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    Anonymous @


    Ah right like in The Snowmen! (Sorry, Moffat DW self-similarity spotting is becoming a hobby.)

    I knew atow my clunky English would render the sentence you’re responding to unintelligible to the outside world, but I was too lazy to edit it.

    I just meant that it was kind of a stretch to have this powerful liquid that can travel through time and space, but gets stuck unless it finds someone to motivate it. It’s a weird character mix of highly motivated and utterly depressed.


    Btw I’ve always (going back decades) liked the idea that Susan had more or less been raised on Earth, that she had some advanced Gallifreyan kindergarten education in temporal dynamics but had mostly learned and interacted in English.

    The 50th rather ruined that, not just by showing an already growed-up Susan fleeing with the Doctor, but also by having other Gallifreyans refer to the time capsule as a Tardis, suggesting that, if Susan did indeed come up with the acronym, she did so on Gallifrey, in Gallifreyan.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @Morpho, continuity with the first episode of Doctor Who can be tricky, though. Regeneration didn’t even happen then. I also though she seemed very confused and upset in class for someone raised on earth, she seemed surprised by the difference in her knowledge and understand to theirs.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @jimthefish – Apparently the lava lamp will be released  mid summer……. in America.


    lava link

    nerys @nerys

    @miapatrick … walking into the Tardis and looking around, ‘a knock through’ is the most logical explanation.

    That reminds me: What is a “knock through”? I know what the phrase means, as a verb, but Bill’s use of it as a noun puzzled me. It must be British slang for something, but I have no idea what, and Google is of no help here.



    A situation where you have two rooms, and you knock one through into the other (creating a larger space).

    Anonymous @


    Indeed, it was still there in the pilot when iirc the Doctor and Susan weren’t even aliens.

    My PoV was of course nothing but a rationalisation, so all I can offer in its defense are further rationalisation: she kept getting kicked out of schools for acting obtuse, and getting someone with her early-years education to get a handle on Earth’s national borders would be like trying to make Stephen Hawking an expert on TOWIE.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @morpho- Were they not aliens in the first episode? I know they weren’t in the film, but I thought they were in the CV series, and it was Cushings doctor who was human. There’s a really good theory about that one here somewhere…

    Mersey @mersey


    You are 100% right. I haven’t noticed it on my cell phone. I thought the picture is visible only in the first shot and the circles are just darken. But I watched it on my computer and it’s so obvious. The circles definitely have a texture.

    Anonymous @


    As I recall, in the pilot (as opposed to An Unearthly Child), Susan just says they’re from the 49th century, implying but not explicitly stating Earth.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    Oh I’ve not seen the pilot then- I hadn’t realised they reshot.

    nerys @nerys

    @pedant Ah, thank you! It’s what we would refer to as “gutting” a wall.

    Anonymous @


    There’s about four or five different versions of it, although I get the impression An Unearthly Child was the only near-total reshoot. For historical interest only, really…

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Isaiah 55 8-9

    For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,

    As the heavens are higher than the earth,

    so are my ways higher than your ways

    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    Whisht @whisht

    @wolfweed – just also wanted to say its good to have your eagle eyes back!


    btw, not sure if anyone else has mentioned, but Bill is very much a Companion for this forum.
    Her theories as to what is happening are indeed more insane than what is actually happening.

    And I like to think that Moffat is speaking directly through certain lines when he says things like “not later than six o’clock!” (ie when this show should be broadcast!) and “I’ll have to up my game” when faced with fans’ theories which are…. more bonkers than even he could dream up!

    Mudlark @mudlark


    We live and learn 🙂   I had no idea that those early versions of ‘An Unearthly Child’ had survived and have spent the last hour or so busily investigating. It is misleading to call them ‘pilots’ though, since they certainly are not in the sense we now use the term and I was somewhat confused at first by your reference to them as such.  They are simply recordings which were aborted for technical reasons, or rejected because they didn’t meet Newman’s standards. I haven’t had time yet to watch any of them properly, but in the snippet I did watch the problems they had with the doors of the Tardis, which were referenced in ‘An Adventure in Time and Space’, were very apparent.

    I don’t think that there was ever any question that the Doctor and Susan were not intended to be alien, though.  The Doctor stated that  they were, explicitly, and I think that it is in only in one of the abandoned versions that Susan says only that they are from the future.  Her problems in school, which attracted the interest of her teachers, was that she exhibited a curious mixture of cluelessness about things that most people took for granted, with knowledge that was far beyond anything expected of someone her age and at her supposed level of schooling.


