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    Whisht @replies

    btw Be Bop Deluxe wasn’t a band I knew at the time, but one I’ve heard about since with other unrelated bands like Graham Parker or Doctor Feelgood… so thanks for that one pedant, kinda enjoyed it.

    and really enjoyed the Gold Panda syzergy.
    Here’s something perhaps in a similar vein but maybe again gentle rather than where my head is often going these days!

    Maybe I’ll listen to it in the morning!


    Whisht @replies

    So, there’s a General Election in the UK and everyone here is suffering the bombardment of lies on a daily basis. I’m exasperated, exhausted, disgusted and disgruntled.
    Every time I think to post a song my mood is one of posting something angry about lying.
    The kindest I’ve found is this ditty with at least a silly lyric

    I think I’ve been battered into a state of non-anger and I’m simply twitching whenever I turn on the news (which I go to every day). I want to stay engaged….

    I haven’t found a song in my library for ‘the bastards can’t stop lying to us’ or ‘it was all their fault not ours even though we’re the ones in power’ nor ‘we won’t cover those stories as we’re scared that whoever’s in government will revoke our license/ hollow us out’.

    So, gritting my teeth and trying not to be negative, I thought I’d post a couple of songs I found along the way.
    I may have linked this before but its one I think of when someone says that ‘real life’ has gotten in the way of coming back to this forum/ posting here.
    For me this forum is real life as much as when I met a friend earlier today.
    Its as real as when a friend texted me to say the lives of his family had finally begun to take a turn for the better as his kid had at last been given a placement somewhere that could deal with his condition in a meaningful way. Though this had required the family and situation to hit breaking point.


    So, a love song. A truly tender, beautiful love song.

    I may yet do a post of invective-filled spleen and anger but tonight, just this.

    Whisht @replies

    Well, today we learned that we’ve lost some wit from the World.
    Jonathan Miller and Clive James.

    I watched a couple of shows/ interviews between them and… well, things from the 80’s don’t always date well and I’m not sure the things I found reflect my memory of what it meant to a too-young-watcher to hear someone being clever and it being ok (and it also being ‘too-clever-by-half’).

    So here’s something.

    But this is something from half way through an interview with Jonathan Miller which may be timely, but the whole series is interesting.

    Whisht @replies

    Happy Doctor Who Day everyone!!

    Now one for all you pop-pickers out there – Its the hip thing daddy-o!

    Whisht @replies

    hi all – apologies have been missing of late but catching up!

    @pedant – quite a few clips and things you’ve posted recently have been really lovely! That Children in Need clip, Singing in the Rain etc. But also didn’t know this about Jona Lewie (I’m absolutely guilty of the inward-groan in December, every time I here the parps at the beginning…).

    @thane16 – haven’t seen that Bowie clip before. I struggled with Bowie a bit at the time as that whole ‘white-Soul’ thing seemed hard to relate to. Like it was lost behind a sheen of glamour.
    But maybe its his anecdotes of Lennon but he seems far more honest in this.
    But I’ve a LOT of snobbishness I need to get over with my music!!

    Recently I’ve been reading an old comic (yep – I do that!) which is centred around characters’ relationship to music and culture (Phonogram if anyone is interested. Not the ‘best comic evah’ though. That would be Saga, but I digress…)

    So, while reading it I had to listen to 90’s music that I hadn’t listened to at the time to get in the mood.

    This is the signature track for one of the characters….


    *other characters are snobbish about their music and hate this song!

    Whisht @replies

    @thane16 – well done!
    You’ve managed to succeed in spite of some of your teachers meant to help you succeed!!

    Mind you, if you like sushi then do watch out as the wahhabi sauce is hotter than you think!!


    Hope you feel good in the suit and it passes muster with your date!


    Whisht @replies

    hm, maybe I’m being too subtle.

    @missy – you are a person who if you were around very young people I know, I would try to not have you present.
    If you were I’d have to have conversations with them about how wrong you were.
    I wouldn’t call you stupid however, as that would be a way out of owning your opinions. And I would want the kids I know that they have to own their opinions/ actions.

    And no, old-age is not a defence.
    Old or young, values are important and I vehemently disagree with yours.

    Just in case it wasn’t clear.

    Whisht @replies

    oh @bluesqueakpip – you and your facts.

    @missy is perfectly entitled to her opinion whether its offensive to many many people.
    Even if it makes other people retch or cry or shout or want to punch something.
    Missy has an opinion and facts are irrelevant and her ability to not realise how offensive she is is not a reason to try and explain (however gently) how offensive she and her opinion is.

    Why can’t everyone stop trying to explain how offensive Missy is?
    I mean, I’m sure Missy would be appalled if she knew how offensive the opinions (thoughts/beliefs not facts) she holds are.
    I’m sure she minds quite a lot that the things she holds as opinions are actually wrong and offensive.

    Whisht @replies


    So, songs for Halloween.
    I know I’ve done songs for this before but due to the passing of my old laptop I don’t know what they were, so… I’ll try and pick something I didn’t link to before!

