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    DogBoyTheCat @replies


    I feel a bit overwhelmed that so many have quoted me…. although not always in context.

    Looking around the internet in the past few weeks seems to show a lot of people supporting my viewpoint.

    Many sources are reporting Doctor Who’s ratings as seriously dropping, and for the exact same reason I mentioned before…. the show is becoming PC and preachy, and it’s turning viewers off.

    And now, Chibnall’s not going to do a Christmas episode?

    Will we be getting one for Ramadan instead? (Ooops! Did I offend someone with that question?)

    DogBoyTheCat @replies

    I just watched the episode again.

    While it had its moments, some of them quite good, I just can’t say that it was a very good episode.  Perhaps a “Very Important” or “Very Special” episode, but really not that good overall.  Try watching it again and forgetting, for the moment, the racially-charged setting.

    Look at it simply as a story.

    Every character, outside of the “Tardis Crew” was one-dimensional….both the heroes and the villains. It just seems to me that the writers were trying more to get acclaim and awards than trying to write a good story. And yes…. they will get awards for it. But they’ll be for the subject matter, and not for the actual quality of the episode.

    DogBoyTheCat @replies

    First of all… let me make clear that I do not come from a “place of privilege”.

    I’m black, and originally from West Philly…. and not the good part, either.

    My point was that it is not a particularly cost-effective idea to make every episode a “very special episode”.

    It wasn’t the message itself that bothered me. It was the complete lack of subtlety.

    DogBoyTheCat @replies

    I’m not sure how to say this without causing a tsunami of nasty responses, but…. here goes…

    I’ve been a Whovian since way back in the Patrick Traughton days.

    I have no problem with a female Doctor, and I think Jodie Whitaker is doing a pretty good job so far.

    But do we really need the heavy-handed “social justice” narrative?

    It seemed like every 90 seconds or so, in the last episode, somebody was making an “Important Statement”.

    Maybe this is a 0ne-off, and they’ll get back to the usual interesting adventures, but I get the feeling that, with the hugely favorable response, this will become a repeating theme. Please bear in mind that an occasional “Very Special Episode” can be a good thing, but…. when you do nothing but preach, people get turned off.

    DogBoyTheCat @replies

    This is my first post here, so I’ll just stick to my point.

    Why, oh why, did they have to kill off Osgood?

    I was betting that she would be the perfect companion for The Doctor.


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