    Love it, and well spotted.  The poetry of the Old Testament and physics.  ‘Because of the rhymes’.


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    I agree that the Gallifreyans in the 50th talk about TARDISes, but they’re also talking in English. 😀

    One of the minor items on my Who wish list is a line or two of dialogue in Gallifreyan. In the meantime, I think we have to assume that the English word TARDIS translates whatever the Galifreyan terminology is for that type of ship. Even though ‘The TARDIS’ is technically the name of the Doctor’s ship, only.

    Same sort of thing as the British name for vacuum cleaner being ‘Hoover’ or a ballpoint pen being a ‘Biro’.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    That’s a wicked and interesting spot. It’s good to have you back.


    not sure if anyone else has mentioned, but Bill is very much a Companion for this forum.
    Her theories as to what is happening are indeed more insane than what is actually happening

    That’s also a very cool idea.

    CountScarlioni @countscarlioni

    Wonderful episode and very stimulating comments, as usual. Coming late to the party and absorbing 167 comments in one sitting is tricky, so apologies if I’m repeating points already made….

    To follow up @wolfweed on Shada echoes, the Doctor tells the students in his lecture “time is an illusion,” which is the first part of the Douglas Adams quote, “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

    To follow up @thane15 on the pictures flanking the Rembrandt (many thanks to @mersey on the Rembrandt!), I think one is (maybe both are) of Emma Hamilton by Reynolds. Does the Doctor know her?

    Image result for Emma Hamilton

    I didn’t see any comments on the black bird on the Doctor’s desk. Is it really a Raven as suggested in, for example, The Radio Times??


    Whisht @whisht

    @countscarlioni – thank you soooo much for telling us (or was it only me??!) that its Reynolds!
    I was pulling my (non-existent) hair out as to those prints!

    And I know this is probably irrelevant as its been many many years since I saw Educating Rita and I’ve no idea if there are deliberate or accidental echoes of it in the opening scene of The Pilot, but I’ve an urge to re-watch it now!

    Anonymous @


    Enjoy! ‘Pilot’ isn’t my term for it, of course. It’s what it was sold as (at least back in the good old days of VHS), and afaik what they were intended as. I guess it’s unusual for a pilot to be reshot rather than either aired or binned these days, and the binned ones are usually on spec not to spec 🙂

    DoctorNMISSY @doctornmissy

    I have a video review of it.

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Re the bird on the Doctor’s desk; if it is meant to be a raven it was modelled by somebody who had never looked at one.  The size appears about right as far as I could tell, and it appeared to have a heavy beak similar to that of a corvid, but the legs and the neck are much too long, the body insufficiently chunky, and the overall stance is also too upright.  I had another look at that sequence and paused on the desk to see if I could identify the species, but with no success. The nearest I could think of was that it might be what you would end up with if you created a hybrid between a very small goose and a small pheasant, so maybe it is an alien bird 🙂


    While I was investigating the bird I took the opportunity to have a good look at the Rembrandt, and the circles looked to me a bit like embossed metal shields, with perhaps just a hint of the Gallifreyan about them. The Doctor in his times has met Leonardo and Van Gogh, so perhaps he met Rembrandt also, and this portrait was the result of the encounter. The version we know could have been painted subsequently, identical in almost all  respects, with the circles retained in outline for the purpose of composition, but omitting an element which might have raised questions.

    Anonymous @

    @doctornmissy thank you for the review and welcome

    @countscarlioni -good to see you back at the hub. I echo @whisht‘s thanks regarding the Reynolds (thx to you for the Moffat’s voice, “..up my game.”). A case of confirmation bias -I wanted to see Clara so a dark haired woman who bore no other resemblance to her ‘becomes’ Clara. Facepalm *-_-*

    @wolfweed. Oh, now that’s an awesome pick up. I did my best to pause and sort of thought….and then, whiff, it vanished as thoughts often do.

    @mudlark, I think so too. Susan was definitely The Alien -though handled with sparse dialogue in An Unearthly Child at the beginning.

    I spent a good portion of my evening scanning all the comments from The Deep Breath thread. Very interesting. Bar a few trolls, and a couple of people with reservations, PC’s first Act drew astonishment -for the good, I believe.