    So that means no Monster Mash

    She’s Got A New Spell by the wonderful Billy Bragg

    But even if I have done this before, this one is for Pedant

    (I was 10 !)

    but ignoring all the other obvious ones (“its in the trees!”) instead I’ll leave you with this scary (not scary) choon

    I should find the cartoon but actually focusing on the orchestra is no bad thing!!

    happy haunting!

    Whisht @replies

    so, yesterday was Bootsy Collins’ 68th birthday.

    Was looking for something of his to paste and then found this.
    Its not what I was looking for (ie something from James Brown era, or Rubber Band or something slick and produced etc etc).

    No, this is a tutorial-type thing from BBC’s Rock School.
    The one.

    “You can do anythang you want baby”

    Whisht @replies

    ok, this is going to mean nothing to anyone here.
    So why am I sharing?
    well… I’ve no one else to share it with.

    It randomly popped into my head tonight and gave me warm and bittersweet memories.

    We were in Uni, 19 or 20yrs old. We were Design students told to make a video.
    A mate knew this song and we said “yay” lets do that!
    Luckily that video was scrubbed by our lecturers as soon as they saw it (if they bothered even watching – they scrubbed everyone’s – video in late 90’s wasn’t cheap to buy).

    But the vague memories live on.
    Yep, I was Jesus (was it cos I was the only one with a suit? the only one who wasn’t as nuts as the others?)
    We pranced through Leeds and made fools of ourselves.
    And somehow…. with a few other friends we supported King Missile when they played the Duchess of York.

    So, I’m reminiscing. No, its not my birthday.
    This is for Graham (grey) and Joe (and Joe) and others who made me literally cry with laughter.

    (to be honest I’m not that big a fan of King Missile… particular song and time and place)

    Whisht @replies

    Unfortunately I bust my last laptop (boo) so have lost my textpad of comments/ songs I’ve already posted over the years(!)

    So… I know I’ve seen this before but it was one that came up randomly(?) just now and I thought I’d post as I want to get over my own biases.

    I don’t want to like show-offs. I don’t want to be easily gulled. And he is showing off and speeding up when the audience grows etc.

    But, but…. sometimes its enough to just forget about my own hangups and say y’know what, I’m glad I’m tapping my feet, others are smiling and a young girl is going ohmigodwotisthisIthinkthisischangingstuffermmcan’tfigureitoutletmegetaphoneandjoinin

    and sod it, Jerry Lewis, Little Richard etc etc showed off enormously!

    So have at it man (and this is I think in St Pancras in London where noone stops for anything as we’re all far too cool/busy)

    Whisht @replies

    hey @omega1972 – thanks for sharing!

    I really liked the overall structure of that piece – it built well.
    I think though I may like your piece Octopus even more (will need to listen to both a couple of times!)


    Whisht @replies

    ooh @thane16 – that’s jazz alright but a little bit more than I can take!
    But I do love testing myself nonetheless!!

    This is a song I found a few weeks back and meant to post but I managed to break my laptop (duh!) and didn’t.
    So, posting from another thing (tablet-with-a-keyboard).

    This is an incredibly beautiful song about Love and perhaps at least reminds those who have found love to pause and think and be thankful for what life can bring.

    Someone remind me to put this up at christmas.

    Whisht @replies

    @winston – really sorry to hear about your bereavements.

    I don’t have the right words, but I can only imagine that losing both meant that neither could help with the grieving of the other. Which is what loved ones (whether human or not) give us.

    I won’t post any music specifically, as anything I do would be cack-handed (see my most recent response to depression!).
    The song I’m about to post I was meaning to post about two weeks ago but I managed to break my laptop.
    But it is at least about Love.

    take care and glad you’re here.

    Whisht @replies

    So Ginger Baker passed away a few days ago.
    I’m not a massive Cream fan nor heard his work with Mayall etc.

    However I thought I’d post a couple of live versions here.

    I was going to put Rollin’ and Tumblin’ but I really dislike Bruce’s singing.
    So its going to be Crossroads.
    On listening, Baker is quite precise to begin with then when the guitar solo kicks in, he supports it with then really drives everyone along.

    Now this may test people’s patience so a warning – this includes a 10 minute drum solo from Baker.
    Normally that’s too much, but this post is in his memory.
    Its precise, pounding and there’s only one of him.
    Which may be the an epitaph in itself.

    Whisht @replies

    @thane16 – completely agree that “You Really Got Me” isn’t ahead of its time (also that its tight and not flabby!).
    Its simply still massively influential.
    Its kinda now-centric (not sure what the right word is!) of people today to think of it as ahead of its time as if now is when that sound is relevant! ;¬)

    And really enjoyed Lynn Anderson – not sure I’d heard her version before. If I did I probably mis-labelled it in my head as Dolly or someone. Thanks for both of these as I really enjoyed them!

    Happy Belated Birthday Pedant!

    Whisht @replies

    I hereby decide that I myself will not be offended by the juvenile stupidity of this song.
    Instead, I decide that I will continue to enjoy the stupidity of this song until I realise that I shouldn’t.

