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    Fugitive of the Judoon

    Hey, not bad. I actually quite liked this ep! (And unlike Tesla’s Night of Terror, it doesn’t pretend to be remotely historical with all concerned smugly congratulating themselves with doing justice to Tesla’s largely mythical achievements, so it doesn’t offend my sense of accuracy).

    Ruth’s identity was a genuinely…[Read more]

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    Apparently that movie wasn’t the first.   It followed ‘Doctor Who and the Daleks’, which was based on the original TV serial ‘The Daleks’.   And was apparently no better than the second movie.   So why they made an unsuccessful sequel to the unsuccessful first attempt I don’t know.    I wasn’t aware there were two movies, though, and I must adm…[Read more]

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    Well, I’m intrigued by ‘Nu Rose’.    She must be a different character (this can’t possibly be one of those occasions when they re-cast the same character with a different ‘look alike’ actor, which is rarely ever convincing anyway and – given Billie’s and Yasmin’s looks – they’re obviously not going to do).   Which raises the intriguing ques…[Read more]

  • Geek warning: The next three paragraphs contain excessive railway geekery. Skip them if you value your sanity.

    The steam loco at 05:24 doesn’t look recognisably British to me, but it doesn’t look American either. The dome is too big a diameter to be a British domestic design. It looks to me a little like a British-built loco for export. Possibly…[Read more]

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    Well, a short while back I re-read the first Dirk Gently book (as I think I mentioned). I think it’s the most convoluted of Adams’ books (but also one of the best). I found it improved on re-reading, I think the first time through gives a rough idea of the lie of the land, the second time through one is better equipped to appreciate all…[Read more]

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    @nerys My sympathy on hearing about your mum. It was fortunate that you were able to be with her at the end, I’m sure a great comfort to her, and for you that so many of her friends were at the memorial service.

    (When my mother died, decades ago, we were surprised and slightly consoled by the large number of friends she had).

    I hope you can take…[Read more]

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    @janetteb Aagh! I know the pain, rage and frustration of the website swallowing my post! What I usually do is type my comments into a text editor (NOT a word processor, I don’t want all sorts of formatting) then copy & paste into the website edit box. As I’m doing now.

    We have propertional representation. I think you have STV? We have MMP. One…[Read more]

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    Umm, so I just watched Orphan 55.   (For some reason I thought Orphan 55 was going to turn out to be the Timeless Child).    Bit of a drop from Spyfall.   It could have been a better episode with some good editing and an application of Occam’s Razor to the storyline, I think.

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    Orphan 55 – first impressions

    That building looks like Calatrava to me (similar to the complex in Valencia in ‘Smile’). (Googles: Yes, it was the Auditorio de Tenerife and yes it was by Calatrava. (Smug grin)).

    Somehow, Chibbers’ attempts at humour (the hopper virus that infects Ryan) just seem silly. Not my thing, anyway.

    Bella looks really…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   I do hope your new government survives long enough to make some real changes.   At least your ‘right-wing’ politicians mostly want to appear to be in the right, and to want to appear credible.    They give lip service to fairness and equality and even the environment and so can sometimes be shamed into doing the right thing.…[Read more]

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    Congratulations @janetteb    Hopefully you will see some real change.

    And my commiserations to @winston.   Stick it out, change will come eventually  (as I used to tell myself when ‘Teflon John’ Key used to keep getting elected…)

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    P.S.  (Separate comment ‘cos the website seems to swallow any message if I try to edit it) –  when I said ‘lesser-known’ in respect of Ada Lovelace, Beethoven, George Stephenson and Marie Curie – *of course* everybody knows their names!   But, how much does the ‘average person’ know about them?   Usually just one notable fact, maybe two.   That’s…[Read more]

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    @janetteb Thank you for reading my comments of Part 2, though I think ‘review’ is dignifying my collection of random impressions a little more than it deserves 🙂

    I agree with all your comments. As regards Gallifrey, Me sitting in the ruins at the end of the universe is, I think, entirely compatible with Gallifrey being destroyed at some point…[Read more]

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    Impressions watching Part 2 for the first time…

    Perfectly true that airliners (particularly Airbus) are flown by computer, and that the computers are under the cockpit floor. (Bjorn Pilot did a video on Youtube showing the computer room on an A350. The A320 (which they are in) is smaller and not quite so computerised, but I’m sure the same…[Read more]

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    @janetteb    Ah, correct, South Africa (I’m just watching the commentary to Part 1).   I hadn’t recognised Lenny Henry as Barton, though I should have.    I doubt they’ll make it as far as Oz or NZ, since Who isn’t so scenery-intensive as some series.   But we can hope   🙂

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    @janetteb I recall you saying Sacha Dhawan would make a good Doctor. At the time I didn’t know him and looking at his picture I wasn’t sure. But having seen him in action, I agree with you. And I don’t mind the Master being revived, I think I was just making a rhetorical point. I doubt anyone actually believed that the Master(/Missy) was finally,…[Read more]

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    This is my first ever viewing of this ep, and I’m writing my impressions as I watch.

    Well this is starting off really well. More 007 than Who. And we’re back to the conventional pre-credit sequence. And then we cut to dyspraxia-less Ryan (bit of a come-down) but then it’s suddenly all Men in Black. And Yaz gets them too. And Graham.

    The…[Read more]

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    @janetteb     Well thank you again   🙂     I’ve now watched Spyfall (pt 1) for the first time ever and I’m a much happier chappie.    I’l stick my impressions in the relevant forum.   Chibbers may have killed off UNIT, but (spoilers!) he’s revived a character who the Moff killed off.   No prizes for guessing who   🙂


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    I do remember, when I was young, it was perfectly OK to show lots of people being shot on TV, Westerns revolved around little else, just not a trace of, errm, romance. But Doctor Who must have been very much a childrens’ show in those days. Because at the same time, we had Benny Hill, which was nothing but a comic character chasing delectable…[Read more]

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    [Well now, went to post this and I see the last post here was – me, a year and a half ago. My views on this ep have changed a little. I’ll post this anyway]

    Not sure what’s being ‘resolved’ in the title. Maybe the Dalek shows much resolution? Or is it Ryan’s beef with his father (which I’d completely forgotten about and don’t really…[Read more]

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