer it in

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    deadmeat3171 @replies

    Why bring back the regeneration limit when it has been contradicted in a mat smith episode

    The impossible astronaught in which he is shot while regenerating

    I know this turned out to be fake but if that was his last life why did he feel the need to fake a regeneration

    Also didn’t what happen before he regenerated not already happen in

    Let’s kill Hitler when river gave him her regeneration energy

    Also when did the doctor go from his stand of they can’t come back they’d bring loads of evil with them (tenant) tooth go on let them come back there nice.

    Where they all hanging out with the daleks at the end of day of the doctor

    In which by the way he’s told by the 4th doctor he will revisit some of his old faces how would this be possible if he was on his last life I think I may question him about that

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