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    Greetings All, I loved it. Bill was amazing. How fun would it have been to be Heather? Creepy monster plus getting to say, “exterminate!”

    I thought there was lots of TARDIS attention obviously Bill needed to be introduced, but he mentioned it in his lecture and then directly after explaining the chameleon circuit fail, realized the puddle was…[Read more]

  • I just loved it.  My nephews are just getting into DW and so having a stand alone episode was perfect for Christmas with any past references going right over their heads (because, spoilers).  We laughed out loud multiple times and were sufficiently creeped by the zip-heads.

    Happy New Year, everyone.  I hardly ever comment, but I love reading ev…[Read more]

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    Trying to ask the right questions:) Maybe the Doctor knew he was dreaming because he recognized Santa as a dream version of himself (the Doctor, I mean).  So when Santa appears at the end of last season he knows his subconscious is calling for help.  Who better than a time lord and his bigger on the inside sleigh to get all those gifts d…[Read more]

  • Just finished watching with the kiddos–the eight year old immediately picked up the chapter 11 reference (faster than I did!) A proud moment in parenting.

    I don’t know Old Who so I miss a lot of references, […]

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    Wow! I haven’t logged in for a couple weeks and all the new stuff is AMAZING.  Thanks to Craig for starting it all and to everyone else for being so unabashedly Whovian and making it awesome.

  • I have nothing brilliant, semi-brilliant, or even coherent to say, but having lurked on the Guardian blog so long I just had to be a part of it. The post-episode postings of this group are as much fun as the show.

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