    Puro <out on her own; rubbing gleeful hands. What shall I do to the internet tonight?>

    Anonymous @

    I’m going to write my own honest review of this episode before going back to see what everyone else has to say about it so that my opinion is not influenced.

    I loved it. It was a great start to the season. I can’t wait for episode 2. Bill is already a great companion. She’s smart and funny, and overall she has a good, new personality.

    I wasn’t expecting this to be such a creepy episode, I guess going a bit back to Moffat’s early writing style. As much as I dislike horror, this episode was enjoyable. It wasn’t overdone. There were plenty of good jokes and also a few sweet, emotional scenes as well.

    Spoilers for this episode from this point on:

    My heart broke when Bill asked the Doctor how he would feel losing his memory. Moffat!!! But I loved it. It was beautiful.

    I also loved the way the story went with Heather wanting to stay with Bill, and Bill having to let her go.

    Nardol was great in this episode! I really like his character much more than in The Husbands of River Song. He wasn’t too silly. His character worked well to help with the last thing I liked about this episode.

    I loved how Bill was introduced to everything Doctor What…I mean Doctor Who. I think it would probably work very well to introduce new fans to the show, and for me it was a great way to get back into the show that I love. It reminded me why I fell in love with the show in the first place.

    Also, fun fact: William Hartnell’s nickname was sometimes Bill, and his wife was named Heather.


    Heather speaks (as it were).


    As does LindaLee

    SallySparrow @dimchall

    Greetings All, I loved it. Bill was amazing. How fun would it have been to be Heather? Creepy monster plus getting to say, “exterminate!”

    I thought there was lots of TARDIS attention obviously Bill needed to be introduced, but he mentioned it in his lecture and then directly after explaining the chameleon circuit fail, realized the puddle was imitating, not reflecting Connection? I have no idea but it will be fun to find out

    ichabod @ichabod

    @mudlark  Doctor in his times has met Leonardo and Van Gogh, so perhaps he met Rembrandt also, and this portrait was the result of the encounter.

    You’ve made me realize suddenly that what I *really* want to see on that wall is a portrait by Rembrandt — of the Doctor, *this* Doctor, confronting the viewer as Rembrandt himself does in this portrait!  Painted in the style of Rembrandt, and with the sober, rich glow of a real Rembrandt (yeah, like that’s gonna happen) — somebody needs to do this.

    Maybe with circles, too.  Sure, why not.

    @thane15  Puro — Bar a few trolls, and a couple of people with reservations, PC’s first Act drew astonishment -for the good, I believe.

    Yes!  I “got” PC’s Doctor from “Don’t look in that mirror — it’s furious!”  And went with the ride from there.  I’m glad your research confirms that around here, at least, people were more intrigued than put off by “Deep Breath”, even if they ended up not sure about this Doc yet.

    CountScarlioni @countscarlioni

    Rembrandt: In the classic Who story The Time Warrior (Sarah Jane’s first story), the third Doctor announced he wanted to study under Rembrandt.

    DOCTOR: You know, I was never much of a hand with a paint brush myself.
    SARAH: No?
    DOCTOR: No. Nor a palette knife for that matter. But I’d like to study under one of the masters one day. Rembrandt, preferably.
    SARAH: Rembrandt?
    DOCTOR: Mmm hmm.

    Maybe he did!

    @mudlark  The bird on the Doctor’s desk. Yes, I agree it looks like a bird of an undefined, or at best very ill-defined, species. Maybe that it’s black and a bird is enough to serve as a reminder of the Doctor’s loss? Perhaps there is another reminder too. The Doctor’s forgotten Clara but after the exchange in the cloisters in Hell Bent (Clara: What happened to your coat? The velvety coat. I liked that one, it was… it was very Doctory), the Doctor made a big point of putting on his velvety coat at the end of the episode. Here, when Bill enters the Tardis for the first time, we see briefly the Doctor changing into his velvety coat again.

    @whisht  Educating Rita. Now there’s a very good thought to pursue!

    @thane15  Thanks. Delighted to have a new series underway so we can all swop ideas.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @whisht It has been many many years since I saw the film but I thought maybe the gift of the carpet might be a nod to Educating Rita. Doesn’t she give the professor a gift, a bottle of cheap Scotch or something? That is probably too vague.

    @countscarlioni Lady Hamilton. Interesting. There is a (very) tenuous link to Scotland there.

