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    @whisht – So no to that hairstyle. lol!

    @rob – Now you’ve got me onto Dalek speculation! We definitely need proper Daleks; I really am not keen on the newest design. I don’t mind different coloured Daleks however, if only to signify rank of course. So basically… keep the bronze for the regular Daleks (or return to grey perhaps?), black and gold/black and silver for the Supreme Dalek… maybe red for second-in-command like in the movies. And perhaps a return of the white and gold Imperial Daleks if Davros makes a return again.

    My favourite Supreme Dalek was from Planet of the Daleks however;

    Even his eyepiece lit up! Originally a movie Dalek. Oh and I also liked the Dalek Saucer Commander from The Dalek Invasion of Earth;

    Alternating colours! Though not the big base, just keep the kind of bases they have for the bronze Daleks now. Hmmm… something I actually prefer from the new series… the Dalek bases!


    @wolfweed – Re: Promo Pic – The new Doctor looks so good… And @whisht is right, he needs some sort of tie; not a bowtie though… unless its a ribbon. His shirt reminds me of my issue right now; I often wear shirts and find I really want some sort of ribbon bowtie or something with it… otherwise it just looks empty. I think I’m waffling now. Waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle… I need to buy some ribbon…

    Anyhow, I want Ian to make an appearance in series 8; apart from being my favourite companion anyway, I think its a good opportunity for him to return for an episode or two. It would be very nostalgic… and as you all should know, I’m all about the classic series.


    @scaryb – Thanks. And yes I like the new pic of him, I am hoping he will have some similarity to Hartnell’s Doctor. But I am trying to not get too hyped up about season 8… still got a few months to go yet.


    @confusedpolarity – I’m pretty sure he was just joking about the cheetah, and at the same time referencing Survival. Unless they really are going to return to the Planet of the Cheetah People… now that would be random. I kinda doubt it however… even though it was the last serial of the Classic Series… and actually quite a good serial… some folks tend to find the Cheetah People a bit silly sometimes. Nice he referenced it though.


    Oh BTW, dunno if this has been posted here or not yet but…

    Finally a new official pic of Capaldi as the Doctor, eh?


    Ah… a return to the planet of the Cheetah people… lol!


    I think this is the best place to talk about this?

    Because we’ve been talking about the Horror Channel I wanted to mention I watched most of The Green Death on there recently. When I say most… I mean I missed episodes 1 and 2. But I have to say I really liked the villain of the story; BOSS. Finally an AI computer that isn’t a rip-off of HAL 9000. Who, could I just add, is my FAVOURITE science fiction computer character EVAH! I can understand folks wanting to pay tribute to HAL by having similar AI characters… but seriously, SO MANY shows/movies have computers similar to HAL… and none of them manage to quite capture what HAL was all about… okay, this is a Doctor Who forum… I probably shouldn’t write an entire essay on that character here. But back to what I was originally going on about, I found BOSS to be a entertaining and yet still menacing villain… an AI computer with some quirks indeed. What was with all the humming and singing? I’m not sure myself, but it made him quite funny really. Though we did get something similar to HAL with the shutdown sequence… but they still managed to do it differently.
    Random post is random. If you don’t know who HAL 9000 is, go watch A Space Odyssey. 


    @phaseshift – Isn’t it just the best gif there is? Hah. Thank you. And yes I am a little bothered I missed the black and white episodes for the rewatches, but hey… I don’t mind technicolour either. The Mind Robber is a brilliant serial, one of Troughton’s best; I’m guessing once we finish the McCoy serial (The Curse of Fenric, I think it was going to be?), we’d go full circle and re-watch another Hartnell serial? I know that’s a ways off for now though.

    Isn’t the Horror Channel on freeview? I thought it was… guess I was mistaken about that. I have Sky and watch it on there, though we don’t have the Sky Movies package anymore; but Horror Channel still works with just the Entertainment package I think… even though its listed under Movies. Its really quite cool they’re showing the Classics; I’m not buying the DVDs at the moment due to money issues.


