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    All I can say is amazing!

    Bill is funny and clever and i think she will give the Doctor a run for his money in a similar way that Donna used to.

    I was expecting Nardole to get on my nerves but he surprised me with his witty one liners and facial expressions that only Matt Lucas can do to that skill, hopefully he will be just as good for the rest…[Read more]

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    Well being a poor university student, i have to find the cheapest deals! haha!! But I didn’t know you were from Aus @thane15! always wanted to go over there but it’s expensive being…you know…on the opposite side of the planet!

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    Hey guys, so i am going to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff this weekend and wondered if any of you guys have been? If you have, would you be able to tell me how pricey the gift shop is? would it be worth buying there or keeping my money and buying some who stuff elsewhere?

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    what do you guys think of the announcement that Bill will be an openly gay character? I am personally glad they are doing it but i do wonder why they feel the need to bring attention to it. Why can’t it just be a thing that is in the show, like a straight character would be? Opinions please?

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    @ichabod yes aftershow means it airs directly after the show. It’s an American thing so i doubt we will get it here in the UK! @thane15 i don’t have any worries about the actors and producers of the actual show it’s the presenters and other guests on the aftershows that get on my nerves. don’t get me wrong i tend to give Doctor Who way more praise…[Read more]

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    I’m not sure I’m a fan of this doctor who aftershow idea…don’t get me wrong I like discussing the show (reason I’m here) but if it’s anything like the walking dead one then it will just be worshipping the show regardless of whether the episode was good or bad! I’m a newcomer here btw, just stepped off the TARDIS! So hello!

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