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    @janetteb I also love the work and hate the deadlines, and yet I rarely produce a thing worth any effort, let alone finish it, without a deadline

    @dentarthurdent see I’m the complete opposite. But mostly because I’m much better at the work than I am at social atmospheres. Mind you, I’m in humanities for a reason, I’m ridiculously right-brained…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent @mudlark, @miapatrick and @winston

    Mudlark’s analagy of hitting one’s head on a wall summs up Uni well. It is fun but also massively stressful however once we finish we long to return. I have always thought that one day I would go back and now I am running out of excuses for putting it off. Earlier this year it was suggested that…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent  @mudlark   @miapatrick    I have a variation of the same dream which finds me standing outside a door knowing that I have to go in and write an exam but realizing that I have forgotten everything. My mind is blank and I am in a cold panic. I can’t go in but I can’t leave either. A very frustrating dream considering I haven’t been…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent @scaryb

    I know that dream all too well. I’m at school or university and I’m about to sit an exam but realise that I haven’t attended any of the classes in that subject and I’m going to have to wing it somehow.

    I certainly enjoyed my time as a university student in Edinburgh, both work and play, and the only classes I skipped were…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent I don’t know so much about campus’ – my undergrad and my current Masters are with the OU. I have almost exactly the same dream, only it’s about going back to school for some strange reason, I can’t find the room, or the timetable… or actually quite work out why I, being the age I am (which is always my current age in the dream)…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent After seeing what my brother had to deal with when my mother died i do try and remind myself that one day our sons will have to deal with what we leave behind.

    Our nephew has started collecting videos. We have already donated most of ours but I really should look through what is left before Christmas. Most of our film/tv…[Read more]

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    @janetteb@winston@blenkinsopthebrave@dentarthurdent@nerys@mudlark@missy,  thank you all. And yes, I live with my partner, who actually found her (I didn’t see her) and he’s been fantastic, doing most of the sorting through of things in her rooms upstairs (she was something of a hoarder) while I try to plug on with finishing my disser…[Read more]

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    Thanks @Jimthefish for remembering me back into existance!

    RL has been having a massive impact on my online DW life; ironically for life in a pandemic with lockdown etc I got really busy, and mostly been having to watch on catch up (sometimes several at a time). Also, with less scope for bonkers theorising in the last 2 seasons maybe some of the…[Read more]

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    @Dentarthurdent, @winston and @ichabod. Same problem. We moved here in 1995. (have just finished paying mortgage and now finally own the house outright..). We did have to pack up and move out for a year. That was interesting. The packers had to call in reinforcements. They had never seen so much stuff. We are a family of hoarders, and now we have…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent   We had hundreds of VHS tapes also and I got rid of most of them.Some were movies that I couldn’t give up but our VCR still works so I can still watch them. As for books I also have way too many so I cleared out all but my faves and books that belonged right back to my great great grandparents that are treasures. I have many of t…[Read more]

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    @missy — Hell, the inside of MY Tardis looks better than all that melty wax with lights inside — and I don’t even have a Tardis!

    @dentarthurdent — 57 of anything is a bit much for me — I’m trying to clear out tons of detritus (lived in this house since 1992, so you probably imagine; sort of.  Why isn’t the Tardis chock full of space…[Read more]

  • Missy replied to the topic The Faces of the Doctor (2)


    Only by a year – my dear. *grins*  No, I am single minded  ( or bloody minded) about this, the next Doctor must be a male.

    Always has been and should stay that way. To hell with regeneration excuses.


    From the odd glimpse I’ve had of the Tardis, I couldn’t agree more.  MS and PC had the best Tardis.



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    @janetteb   Yes, I got that feeling – that the show had potential as you say – from the last 3 stories (which are the only other Seven stories I’ve seen).   Certainly from what I’ve seen of con footage, and from the commentary to Remembrance,  Ace and Seven (that is to say, Sophie and McCoy) seemed to get on really well together.     I may try…[Read more]

  • janetteB replied to the topic On The Sofa (10)

    @dentarthurdent I did try to watch it a few years ago but did not get past the first few minutes, that however might have been more a reflection of my mood at the time and not the watchability of the story. I really should try it again. I enjoy the later McCoy stories. Ace was a good companion, the best since Romana left. It really felt as though…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic The Faces of the Doctor (2)

    @davidwho — She must be awfully old by now; like most of us . . . !  But yeah, she did a nifty job.  Thanks for the reminder.

    @dentarthurdent  — Yes, yes, a pact!  No dying til RTD is back in the saddle and DW takes off again like the wobbly, wild-eyed rocket it’s always been, at its best.  And yes on music, too.  I have somewhat, ah, odd-i…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent   “A neolithic sex toy” — PERFECT!  I hate that bloody mess of a Tardis with quite a few fibers of my being.

    And *I* can remember, as a little girl living on Manhattan’s very un-gentrified West Side in the forties, burly men carrying enormous blocks of ice up the stairs of tenements for people to put in their ice-boxes; and the g…[Read more]

  • Missy replied to the topic The Caretaker


    Very definitely more likeable dead. As you say, the Doctor was rude to everyone – which if anyone noticed – none of the others were. This was one of his failings which made him my favourite.


  • @dentarthurdent Our generation was different. We started everything from the newer versions, and then moved back. Ultraman and Goji series, Doctor Who, Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars trilogies. Even something simpler like the Seinfeld series!

    But with Doctor Who, it never felt out of touch to see the classics later. It just got more interesting.

  • @dentarthurdent

    You are gonna love the Capaldi era even more in the years to come. I have watched it so many times. Not spoiling anything, since it has been out for so many years, but you are going to love him in the last few episodes. With his long coat and big hair. A perfect combo between 3, 4 and 1 IMO.

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    @dentarthurdent Well, my long reply just vanished into the ether, so I won’t even try to retype the whole thing. But yes, N.B. stands for New Brunswick, the province to our north and west.

    I drove 6,289 kilometres (3,908 miles) round-trip. ‘Twas a long one, especially doing it solo. But having the Appalachian Mountains as your backdrop…[Read more]

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