    My amount of posting on this site has not been adequate recently, I know.  But I am still here if anybody was wondering… and look at that, we have a new Sofa. I call first animated gif of the thread;

    @carlyjo – Welcome to the site! Glad to know some new fans also like the Classic Series… I do get worried that some try to ignore it.

    BTW folks – I’m finding Doctor Who on the Horror Channel to be a great idea, finally the classics are being shown on a regular basis on television again. Seems like they’re going through some Pertwee serials for now, which is awesome. I am slightly worried that they won’t show any more black and white serials though; as I’m guessing they’re going on to Tom Baker next?


    @wolfweed – Thanks, and yes I do need to find a pocket watch… but possibly will have to replace its actual face with an old 80s digital Casio. Though I did find a wristwatch today which is similar to the Seventh Doctor’s that I can use as well.

    And lets not forget the umbrella… I must have the umbrella!


    An update on my femme Seventh Doctor cosplay;

    I do actually have a handkerchief around the hat band and one in the coat pocket too, sorry you can’t tell. No full pics until I have worked on the lower half of the cosplay! Hair is always a mess.


    @whoviandk –  Unlike most other forums, on here you can only post in the already created threads. If you think there should be a specific thread that isn’t already on here, you can always suggest it to the admins.


    I dunno, I kinda like the idea of a Robin Hood themed Doctor Who episode. But what I really want is a 17th century themed episode!


    Okay @purofilion was asking if I was still about, and that reminded me I hadn’t posted here in ages. Sorry for my absence folks… I got distracted; which included watching a half-marathon of ‘The Muppet Show’. I say half-marathon as seasons four and five have not been released on DVD yet… which is ridiculous… anyhow, before I start ranting about that… what about Doctor Who? Well I’ve had to be careful with money recently so haven’t been working on my DVD collection, same goes for my Seventh Doctor cosplay… but I do at least have my paisley scarf now.

    So what’s been going on then?


    @bluesqueakpip – The First Doctor is giggly in a number of serials; a good example is ‘The Web Planet’. Some folks seem to think he’s just the ‘grumpy’ Doctor… but he’s actually pretty eccentric when he wants to be. I also direct everyone’s attention to a couple of scenes in ‘The Space Museum’, one where he’s hiding in the casing of a Dalek, the other when he’s tricking that machine to show very random images, such as a penny farthing bicycle as a means of space/time travel.

    @wolfweed – You think the First was put off by the caveman incident?


    @wolfweed – I believe that’s the only time the Doctor has smoked on screen, correct?


    Happy they’re going to be doing old Doctor Who re-runs finally.


    @wolfweed – Are you sure? I think it might be the TARDIS who invented it!


    @scaryb – I thought the TVM TARDIS really suited the Eighth Doctor, style wise. But you could be right… he might want to change it, besides… the Seventh Doctor could of had that design of TARDIS interior for quite a while; it was obvious he had been travelling for a long time after the events of the series, and by himself by the time of the TVM.

    Well at least more minisodes should be made featuring the Eighth Doctor!


    @fatmaninabox – And doesn’t he look great in that pic! McGann needs his own miniseries right NOW! Of course that means they’d have to get another TARDIS set though, one that looks like the TVM TARDIS… oh dear, that was huge. Apparently the steampunk console is still in existence though.

    Talking about the TVM TARDIS in a canon sense; it was the Seventh Doctor who redesigned it… I wonder why? Its the first vastly different change to the console room. I don’t count the secondary console room the Fourth Doctor had… because… well that was a secondary console room!


    @phaseshift – I think you win the ‘Craziest Theory Award’.

