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    Has anyone else noticed that we have seen Bill with a closeup tear twice now?  The first time at the end of the Pilot when she said that she didn’t think that the tear was hers, and then again when she became a cyberman.  I wonder if there was enough of the water creature left in her to keep her from fully becoming a cyberman?

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    Hi all,

    Late to the party again.  I thought Smile was okay, but I have only managed to watch it once (just can’t work up the interest to watch it a second time).  I did watch the intro a second time, but once they left earth…

    My favorite part of DW right now is the story line that spans the series (season?).  As many of you have pointed ou…[Read more]

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    Hi all,

    I’m new here.  I have watched all of the new Doctor who series (but only a couple of the classic series).  This is the first season that I have watched realtime.  Always before I waited until the series came to Netflix to watch.  But after more than a year off, I just couldn’t wait anymore.


    I loved the Pilot and have watched it sev…[Read more]

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