    Hopefully I will get to rewatch the episode tomorrow. I am currently watching the last Christmas special. There is so much to look out for, all those details that I missed on first viewing. On first watch I am always focused on the plot but second time round I absorb far more.



    Missy @missy


    Another one who has had cataract surgery mayhap?  Not much fun for a while is it. You are quite right, of course it’s a 78. *puts more drops in eyes*



    Missy @missy

    @pedant: Ta muchly, I could not work out what Bill actually said.

    @theconsultingdoctor: Tick all those comments.

    Does anyone mind that they cut down the Dalek scene? Or is it only me?


    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    Didn’t really mind about the missing Dalek scene. And SM’s reasoning for omitting it (in the After Show video) is pretty sound I think…

    Frobisher @frobisher

    Hello again, all. I finally managed to watch The Pilot last night on the iPlayer (yay for watch on demand services!), and really enjoyed it. Bill was excellent.

    No real mad theories from me yet about who or what is in the vault. Though I did note that Nardole’s explanation of the TARDIS being a box within a box was said near the vault. I seem to recall that the TARDIS is not happy to be within itself. Could that be why the vault is in play? Is there a TARDIS in there? Could it be the 1st Doctor’s (for which they have the set), or the Master’s? My money would be on it being either of those two in there, much as many other people have said. The heavy Susan references make me lean towards Billy (or at least, the new Billy). Capaldi being such a big fan of #1 (remember him tugging at his lapel when he was first announced as the Doctor?) and the Mondas Cybermen coming make me think both may be involved in this Doctor’s demise.

    That said, someone upthread suggested a golem of sorts, the Doctor’s next body waiting for true life to enter it. That made me think of the Watcher between 4 and 5. That was an odd concept that hasn’t been re-visited. Maybe now?

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @missy  Yup, cataract surgery.  The left eye was done at the beginning of January and the right eye at the end of February.  The implants are lenses which also correct for my astigmatism, so the results have astounding.  My distance vision is now crystal clear and pin sharp for the first time since I was in my early teens, and I no longer need specs for driving or watching TV and films. Speaking purely in visual terms, I now see Doctor Who in a whole new light 🙂

    nerys @nerys

    @theconsultingdoctor I wasn’t expecting this to be such a creepy episode, I guess going a bit back to Moffat’s early writing style. As much as I dislike horror, this episode was enjoyable. It wasn’t overdone. There were plenty of good jokes and also a few sweet, emotional scenes as well.

    I agree. That’s part of what I meant when I mentioned what I’d missed during the Clara era. It was as if Clara knew or intuited so much that much of the mystery, and also the creepiness, was missing. It was a pleasant surprise to see that pop up in this episode.

    One of the things I love about Bill is that her point of view is slightly askew, compared to that of previous companions. She asks questions and frames ideas in ways the Doctor doesn’t expect because no other companion has her unique take on things (just as she doesn’t have theirs). It must be difficult to come up with new and fresh ways for a companion to behave, but so far Moffat & Co. have managed to pull it off!

    @missy I too have had cataract surgery (both eyes … done separately, of course). Initially the recovery is not much fun, but the thing I noticed immediately after my first surgery was that suddenly the world appeared to me in bright, vivid Technicolor. I’d grown so used to see the world through a white fog, which diminished color, that it was a shock to see the world back in color again. I didn’t realize how much eyesight I’d lost till it was restored again, and the contrast was so dramatic. It wasn’t as dramatic when I had my right eye done a few months later, but it was still noticeable. Hopefully you will experience the same dramatic improvement.

    Anonymous @


    Yes!  I loved when Bill asked about the TARDIS only working as an acronym in English. It reminded me of a scene I love with Donna when she tested the TARDIS translator by speaking in a different language.

    smallgreenplant @smallgreenplant

    Hello!  I’ve been lurking on this site for ages, thoroughly enjoying the theories, and thought it was time I said hi and joined in.

    I think at this point in the thread I’m mostly reiterating what everyone else has said but I’m going to say it anyway.  I loved The Pilot, really nice opener for the season.  I particularly like the slow, calm start.  Bill is excellent, I’m really looking forward to seeing her travel with the doctor.  The vault is a nice season mystery to get started with. Incidentally, I wondered what the Doctor and Nardle were doing at the vault when we first see it – I had a vague idea they were trying to break in but I’m not sure what made me think that.  The “coming soon” section was promising too.  Very happy to be seeing Missy again and I’m intrigued by the bit of archaeology the Doctor was briefly seen peering into. I had a bit of a fail in my pausing skills so I didn’t manage to get a closer look but my first thought was that it was a Neolithic chambered tomb.