    @blenkinsopthebrave – They just sorted out the regeneration limit issue, I don’t want them to have to sort it out again… just seems like a hassle. But other than that, interesting theories. I just hope Capaldi is the Doctor for more than one season… one season isn’t long enough to get to know a Doctor properly. Hence why I wish Eccleston had at least two seasons, though respect that he wanted to leave as he wasn’t having a good time making the show. And I would like McGann to have a series, or at least more minisodes, too.


    Recently watched this on Watch, hadn’t seen it in ages. I actually don’t mind this episode, its a bit silly in places… but I don’t mind when Doctor Who is silly. Doesn’t have to be serious all the time, ya know! Not sure on the Ninth Doctor’s pick for Rose’s first journey in the TARDIS… you wanted to impress her… by showing her home planet being destroyed? But this episode does introduce us to the more ‘very sci-fi’ aspect of the show, with lots of aliens and its set on a space station! The effects are good as was mentioned before.

    And here is where the Doctor says Gallifrey is gone (or words to that effect), something I was not happy about in the new series. It really seems to distance itself from the Classic Series because of this. Of course now we know it isn’t gone, which is why I was so happy after watching ‘Day of the Doctor’… but it makes everything seem so lonely. The Doctor is lonely, and for some reason without Gallifrey… the Whoniverse seems lonely… I don’t know why. We won’t be watching ‘Dalek’ (I recently rewatched it anyhow), but that’s another episode where the loneliness is apparent… and not just for the Doctor.


    ‘The Time Meddler’ is one of Hartnell’s best serials, set up to be a historical, it hints that not is all as it seems near to the beginning. Of course this begins with a new companion, Steven, who was previously met in ‘The Chase’ as a captive of the Mechanoids (Peter also was playing the American tourist on the Empire State in that serial). Wonderful shot of the time rotor at the beginning; it truly is the best looking console from all of Doctor Who. I don’t need my console going up to the ceiling, thank you!

    Ian and Barbara have just left the Doctor, who is indeed still affected by this; they were incredibly important companions, because of them the Doctor is now more ‘human’. He has taken on the grandfatherly role; he still is authoritative, and quite strict sometimes, but now a much more gentle soul, who has a wonderful glee about him when exploring or monologuing to himself about history! Quite the eccentric scientist, the First Doctor can be both stern and fun; and as I have mentioned before… he is my favourite. The moment where the Doctor hears the recording mess up for moment, you know he’s already figured out something is amiss, and is now adamant to find out what’s going on. Interesting he’s drinking mead, in ‘The Gunfighters’ the Doctor says he is not fond of alcohol.

    His moment of finding the gramophone is so sweet, such a cute reaction; strangely enough finding this out-of-time object amusing at first! But perhaps this Doctor likes some mystery to solve, even though something like that surely is a bit worrying! Of course this soon turns to him being trapped by the Monk… so… about this Monk…

    Already there’s something odd about him, he seems to not be alarmed by the TARDIS, in fact he listens to it and obviously wanted to get inside for some reason. Of course there is the aforementioned grammophone, but also notice how he looked at his wrist as to check a watch (a watch is then found by Steven later). Now… what’s a 11th century Monk doing with a wristwatch and grammophone exactly? This obviously isn’t your run-of-the-mill historical serial!


    @faegrl – Ah well, I’m sure you’ll get to watch some more episodes soon. I’ve been rewatching some Seventh Doctor serials myself recently, including ‘Greatest Show’… seriously, its a very good serial. And some epicness from the Doctor in that story.

    Anyhow, I’m a bit behind on the discussions here. But I’m going to hopefully post in the current BG episode thread today.


    @faegrl – Aww, I hope you feel better soon. I’ve mostly just been playing Doctor Who Legacy today. My current team is a bit random… Seventh Doctor, Dalek Oswin, Rory, Vastra, Jenny and Strax. How does that make any sense?

    Anyhow, I’ve noticed ‘Time Meddler’ has been posted… might have to comment on it tomorrow though.


