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    @whisht  For me the new series started out quite strong and had a couple of brilliant moments, but nowhere near enough. By the end, there was a general feeling of ‘meh’ for me. It’s strange that they’ve cut beck on how much they are making to keep the quality up but it felt kind of rushed. Not changing the companions clothing for different eras…[Read more]

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    I ‘remember’ Tom Baker being the ‘best Doctor’, but as I was born in 1978, I suspect it’s more that I was told he was the best but probably didn’t see any of it other than clips until I started watching DVDs in 2005! Well, apart from the Doctor and Romana punting on the river Cam!

    My clearest memory is Peter Davison regenerating, which was quite…[Read more]

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    Wow! I chose a crazy time to join the forum, then!

    I must confess I originally signed up for Gallifrey Base (having read a lot of Gallifrey one years ago – those reviews were brilliant as I was rediscovering the show). I’ve been in the moderation queue for a month, though. I think I can understand why, now! Terrible time to join, really… but…[Read more]

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    New to the forum! Hello!

    This is a story that I’ve only watched once as part of a run through of the entire Tom Baker run. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed at the time! After rewatching TB’s first three seasons this whole run was a bit of a damp squib for me, although there are a couple of awesome moments – Horror Of Fang Rock, for examp…[Read more]

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