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    @joshamus, That vault is a mystery!  Is it possible that whatever’s in that vault might need protection from the universe as much as the universe needs protection from it?  Or even more so?  😀

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    @joshamus I visited Cardiff ten years ago so my experience may not be overly relevant any more. The shop was expensive from memory but there was a lot of merchandising I had not seen elsewhere. We bought some fridge magnets, being suckers for those “little gift shops on the way out”. Such shops are invariably expensive but they often do sell…[Read more]

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    Like @ichabod, it makes no difference to me what people say.  I love it or don’t and other peoples opinions, although sometimes interesting, do not sway me a jot.

    @joshamus: I don’t suppose it was Steven Moffat’s idea to tell all. The media love to cause, what they think, is a sensation. As for what  I think? It doesn’t bother me one…[Read more]

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    Now that’s what I call a gay agenda….

    (If Moffat’s writing – all the way back to Press Gang – has a consistent theme it is about loneliness and the desperate need to companionship and how connection makes us better, being isolated breaks us. The many and varied ways he has found to explore that, to riff time and again…[Read more]

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    @ichabod They announced today that it will be set up in the very first scene of the new series.


    I think it’s great too, for all the reasons you mention. I really hope we don’t get a female Doctor now that Bill fancies. That would be a retrograde step.

    But I know where you are coming from @jos…[Read more]

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    Mersey  The more I discuss Doctor Who the less I like it

    That’s sad — I know what you mean, I think, but it doesn’t bother me.  I’m probably inclined to be lenient in my judgement of the show because I’m so used to seeing the gaps in my own and my colleagues’ work between the ideal and realization on the page.  Luckily for us fiction writers, fo…[Read more]

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    @missrori @joshamus @ichabod @thane15

    The more I discuss Doctor Who the less I like it as your comments and theories make me realize the whole potential hidden in the storyline and left me disappponted as it’s usually not fulfilled. But this forum is a bit addictive.

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    @joshamus   I agree — it’s the fans on such a show that I’d worry about.  If it were actual actors and crew *on* the show, I’d be thrilled to watch.  Rachel Talalay’s essays on her blog about directing episodes in S9 are wonderful and enlightening in so many ways . . . most fans, though, judging by their comments on reddit et al, neither know no…[Read more]

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    Hello there, I add my welcome to the rest.

    Like  Thane15, I’m a big admirer of Moffat , Gatiss and Capaldi.

    However, if I felt hat something didn’t gel, I would mention it.


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    @joshamus   Welcome, then!  “Aftershow” means actual TV time after the show?  Or something on the internet?  There are brisk comments on sites devoted to popular shows here in the US; waste of time, mostly, people with none of the analytical distance from the thing that makes conversation about any art form interesting.  But, as the man said, tapp…[Read more]