• Really so enjoying getting caught up on the second Doctor.  He’s one of my very favorites, honestly.

    He’s got a playful quality to him, and the plots and dialog are fanciful and well-thought-out.

    Totally new to me, catching up on these episodes today.  Watched the Mind Robber yesterday, and enjoyed it every bit as much as any of the other e…[Read more]

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    @wolfweed – I got my daughter the 11th Mr. Potato Head Doctor.  On the side, it says his name is “Mash Smith.”

    My daughter is a fan, and she is mentally handicapped.  She SLEEPS with the Mr. Potato Head.  Loves it.

    Actually not a bad item (though there aren’t many options for changing him up – they should have added accessories so you could “r…[Read more]

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    How I agree with you on so many of your points.

    There was a time when Tennant played it rough… when he had some rage and danger in him.  I remember, particularly, in Human Nature – I think it was season 3 of the new season, where the family of alien hunters were looking for him, and he and Martha were in (I think) year 1913,…[Read more]

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    Hi all.  Just joined.

    REALLY REALLY enjoying the commentary about Clara… something about her character bothers me, but I am hoping that she becomes much more moving forward.

    So stoked about the choice of actor for the new Doctor… I’m a fan of men of a certain age, and while Matt Smith was impeccable and adorable, he was virtually…[Read more]

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