    Sorry for the typos in my previous post, I’m on my tablet and for some reason it doesn’t like spelling ‘Ian’. Grammar and Spelling Dalek, you can’t blame Topic Dalek for its auto correcting control panel!


    @janetteb – Ian and Barbara are two of the most important companions the Doctor has ever had… they’re also absolutely brilliant. Let’s hope I an returns.

    @scaryb – Yep the Seventh Doctor retrieved the artefect (no spoilers, as @faegrl will be watching it soon) that the First Doctor left behind, I always wonder why the First had it anyhow. And indeed the two new companions seem to at least be referencing In and Barbara.


    @fatmaninabox – Oh that would be interesting, highly unlikely… but its a possibility. I do want more screen time of Jacobi’s Master… of when he is actually the Master.

    @blenkinsopthebrave – That’s a great idea, I just really want Ian back in Doctor Who… even if its just for one episode. It would be amazing if he could meet the Doctor again.


    @blenkinsopthebrave – Oh I do hope Ian makes an appearance in season 8! He’s one of my favourite companions.


    @devilishrobby – Ah don’t worry, I’m the Topic Dalek… not the Grammar Dalek. And no the Monk was not the Master, I think that some form of merchandise once said they were the same character… but no, they are different.


    @tomsscarf – Yes he would’ve made a good Master actually. I do wonder who the next Master will be, lots of rumors going around at the moment that he will regenerate. I don’t think the current Master is suited to go up against Capaldi’s Doctor… he was more suited for the Tenth. I wish Jacobi had been the Master for longer.

    @mysticalcowboy – Don’t worry, Topic Dalek acknowledges you were talking about Doctor Who in your post. And actually… yes she does look a lot like Rose!


    @wolfweed – Capaldi looks really good in that outfit… still think it needs a cravat or something though!


    @faegrl – Oh it wasn’t a planned episode (to my knowledge), it was a book. When the series was cancelled the Seventh Doctor remained the current Doctor through comics, books etc. until the movie came out, quite a few years later. I dunno, just certain aspects of those episodes seem more Seventh Doctor-esque to me… though again its a couple of episodes I haven’t watched in a long time. You know what would be interesting? A meeting between the Seventh and Tenth Doctors. (I think it’s implied that the Ninth has met the Seventh… but now I can’t find that information.)

    Re: Second Doctor – Oh when the Second Doctor gets angry its actually just more cute… in my opinion. lol! And despite his manipulation to get things sorted out, he really is such a sweet Doctor. He doesn’t have that dark attitude the Seventh Doctor displays sometimes either (references: Seventh talking to Davros, Seventh talking to the Happiness Patrol snipers, Seventh’s method of defeating Fenric and although he ultimately could not go through with it… contemplating decapitating somebody in ‘Battlefield’). So with all that said, the Second Doctor, although manipulative too, is not a dark Doctor in my opinion. And I really think you’ll like him, most folks do!

    @tomsscarf – Bringing the Rani back would be a good idea. I don’t know where she’s supposed to be at the moment though… Gallifrey perhaps? Also talking about Time Lord villains… what about the Monk? Who knows where he’s got to now.


    @tomsscarf – The fact that all of the Doctors screen time was spaced out within a 90 minute episode was probably a contributing factor. There wasn’t really much time for character development, so all the Doctors just have their basic typical traits without anything more in-depth. If they had more screen time/dialogue then perhaps it would of given them a chance to bring in more characterization. Of course I say this without having watched the special extended edition of ‘The Five Doctors’, so can’t comment on that.


    @phaseshift – Oh I know, I was just mentioning it.

    However I didn’t know Hurndall received letters like that, that’s awful. I don’t understand people sometimes. No one could replace Hartnell as the First Doctor, but Hurndall did a good job of playing him in ‘The Five Doctors’. At least the First Doctor was represented in that episode, and also there was a clip of Hartnell at the beginning.


