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    MeadowRose @replies

    @theprettyreckless – Bitterly cold indeed!  And as you say, an excellent excuse to stay inside and spend time with the Doctor 🙂

    MeadowRose @replies

    @theprettyreckless – *waving from Ontario*

    This place is great!  So many wonderful people….I’m a bit of a lurker at present as I’m new to the Whoniverse and working my way through the series’ so don’t have much to say yet but I love reading what everyone writes! Can’t wait to see what your thoughts are!

    MeadowRose @replies

    @ellixin – Hi there!  I’m a noob too and only slightly obsessed!  I also understand where you’re coming from….I’ve been watching the Tenth Doctor and “Allons-y” has been a new favourite of mine.  My husband is French Canadian so he just thinks I’m trying to speak French completely out of context 🙂

    MeadowRose @replies

    @thekrynoidman – Thank you!  I will most definitely be watching the Classic Who as well. If they were more easily accessible, I’d probably watch them first but NuWho is on Netflix almost in it’s entirety so, for obvious reasons, I’m mostly watching those 🙂

    MeadowRose @replies

    @monochromedimension – Excellent, thank you!  I may start working on collecting them while watching NuWho. There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching episodes randomly but I’m one of those crazies who divides my M&Ms by colour and then eats them alphabetically….so needless to say, I’d also aim to watch the show in some kind of order. Sad but true!

    I’m perusing the interwebs as we speak………


    MeadowRose @replies

    @monochromedimension – Yes, I think so.  Though that does raise a question that no doubt you can help with….do you need to watch the show from the very beginning (First Doctor) to really understand what’s going on (I realize some of the shows from very early days are missing) or does NuWho have it’s own story arc?

    Yes, I really enjoyed the episodes….we just got a bit of a laugh out of the Cybermen (keeping in mind I had almost literally just watched Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel). The Second Doctor is wonderful….I wish there were more episodes on Netflix but that was the extent of it. Given that there only seems to be a handful of Classic DW episodes, I may watch them sporadically anyway and then when I’m through with NuWho, can start at the beginning. Where do you go about finding Classic DW?  I assume some can be purchased online etc?

    MeadowRose @replies

    @cedarbranchtardis – I was so embarrassed that I got all depressed when 9 regenerated into 10. I watched the end of series 2 last night and am still in mourning for Rose… husband thinks I’m insane 🙂

    Yes!  Star Wars and X-Files have been my things since…….well, forever. DW is a whole different beast and I’m loving every minute! We watched The Tomb of the Cybermen a few nights ago (second Doctor I think…?) and I have to admit it was hard to get past how, well, ’60s it was. I love that the sound of the Tardis hasn’t changed though!

    MeadowRose @replies

    @monochromedimension – Thank you!  There’s a wealth of information and ideas on here and I’m really looking forward to participating!

    Yes, come to think of it, I likely watched mostly re-runs as well. A few of the other Doctors looked strangely familiar 😀

    MeadowRose @replies


    New to the forum and to the Whoniverse so just thought I’d stop in.

    Apologies for my complete lack of knowledge. I’m working my through NuWho (and whatever smathering of Classic episodes are on Netflix). Needless to say, I’ll be more of a lurker for awhile but everyone seemed so friendly so just wanted to say “Hi!!”

    I do have memories of watching the Doctor with my dad when I was younger but unfortunately, the theme music is the only thing that sticks out so I’m not even sure which Doctor it would have been (though given the time frame, I’d be guessing seven).

    If I’m able to gather any self-control, I should be able to make the 5 series I have left last until the fall, though worst case scenario, it will last until April when the snow finally starts to melt and I can go outside again. At any rate, not a bad way to spend the winter months!

    Happy New Year to everyone!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)