    Somebody upthread pointed out the bird on the doctors desk and suggested it might be a raven.  Driving home from work a thought struck me about this and I was so pleased with myself i decided today was the day to join the forum.  I’m somewhat disappointed that on closer inspection it does seem to be a strange raven/pigeon hybrid but I don’t feel facts should get in the way of a good bonkers observation so I’m going to plough on regardless.  In Norse mythology Odin had two companion ravens; Huginn (“thought”) and Muninn (“memory” or “mind”).  Every day they go out and fly round the world. Odin apparently fears that Huginn won’t return, but worries more about Muninn.  There’s only one bird on the desk and we know the Doctor is missing some memory…maybe Muninn will return for him before the end of the season?

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Welcome 🙂  I was like you – lurked for ages before finally plucking up the nerve to dive in, but it has been well worth it, if somewhat time-consuming.

    The bird on the desk does have something of the pigeon about it when I come to think of it; more turtle dove or collared dove, though, than the portly wood pigeons which frequent my garden and snaffle more than their fair share of the food I put out on the bird feeders. The resemblance is no closer than it is to a Raven, though.

    I seem to recall that Huginn and Muninn came up as a topic and as the spring board for theories in discussions of Series 9, prompted initially by the hints of Norse mythology in the trailers preceding it, but your suggestion here is intriguing and acceptably bonkers: one bird on the Doctor’s desk which might represent a raven – even if the resemblance isn’t very exact – and could conceivably refer to the events of Face the Raven, and a missing second bird, Muninn, representing the memories that the Doctor has lost.  Far fetched, but appealing.

    Mersey @mersey

    @mudlark @smallgreenplant so do I but after months I knew you so well that it didn’t occur to me that you didn’t know me so I do not recall I have ever officially said hallo.

    5th Doctor actually met Rembrandt. Believe me or not (it sounds far-fetched) but today I wanted to listen to Big Finish with Nyssa and Tegan so I chose the first story with both of them and it was with… Rembrandt. What’s a coincidence. Of course Big Finish is not binding by any means.

    I’ve been wondering why unlike most of you I’m full of praise for Nardole. I didn’t like him at all in Husbands of River Songs, thought he was silly, but now I think he’s a great addition. I like that he has already established a bond with the Doctor and become his servant-pal. I also like  the fact that Doctor took him with himself when no one in his right mind would do that. And I haven’t seen Matt Lucas in anything except Doctor Who so he has a clean slate.


    Anonymous @

    Ah, a new member! Welcome @smallgreenplant

    Love that name! Are you a gardener also?

    Not that I am. I certainly try, though.

    @mersey Yes, the Big Finnish material is great isn’t it? Initially I would play these for young Thane when he had trouble sleeping. One would think this would cause a fright, and yet it didn’t. He’s a grown-up Whovian.

    Thane’s comment about this title was this:

    “A pilot! Oh I GET it. A pilot light. Like a small flame bringing warmth.”

    I never thought of that. I simply thought a) a pilot of a craft and b) a new beginning

    Pilot light. I think he has this fascination because it’s always Thane who has to go and check the gas! I’m usually shouting from the kitchen window, in clear Aussie dialect: “is it orn? Iz it, mate?”


    Puro  B)

    (let out on her own).




    janetteB @janetteb

    Just re-watched. I caught lots of detail which I missed first time around. I paid particular attention to the paintings. The one to the right of Rembrandt looks Regency also. There is one unusual jump to Susan’s photo during a chat with Bill. I don’t recall the question/response that triggered it. Damn have to watch again. 🙂 The bird, (though not in any way falcon like) does remind me of The Maltese Falcon.

    I am wondering just when this episode is set. I would assume contemporary but it is not necessarily so. The phone implies 2017 give or take a year or so but it could be future. There are no visible dates anywhere, no references by which to place the story, no cars even which usually provide a clue as to time period. I suspect also that the Doctor’s study is deliberately designed not to look like an actual professor’s study but that could just be because it is the Doctor’s.



    janetteB @janetteb

    @mersey  I am with you entirely re’ Nardole. Perhaps because I have never seen Matt Lucas in anything else so have no prejudice against him, (it was the same with Catherine Tate and James Cordon) so I reacted purely to the characters in the series. I think he, the Doctor and Bill are going to be a great team.

