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    Mini-HTPBDET(s) @replies

    Oh, Mr @whisht – I apologise.

    I should have said that Uncle specifically mentioned your discussion with him when he was talking with me about Dr Hurt being part of a time paradox in the Track of Tears. He really liked your idea and thought about it a lot.

    I am sorry to have made that mistake.

    And thank you Mr @wolfweed – I wanted an avatar that reflected my Uncle and me and that one seemed best and my Mother and my cousin agreed.

    My family has gone away on a little holiday so goodbye to everyone for now and happy theorising.

    Mini-HTPBDET(s) @replies

    When Uncle first raised this possible theory, I said to him but what about that bit in Name of the Doctor:

    CLARA: But who is he?

    DOCTOR: He’s me. There’s only me here, that’s the point. Now let’s get back.

    CLARA: But I never saw that one. I saw all of you. Eleven faces, all of them you. You’re the eleventh Doctor.

    DOCTOR: I said he was me. I never said he was the Doctor.

    CLARA: I don’t understand.

    DOCTOR: Look, my name, my real name, that is not the point. The name I chose is the Doctor. The name you choose, it’s like, it’s like a promise you make. He’s the one who broke the promise.

    He just smiled and said he thought that might be Mr Moffat’s trick. To make us think Dr Hurt was an incarnation of the Doctor when he wasn’t.
    He asked me a question: if the Master, say, had stolen the Doctor’s body for a time, as he stole Tremas’ body, then for that time would the Master be the Doctor?
    I said “Yes”.
    And he asked would that mean that that Master version of the Doctor would be in the Track of Tears?
    I said “Yes”.
    Then he asked me: if the Doctor had stolen someone else’s body, for some reason, would that stolen body be in the Track of Tears?
    I could not really understand this. I felt confused.
    Uncle reminded me that Doctor 11 had said:

    Bodies are boring. I’ve had loads of them.

    @Dr Smith above mentions this point too.
    Uncle said: Imagine if there was a person whose job it was to be “the Doctor” and that person was doing something really wrong or bad or misguided. If our Doctor stole that person’s body to fix things up, and then, for whatever reason, kept that body, would that body be in the Track of Tears?
    I thought the answer to that was “Yes.”
    Then he said he thought Clara’s line was the important one: But I never saw that one.
    I asked him if he meant that Dr Hurt could be the person who was “the Doctor” before our Doctor took over the title and that was why Clara had not seen him.
    And Uncle said something like: Possibly. Or maybe Dr Hurt has just been imprisoned in the Track of Tears, like a time paradox – Dr Eleven sees him there because he later puts him there? We don’t know how much time passes between Clara taking the leaf and her coming to the Doctor. Maybe we are out of order again?
    Then Uncle laughed out loud and said “Who knows?” He always said that when we were discussing bonkers theories.
    He asked me to post these things because he wanted to share them with you. Well, that is what he said. I am not sure if he really believed these theories or whether he just wanted to keep me occupied in a good way.
    He could be tricky like that.
    Thank you for reading this.

    Mini-HTPBDET(s) @replies

    Uncle had a final thought about John Hurt while we were discussing the Anniversay Special last week.

    He wondered whether Mr Moffat was tricking us.

    John Hurt was introduced as The Doctor.

    But was he the Doctor? Was he a predecessor or successor to Smith’s Doctor? At least the GI and Clara are in the Track of Tears, so could some other person be there too? Have we just assumed he is one of our Doctors?

    Could Hurt’s character carry a title – a title which the Doctor we know takes over because of what Hurt does?

    Uncle said that it might be possible that Hurt was a different person from our Doctor, a person called the Doctor for some reason – like it was a post (such as Chancellor). Hurt does something and our Doctor replaces him. This would mean they are different Doctors but not in the sense that Hartnell and Troughton were different Doctors.

    This way, Uncle thought, Hurt would not necessarily count in the regenerations list.

    Or, the title of Doctor, might bring with it extra lives.

    I have tried to put this the way Uncle wanted me to and I hope it makes sense.

    But I am still not sure if he meant this seriously or as a way to make my brothers and I think about different things.

    He said I should end this post by saying : Your time starts now.

    Thank you for reading this.

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