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    Awesome points about prehartnell. *Applause*

    Mark-Reach @replies

    Hmm… Was under the opinion that our new (old) doctor was not prehartnell dues to her TARDIS already being stuck in the form of a Police Box.

    Mark-Reach @replies


    I don’t think Chibnall did anything wrong here. I think this is just a new hill on our amazing rollercoaster ride that is Doctor Who. The Doctor continues to be different and for her own reasons, yes, her orogin made her special and different but that was the same from the beginning. She was always the elite of her home world, she was not an Outsider (well, technically I guess she is now…lol) or Shobogan from the low town. She was a Timelord/lady. Nothing has changed there but an added dimension has been placed into the equation that is the Doctor. The fact that the mystery has been largely returned to the doctor is undeniable. I may be in the minority but I loved The Timeless Children. As far as the doc allowing someone to sacrifice themselves, seriously? That is hardly EVER the doctor. He/she has always forged her companions into weapons and used them, maybe unconsciously so, against her enemies. Dalek Sec was right. I applaud this season’s finale and hope for more from the Cybermasters since the Master obviously got at least a couple out in time. I also have to say that this Master has quickly become one of my favorites! One great thing about this show is that even if we hate an episode (this is where I point to all of the overly political junk episodes in this season, imho) it is just a valley before the next big hill on this great rollercoaster! Hang on tight and enjoy the ride! I just want to know what we are going to do with the 1996 revelation from the Doctor himself (corroberated by the Master) that he was half human on his mother’s side? Can’t wait to figure that one out.

    Mark-Reach @replies

    Well, shove over then. Make room on the couch. I’m Mark from the States. I’ve been watching the show since Pertwee and still love it. I’m new to forums but I figure if the Doc can get a fancy new regen every now and again I can limber up my fingers for a post.

    Mark-Reach @replies

    Wild Time in Court

    By Mark Reach

    He rolled the bus to a halt outside the United Nations building in New York. It never ceased to amaze him how often the simplist things would confound his old friend. It was as if she didn’t pay attention to the reality she was living in at times and continued on in her own way, right into a neat set of traps, usually laid by one of their mutual old flames who did so love to play the evil villian.

    Stepping out, of the oddly out of place British double decker, Juno S. W. Esquire clicked his fingers the doors shutting smartly behind him and the bus motored itself into the press of traffic. There. She would circle in a holding pattern until she was needed.

    This shouldn’t take long. He, no she, never did take long. She either was out of a scrape rather quickly having baffled everyone into subservience or more likely as not Juno would meet her running full-tilt out the doors with a hoard of bloodthirsty aliens on her tail.

    He glimpsed forward to see if that would actually occur and didn’t see the possibility high in the relevant futures but who knew when it came to her. How many times had the universe rewritten itself around her? How many universes had she lived in? Two most certainly and more than likely a host.

    Juno had once told him when he was a him and not a her that they, everyone that is to say, are nothing more than stories. It seemed to Juno that she was a tale told by firelight to the teaming armies of the universe as a night terror made flesh.

    Juno pushed the elevator call button having traversed the lobby without sight of the running lady. The unbeatable foe who could never die. He entered the lift pushing the button for the secret set of conference rooms used to discuss problems like this. The nameless dread hidden at the end of everyone’s lives. He did hope she was well. That business with their old flame having made a pact with those horrid metal men rankled him, he knew it did her too. She was death. The lift arrived.

    A young-looking blond hair woman wearing an ankle length tan coat over a pair of pants that looked as if they had seen plenty of running and a dark shirt with a rainbow splayed across it turned to face the lift from across the massive Hearing Room. Everyone else turned to see Juno S. W. Esquire walk into the room in his custom black business suit and complentary white and yellow scorpiris in the lapel.

    She squinted at Juno for a moment before smiling and leaning into him as he walked up, “You’ve ‘ad a change.”

    “You’re one to talk!” He waved a hand at her chest not indicating the rainbow, “when did you put those on?”

    “Oi! Let’s not have a go! I could point out one or two additions of yours as well! I wasn’t even sure you could do that.” Her glanced slipped southward briefly.

    “Right.” Juno turned to the room at large, “what does my client seem to have done this time?”

    The tribunal of top secret military leaders (was that a United Nations Intelligence officer? And a dark skinned woman from Flame-lumber? No, Hot-wood? Ah, whatever, these secret agencies all had fancy names) stood dourfaced looking at Juno as if he had no business here.

    In the following hours it came out that his client, totally by accident, tipped off the original inhabitants of Earth that the silly monkeys on the surface were moving their entire population to another inhabited planet close by, they were in for a shock, by-the-way, she had pointed out if they really did want to move there and now the natives of Terra had woken up just in time to see the approaching Martian Strike Force. Now mankind sat at the uncomfortable crosshairs of two sets of reptilian eyes and She stood in the middle of it all as usual.

    Juno asked for connections to both war parties and talked them down with his normal finesse and then peircing the tribunal with a very wicked grin he asked if he could depart with his client or did he need to bring the nasty green men back. They were both shown the door rather quickly.

    At the front sidewalk, under the flapping flags of several Nations, Juno turned to his old friend, “going my way?” The doubledecker bus slid out of traffic and up to the curb.

    “Oh, I think not.” She smirked and tweaked the scorpiris on his lapel. “Bit on the nose isn’t that?”

    “I seem to remember you wearing a vegtable at one time” She made a rather obvious clearing of her thoat and answered sheepishly, “I had a condition then and by the way, I could’ve ‘andled that lot in there.” She waved to the building at large.

    Juno leaned closer, almost in range of her pouty mouth, “why didn’t you then, love?”

    She actually look abashed for a minute, “a lot ‘as ‘appened and I’m not thinking straight.” She turned to a rather conspicuous potted tree in the middle of the sidewalk.

    As he turned to go he mentioned over his shoulder, “that’s not your usual ride.”

    “No, it’s on loan at the mo. Friends took me other home. Goodbye.” Just before she disappeared behind the tree she turned, “I ‘ave you know.”

    Juno could not help but stop and turn on the bottom step of the bus, “‘Have’ what?”

    “Made my story a good one.” She smirked and disappeared.

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