    Ah, Doctor Who returns. The beginning of ‘New Who’, something I have mixed feelings about most of time. There are brilliant moments, and not so brilliant moments… but this is just about ‘Rose’ as an episode. Time to start the rewatches of the RTD stories… here we go.

    The intro immediately states that this is going to be different from the Classic Series… how much is the question. The opening to the actual episode is good, I like the shot of Earth from space; something to set the tone of what kind of series this is… even if this episode is set completely on Earth. Then we get Rose’s day, a nice introduction to the next companion.

    The Doctor’s introduction is quite quickly done, but it works with Eccleston’s Ninth incarnation. This is a Doctor for the 21st century, yes he is quite different to what we’re used to… and as a fan of the Classic Series you’d expect me to not be impressed… HOWEVER, I like Eccleston’s Doctor. I don’t like everything about the New Series for sure… but I like the Ninth Doctor. He’s got an attitude, and some backstory that we’ve missed… so he does regain some mystery at this point. (Something I feel is unfortunately lost after a while during New Who). He’s the Doctor who can pull the series into the 21st century, and even though I prefer the Classic Series, I have to say it wouldn’t have been successful without modernization.

    Though in the scene with Rose talking to the dude about the Doctor, surely this would of been a good time to reference the older Doctors? That’s something I wasn’t keen on with the New Series at first, it didn’t seem to want to connect itself with the Classic Series much; good thing that changed later on. That being said though… look who has returned! The Nestene Consciousness! I’m so happy they used a old villain for the first episode, unfortunately it does seem they killed it off… but at least that’s a pretty big reference to the Classic Series.

    All in all the episode is good, not the best, but it gets the new series off to a start very well.


    @phaseshift – Tom Baker regretted not being in the 20th anniversary special (‘The Five Doctors’) afterwards I’ve heard.


    And about the 10th anniversary of New Who; I just hope, if we get a multi-Doctor story, that Eccleston will reprise his role of the Ninth Doctor for that. After all, he was the first Doctor of New Who.


    @devilishrobby – Oh yikes, I didn’t think of that… it is kinda similar. But probably just a coincidence that they’re similar to the Gods of Ragnarok from ‘Greatest Show’ though. (Even though as I just stated, Family of Blood was originally a Seventh Doctor story.) That and there was only three in ‘Greatest Show’.


    @faegrl @tomsscarf @scaryb

    Re: Second Doctor – Oh yes, the Second Doctor can be manipulative as I have mentioned before (though not as much as the Seventh is),  but he really does have a sweet demeanour. He’s a very caring Doctor (and before you point out all Doctor’s are caring, yes I know, I know! But with the Second Doctor you really get a sense of a caring soul), and very cute sometimes, I might add. He’s my sister’s favourite Doctor, she’s just a bit obsessed with him. lol  I got her a figurine of him for Christmas, along with many other pieces of Second Doctor merchandise. And as I’ve mentioned before, she’s making a cosplay of him at the moment, as I am of the Seventh Doctor. She already has her hair cut similar to his anyhow! Yep, 60s style.

    Re: Third Doctor – I like the Third Doctor. But… I usually consider him my first Doctor… not sure if he actually was, because I can’t remember correctly. But I know when I was younger… when folks mentioned Doctor Who, I would think of the Third Doctor.

    Re: Family of Blood – I don’t know too much about this but… the original story actually featured the Seventh Doctor, not the Tenth. They adapted it for the Tenth. I do not know how different it is… but the punishment of the family in that episode seemed more like something the Seventh would have done than the Tenth. Of course, as I said… I don’t know how much they changed it.


    @phaseshift – I at least want three seasons with Capaldi, I’m so happy we have an older Doctor again!


    @phaseshift – Gotta love that gif! And no, ‘Space Museum’ isn’t the first choice for the First Doctor’s serials, but its one that is very unusual and quite interesting. But I think the choice of ‘The Time Meddler’ is best for now.


