• @dentarthurdent   I really wish they had left that in, it would have made an excellent episode a little more magical.

  • Rewvian replied to the topic S32 (6) 2 – Day of the Moon


    I sure missed a lot of stuff in my run-down, but I think it shows there was a lot going on in this episode.

    Well I appreciate your doing these rewatches with me.  I have no idea when I’ll get on to the next ones.

  • @dentarthurdent

    In either this episode or the next River actually implies that they are meeting in literal opposite order, so I think the show itself began all of our confusion.

    I thought the scenery was stunning, especially at the beach where the astronaut was.  On Nixon, I try to remember he did some good things too, like improving relations…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent   This is an excellent episode that gives me all the feels. It is my daughters favourite episode and like me she cries at the end no matter how many times she watches it. The idea that Vincent could find out (by a handy trip to the future) that his work still survived and is loved and admired by so many is very emotional. Now t…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent  and @rewvian  i love these 2 episodes and now I am going to watch them!

    Stay safe

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    @dentarthurdent and @janetteb  I had never seen or heard of any of them either so they were all new to me except of course Capaldi and Walsh, and I knew Walsh only from Coronation Street. We get Corrie here but not the game shows although I have heard of some of them.

    Since I was a child I have loved all animals and most creatures (not mosquitos…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent I agree with you about the Angels episode. At the time, I thought, “OK, now we’re building toward something good!” And then the rest of the Flux arc fell flat.

  • @dentarthurdent My memory of these episodes was honestly pretty far off from what actually happened.  It’s amazing how much your brain can forget and fill in the holes over time.

    I might slow down on my rewatch now.

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    @rewvian @dentarthurdent and @winston

    Like Winston this is an episode  that I frequently re-watch. It is one part whimsy and one part horror but the latter is subtle and it features a cat.

    I do like the reminder that the Doctor is not human. He/she appears human and at times it is easy to forget that the Doctor is alien. Seeing the Doctor not…[Read more]

  • winston replied to the topic S31 (5) 11 – The Lodger

    @dentarthurdent  This is one of those episodes that I watch quite often because I like seeing the Doctor off the Tardis and out of his comfort zone. A fish out of water story. The difference between the comedy on the first floor and the horror on the “second floor” makes it very chilling. And that killer black mold growing on the ceiling is…[Read more]

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    @missy You’re right, because the sun was like an entity on the ship trying to punish them for stealing from the sun.  I kind of remember now.

    @dentarthurdent A little off-topic, but I wonder if a day will come where we make ships that can come into contact with a sun.

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    @dentarthurdent I’m surprised these episodes made you lose interest in the series back during original run.  I remember when I watched the Pandorica episodes at the end of the season I felt like it had a cop out ending sort of, but Idk how I would feel about it now.  I kept on watching through season 6 I know, but then kind of stopped for a w…[Read more]

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    So I’m going to talk about The Hungry Earth, which is part one of this episode.  Go figure this second part has 2 threads…

    So the Doctor & Co were going to a beach but wound up at a graveyard.  The people in the Graves have been going missing, as does the crew member for a drilling team.

    The Doctor and Amy examine the drill team’s building a…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent You made an interesting observation about this being one of the first times the Doctor seems powerful, sitting in the throne andvtalking to the fish person.  I’m not sure if I agree or disagree, but now I wish I could have noticed.

    I totally missed mentioning the Rory eunuch joke.  See, this episode was straight up funny!

  • @dentarthurdent I recall at one point they mentioned that these weeping angels seemed to have devolved a bit, and lost some of their angelic appearance, which is why they weren’t so easy to recognize as weeping angels early in the two-parter.  Something about they had no energy to feed on, and then at one point they found an energy source and…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent Thank you, you made some sense of that whole plot!  I guess I missed the part where the angel had crashed the ship, and kept getting confused about whether the beginning scene was related to this Stormcage Jail.  I still wonder why she was allowed to act alone for such a big part of the mission.

    @oochillyo The living room t…[Read more]

  • hey everyone 🙂 how are you all 🙂

    this cheered me up soo much 🙂 I was telling my friend about my comment and was checking back on this page and was like hey where is what I was refereeing to before the previous comment ?

    Turns out as I was writing my 2 or 3 confusions @Rewvian the review champion I believe now posted his ideas while I was…[Read more]

  • hey everyone 🙂 how are you all 🙂

    I was reading the previous lovely review, at the part talking about the Bishop being River’s warden and something struck me and yes its soo early on the 2 parter that I could hope onto IPlayer and check but since I’ve just thought of this now and never before and sort of broken my pretty good enjoyment of the ep…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent I had completely forgotten about River being able to fly the TARDIS better than the Doctor at the beginning of the episode, but I thought that was a great scene.  Apparently the TARDIS makes its familiar noise because he leaves the breaks on.  The scene with the “homing box” and the writing in Gallifreyan suggests early on that R…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent This remains my favorite episode of the Chibnall era. Just when I thought he couldn’t pull it off, he did. So this was a really nice surprise for me. Now, if you like the Flux, then I’m going to have to rewatch it. For me, it was “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (the impression many of Chibnall’s episodes have left on me).

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