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    I really enjoyed Ghost Monument: fun, chilling at times and perfectly dealt with in just one episode.

    I liked that the Stenza were nit a one-off villain, they are certainly sounding more interesting and sinister than the hapless “Tim Shaw” led us to believe.

    The hint of a “Timeless Child” arc was intriguing.

    Also Graeme is an interesting…[Read more]

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    Twice Upon a Time was done very well. There was much to get through in an hour and I enjoyed the glimpses of what made Peter Capaldi a great Doctor, from his Glaswegian “are you trying to be funny?” retort to the Captain, to the moving good-bye speech in the Tardis – just beautifully done (and enunciated). The scenes with Bill and Nardole were…[Read more]

  • @drben I do recall from the more recent Thin Ice (and who does not love a Frost Fair?) Lord Sutcliffe’s racist reaction to Bill Potts leading the Doctor to (in a very humanly manner) punch him. I expect any writer would like to explore gender in a similar vein too, whether there is a reaction from third parties or Timelord trickery to get round…[Read more]

  • @nick, I think we can agree on Happy Valley anyway. Otherwise, I think we will see the writing tailored for the Doctor’s gender (as well as the character selected by JW). I would be very surprised if that was not the case given the sensitive way CC explored gender issues in the 3rd series of Broadchurch. He has a very good eye for the detail of…[Read more]

  • @nick I think we shall need to disagree here as I think gender (as does age as we have seen before) will create a different dynamic. I am very keen to see how CC will play with this – not only in the relationship between the Doctor and her companion(s) but also when travelling. How will a female Doctor be treated differently, for example, when…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish agree that two companions works well – Bill/Nardole and Rory/Amy being good examples. I also really enjoyed Donna as a companion too – akin to very good mates. Sometimes I wonder if a larger pool of companions would work so they can be mixed up depending on dramatic requirements. The Landlord gave a taste of that and it was interesting…[Read more]

  • @nick of course having a female doctor will change the dynamics with companions. In much the same way that a younger Doctor (Matt Smith) travelled with Rory and Amy (almost like flat mate dynamic) and Peter Capaldi travelled with Bill (taking on a grandfatherly role). I will be interested to see how CC will work this one out. I certainly wouldn’t…[Read more]

  • Has anyone had some thoughts on potential companions next season? Seems like having Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor opens up a lot of interesting new possibilities….

  • Also, I forgot to say, commiserations to those in the frame but who didn’t make the final cut. I think each actor/actress would have provided something unique and different too. I’ll also miss the very wonderful Peter Capaldi – we’re very lucky to have him as part of the Doctor Who family.

  • I’m very excited to hear that Jodie Whittaker is going to be the next Doctor – it’s really going to add something new and different to Doctor Who and I can’t wait to see how she is going to portray the Doctor.

    Kudos also to Jodie for taking up the baton here, despite the inevitable whingers.

    My daughter was very pleased to hear the news today…[Read more]

  • Very enjoyable Christmas episode and just perfect for post – Christmas lunch entertainment. Great baddies with unzipped faces and those very determined surgeons. Looking forward to Matt Lucas and Peter Capaldi in future episodes too.

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    New poster here. I thought this episode was fantastic. Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston were fabulous together. Great chemistry, totally irreverent, smart and just simply “fizzing” in every scene. I especially loved two of “The Importance of Being Earnest” references: the handbag, and scandolous diary reading. Were there any more? Stephen Moffat is…[Read more]

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