• @macphisto96 I agree Missy was central to Deep Breath. Remember when the Doctor and Clara are describing the type of person who would have put the ad in the paper?  An egotistical needly game-player. Although they […]

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    Hi everyone. I’m a frequent reader of the forum, but an (extremely) rare poster. I really enjoy your thoughts on the episodes, and have come to appreciate episodes which I initially disliked  after reading your collective analysis.

    A couple thoughts have come to me so I thought i’d share for once.

    I’m of two minds on Missy. It would be great…[Read more]

  • Just adding my condolences to @mini-HTPBDETs .

    Your uncle had a gift for expressing himself in print, as well as a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of Dr Who.

    The grief that many of us feel at his passing […]

  • Greetings all.

    I missed a couple days discussion and now find myself terribly behind. I had originally intended to comment on some River discussion that is now a few pages back. Lots of intervening speculation on other topics!

    Love the theorizing on Hurt doctor. If he is ‘Doctor zero’, and thus all others’ numbers are shifted by one, this…[Read more]

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    Hello all.

    I’ve been lurking for a long time but thought it was time to finally say hello. Got started with the Doctor a few years ago when I realized that cable tv package included BBC America. Watched a couple Tennant episodes, then got dvds from the library when teen child had flu. We were both hooked. Have only watched AG Who. Matt Smith is…[Read more]