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    Yeah, I love the show.


    I don’t really understand why a hell of a lot of people have been so down on it recently.


    I get it, Chibnall’s run has been problematic.


    Personally if the Timeless Child story vanishes without a trace,  I won’t mourn it.


    However, all era’s have had ups and downs.


    And I’ve had an extremely concentrated…[Read more]

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    Just seen it.


    Trying not to give spoilers.


    I liked the story, and bringing Jack back was always a good idea.


    However, I really, really didn’t like the fake Daleks.


    The neon red to make them look evil…. why?


    They Daleks. Don’t mess that much with the design.


    Having said that, I need to point something out.


    2020 has…[Read more]

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