• one thing i bet my hat on, and im not kidding on now


    i bet all im worth, that captain jack harkness returns next week

  • ive seen the ending, bill dies, the doctor gets botox which goes wrong and he regenerates into jeremy corbyn, the master regenerates into theresa man, and they have an intergalactic debate, with the daleks in attendance, then isis appear and the shit hits the fan

  • this episode has me on a downer now, i fear peter capaldies exit from doctor who is going to be rubbish, you cant just throw in the master/missy/dalek etc and expect it to be great just because there in the episode, what happened to the thinking behind the episodes, like genesis of the daleks, where did it all go wrong, that was utter rubbish, im…[Read more]

  • from a lifelong fan of Doctor who, this has to be one of the WORST episodes ive ever seen, utter garbage moffat, come on get real, that was dire, throw in a fake regeneration and a bit of missy, that does not justify an episode, the best thing about the 2 episodes leading upto this one, was the monks, and they were not even in the episode!!!  no…[Read more]

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    towards the end of this series, im expexing a triple header, like david tennants eutopia/the drums etc, with all the big stories coming, i hope they flow from one to the next like classic who, which giving moffat is on the way out, i seriously cannot wait,  with regards to the doctor not being able to look at anyone, could it be the birth of the…[Read more]

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    i also loved the race card being turned the other way tonight, a coloured person being given the race card!  brilliant moffat!!!

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    does the doctors office with the tardis remind anyone of the masters office in the war games?

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    what an utterly fantastic episode!  1st thoughts are that was so classic, from the moment they stepped out the tardis to see a big long corridor! so doctor who!!!   im loving this series, but im just waiting like the rest of us to see where its all leading as we know missy, and john simm master is coming, and the original cybermen, p…[Read more]

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    what does everyone think of that?

    was that not doctor whos finest moment???  it really had everything, his home planet, the timelords, cybermen, dalek, weeping angels, roundels!!  new sonic screwdriver, very clever from moffat as he knew folk would hate the glasses before he made it and gave the doctor an epic new one, loved the tardis the d…[Read more]

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    serious guys,

    how good was that, clara and me end up with a tardis taking the long way round, so pleased that clara isnt dead….yet, but wow,

    the best overall series of new who, peter capaldi is amazing!!!!  being from glasgow i loved the glasgow mention!!

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    epic, epic, epic

    that was the best episode of doctor who i have ever seen, steven moffat take a bow, wow, im gobsmacked, i cannot believe what i just witnessed

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    does anyone else really dislike the character ashildr?


    i really cant stand her, the really smug im so clever attitude, im preying she does not become the new companion, i think its about time there was another guy companion, in the mould of the 2nd doctor and jamie.

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    i think this story will become more important in the over series ark and we will find out in the coming weeks, the morphious machine,  no sleep for a month, in the previous episode the doctor commented on “the longest month of my life”

    also, isnt morphing when something changes into something else, kinda fits in with the hybrid arc, and when…[Read more]

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    did nobody notice clara’s name in the list of names at the very beginning?


    and also the morpius machine, no sleep for a month, the previous episode the doctor made a comment about “the longest month of his life”  this must be referring to that


    i thought the episode was fantastic, fast paced

  • was anyone else disgusted by the “no british” sign as kate stewart entered the village, i know dr who has a history of being political, but that was a bit off considering where its made

  • does anyone think, that when the 2 osgoods made the video message, when they said “im osgood” “im also osgood”  remember that, it will be important later”

    my first impression from that is the one that says it will be important later is the zygon, ie the one that has infiltrated unit, doctor who love to put easter eggs out, i just feel that its…[Read more]

  • lots of bonkers theories, but i have to admit,


    this series is by far the best since tennant era, 2 parters are so much better, especially for all us online, As we get to debate all week about what it means! lol  but more than that, it bring excitment, after all, classic who was built on long stories, cliffhangers etc, this is what the future…[Read more]

  • ive just been watching the series from the beginning again, the penny has dropped, hybrid, the occuring theme…..

    well watch the witches familiar, right at the beginning, missy says to clara “shoosh now, mummys talking”

    missy has obv been around for a while given the things that happened in the last series, what if missy is actually clara’s…[Read more]

  • who nose??

  • so where is the plot leading?  what im preying for is a dalek/missy/zygon/davros masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!

    i know for a fact that we havnt seen the last of missy or davros, did anyone else watch the witch/magician etc and feel there was something sinister behind it??  i think its going to be a time loop and clara’s ending will be her as the dalek t…[Read more]

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