    @mantabu – Welcome to the forums, and also to Doctor Who! I really liked your cover, that was very cool! You’re very talented. I too adore the theme tune, and enjoy remixes/covers of it as well.

    Anyhow, glad to know you’re enjoying the series, and you’ve started from the beginning! The First Doctor is one of my favourites.


    @phaseshift – Oh, ‘The Space Museum’! Lots of people dislike it… I however think its great. Especially the first and second episodes. Its actually got a very creepy beginning and interesting ideas, it just seems to veer away from them after the first episode which is a shame. But like you said, it is the first time the Doctor intervened in time like that. I like that idea for 2015, its an interesting concept.

    Also ‘Space Museum’ has some great scenes.


    @faegrl – I think you’ll also like the Second Doctor a lot, he’s very sweet (in my opinion). And I agree with tomsscarf, you  should check out ‘The Mind Robber’ for the Second… also would put a mention in for ‘Enemy of the World’; but its a serial that has no monsters/aliens in it, and some people get put off by that.

    @tomsscarf – I would prefer some more cunning Dalek plans in episodes as well.

    @phaseshift – Cannot wait for ‘The Time Meddler’ rewatch! Brilliant serial with my favourite Doctor!


    @fatmaninabox – Awww, poor Dalek… I do recall feeling sorry for the Dalek in ‘Dalek’! Thanks for posting that, I couldn’t remember the music in that episode.


    @faegrl – Oh yes I’ve heard a bit about the political issues at the moment. 🙁

    And yep, the Seventh Doctor is 5’6”, the Second is 5’7”. So yes, they both are the shortest Doctors. And if anyone wanted to know, I’m 5’3” 1/2. lol!

    The bickering between the Second and Third Doctors can be rather amusing, they just don’t seem to get along! Was ‘The Five Doctors’ the first episode you’ve watched with the Second and Third? I guess its not much to go on, but any opinions yet?


    @tomsscarf – Ah okay. lol No I don’t use it to refer to other folks, except maybe my sister, but we both acknowledge our ‘nerdiness’ and its in a joking manner. But, thank you.

    @everyone – Okay folks, I have a question for whoever… if Capaldi’s Doctor faces the Daleks in season 8 (and I wouldn’t be surprised at how much they’re over-using them at the moment), what kind of story would you want? I personally think they need to make it subtle, like ‘Dalek’… there’s been too many episodes recently with thousands of Daleks ‘flying’ about. Also… is anybody going to get exterminated on screen again… ever!? The Daleks are becoming less and less threatening. Oh and Davros needs to return with a proper story too… oh another question! What returning villains do you folks want to be in the next season… from either Classic Who or New Who?


    @faegrl – Ah its the scenery I like in Arizona, I adore mesas and the like… but there are other states that have those I guess! lol

    Ah well that’s a good sign you like his serials already! There’s some brilliant stories in his next two seasons… and of course the manipulative aspect of his personality is explored more.

    And yes I was surprised at how much the sweater suited me, guess I picked the right Doctor to cosplay as! Not to mention I’m short and the Seventh Doctor is the shortest Doctor… still taller than me though… why am I so short…? lol I used to go out wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf, but for me to try and cosplay as him would look ridiculous… he’s so tall!

    @tomsscarf – But I wasn’t just referring to Doctor Who, I’m a fan of many franchises. And I’m very in-depth and theorize a lot about aspects of these fandoms. Hence why I called myself a ‘nerd’, and it doesn’t bother me, so it shouldn’t bother you… because I was talking about myself, not you.


    @faegrl – I wonder what the translation of the lyrics is? They do seem to use very dramatic music for the Daleks nowadays, I’d prefer something more subtle but menacing. Guess that’s why ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ had a good amount of atmosphere… still though, my favourite New Who Dalek episode is ‘Dalek’. But because I haven’t watched it in ages I cannot recall the music in it!

    I haven’t got any music to post right now… have to be later!

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