    (I am reading up at the moment rather than down at the moment.)



    ichabod @ichabod

    @mudlark  @smallgreenplant

    [Bird on desk] could conceivably refer to the events of Face the Raven, and a missing second bird, Muninn, representing the memories that the Doctor has lost. Far fetched, but appealing.

    Very appealing.  As for munin’s return — that could be an interesting and affecting way to join this softer, warmer Doctor to his earlier, more jagged self with a distanced view of revivified memories: perspective shifts come with time and experience, to someone who remembers.

    @janetteb  I’m wondering about the “when are we” too; how much time has passed since the ending in the diner, both in the world, and in the Doctor’s own life (where he’s spent 24 years on Derillium with River, for starters)?

    Missy @missy

    @bluesqueakpip: And the word *Doona* here for Duvet.

    @jimthefish: Ah, well I haven’t seen the *after show* so thank you for that. I do mind though, so funny.

    @mudlark: It’s definitely made my vision more sharp, but unfortunately, although the left eye was done in February, I still feel as if there is sleep in it and I need to wear dark glasses as things are too bight.

    @nerys: You too? As you say the recovery is not nice at all. My only problem was that when watching TV, the background was fuzzy, now it isn’t.

    I had a suspicion that the bird was a reminder of the BIRD in Heaven sent who wore away the diamond mountain until it crumbled. Has this been asked? Any idea what the gold spiral stuff in the glass dome is? Could it be Huon particles? Nanogenes? Or a sample of * scar tissue* from The name of the Doctor?


    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @missy — fair enough. The After Show is very good and it’s been posted up-thread a bit. It’s well worth checking out for the interview with SM and Pearl Mackie. But basically the Dalek scene was cut because it affected the pace of the episode.

    Whisht @whisht

    Just wanted to say “hi” to all the new faces (and of course the old ones too!).

    Really great to hear new people diving in – especially when they have properly bonkers theories!


    So I thought I’d try one. Or two. Actually, one’s a theory and one’s a “ooh, ah that’s tricksy”.

    So – the vault.
    Is it:
    – the Doctor
    – Bill
    – Tardis
    – Egg Whisk of Rassilon (thanks blenkinsopthebrave!)
    – Susan
    – The Master
    – is it empty ?!??

    Yep – is it empty and simply a hellishly difficult box to open (unlike the Pandorica ho ho) which acts as a honeytrap for the Universe’s master criminal/ monster/ Doctor…

    Or – is it empty which makes the Doctor even more worried when he opens it!???!

    Now – how best to get into a vault. Well, he has form in this (Time Heist) so maybe we’ll see Saibra again?
    And by ‘see’ I mean see her as whoever’s appearance can open the vault*

    *I don’t watch the Trailers as I’m a silly Spoilersphobe (sweetie) but those rascals who make the trailers could have a field day with a character like Saibra and sending rumours of characters’ returns through the Whoniverse…



    Whisht @whisht

    As I was saying, “Hi” to the new members like @redlemons and @smallgreenplant – I do love Odin’s ravens (I love the poetry of ‘Thought’ and ‘Memory’ scouring the world for Odin) and any theory involving them is fun!
    (apologies if I’ve missed others – not intentional !)

    If you’d like you can leave some thoughts on your favourite Doctor (or simply the one that is ‘yours’), or maybe just Memories in general.

    And anyone and everyone is welcome to pop a tune on the Music thread !


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Hi @whisht All kudos for the egg whisk of Rassilon belong to @phaseshift, not me. I am still stumped on that one. I suppose my current theory is either the 13th Doctor, or the 1st Doctor, but basically I am waiting for another clue.

    smallgreenplant @smallgreenplant

    <p dir=”ltr”>Awe, you’re all so friendly here, it’s nice :)</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>@mudlark “Far fetched, but appealing.”  On my first go! *preens*</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>@thane15 I spent a bit of time studying bryophyes (mosses and liverworts). Almost everything I wrote or said started with some variation on “Mosses are small, green plants”. The phrase just stuck. I have just constructed some veg boxes in the garden though so I may be a gardener…time will tell…</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>@whisht I love the empty vault idea. I did wonder if the doctor was actually trying to open the box rather than just guard it.</p>

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