    Whisht @replies

    People choose what they are offended by.

    @missy – if you choose to be offended by people referring to themselves as Ms or actress etc then absolutely that’s your choice.

    If others choose to be offended by those things as they recognise them as demeaning women as being less than men and gay people as being less than straight people, then that’s their choice too.

    We all get to choose and the ability to choose is a wonderful thing.

    I hope that my choices as what to get offended by reflect on my values – ie I get offended by racism, sexism, homophobia and general stupidity. Unfortunately I also get offended by other things that don’t reflect well on me, but I’m hopefully working on those and will get over them (one day… but I must try harder as it reflects poorly on the type of person I want to be).

    I wish I was better but hopefully I’ll get better by working on my choices.

    Whisht @replies

    Hi @blenkinsopthebrave – thanks for the jeannie lewis songs.
    I’ll admit I’d not heard these nor in fact of her (sorry!).
    Her vocal delivery is really clear and even noticing that makes me realise that most of the people I listen to aren’t!


    Though the song ‘Gary’ made me think of a certain band, but… although a the track I’m thinking of is a ‘fun’ song (actually debatable) I’ll not post it yet as might seem I’m taking the proverbial and I truly don’t want to do that.

    Generally/genuinely I don’t but also I really do think there are songs from our individual pasts that are sacrosanct.

    Its irrelevant if they are good or even if we still like them. They have passed into the fog of fondness and I will never want to harm mine or anyone else’s songs in that fog-bank.

    Whisht @replies

    thanks @pedant I hadn’t realised its World Suicide Day.

    A massive issue and one that I won’t make light of (if anything I post has lyrics or tone that somehow jars with anyone its not intentional at all – blame my cack-handedness or tin ear).

    y’know, I remember the Inspirals but (you guessed it) I didn’t listen to the lyrics.
    (when they played Leeds Uni I was outside walking back to my digs and all I could hear was the bass – but by god it was loud and deep!).

    A memory I treasure though this may sound odd or overly personal, but I was walking along Theobald’s Lane in London and I saw some graffiti down a side street.
    Maybe I was just more receptive than usual.
    It was odd graffiti – almost retro, like it was from the 60’s.
    It was a single statement painted by brush in white capital letters about 50cm high.
    Not rushed but not perfect.
    And it said


    I don’t know why, but that extra “ever” stayed with me.
    It was a desperate plea but an honest one.

    I guess these songs are my songs for hope, two of which I’ve done before so just links this time (though the songs really are wonderful and for my mind deserve the time to listen).

    Obviously Don’t Give Up.
    And the poignant but honest Do You Realise?
    As well as (again obviously) Everybody Hurts – this time I’ll embed it as I do think this has a simple message.

    Perhaps so many links devalue each of these songs and its not meant to.
    More like a prescription and dosage – each of these has individually or in combination allowed me time to feel at different points. And maybe for me they have to be that obvious lyrically to cut through (as I usually just listen to sound).

    But a song that made me possibly remember/ realise how much our friends and loved ones do things for us that even they probably don’t realise how generous and loving and supportive they are, is this.

    Whisht @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave – ah, interesting…
    Maybe its memory but it could be as the sound is now through different amps and speakers and possibly even slightly sped up videos.

    However, I also believe that pulse may affect this too!


    And yes, Bananarama were ridiculous in many ways (many of them the right ways!).

    Whisht @replies

    but yeah…. basslines when its locked in with rhythm guitar and vocal

    good times

    Whisht @replies

    so – ya got me thinking of great bass playing (I can’t now work out why so…. whaddeva).

    What’s great about this (for me) is that the bass is really warm and sinousy when it can be and the vocal, horns et al are dry as hell.

    Carole Kaye is awesome.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly when I googled “dirty funky bass lines” what I mostly got was… prog, clever-clever, Rock, virtuoso bass playing.
    Which is all very good but… anyway here’s one that I remember from my yoooth and my teenage ear didn’t think about the different instruments (and it never grew up – I still don’t really think of them as separate nor listen to lyrics) but on listening back to this I think of the bass/ guitars/ drum and vocal as incredibly tight and locked.

    Whisht @replies


    Isaac Hayes had 14 kids??!??!?

    hmm – probably just sound-checks….

    Whisht @replies

    Hi all – ooh – looks like I mucked up my last posting (either browser open too long or too many songs!)

    So this is me re-writing and apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone I meant to reply to in the previous one.

    @thane16 – Voice of the Beehive. In *every* way something I should listen to more ;¬)
    REM too (though I can only do a song or two at a time – a whole album… maybe its the reedy voice. But individual songs… wonderful!
    And James Taylor – well there are so many friends here
    Speaking of which…. @arbutushowdy!!

    erm, I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff but as I notice that love is in the Message Inbox (awww now you’re telling me its not real!!) then I thought I’d post something for a Friday night.

    This is for the layydeeeezz…….. and all those who luurrvvve the laydeez

    And here (unsurprisingly) is a slightly different version that popped up in Google*

    *WARNING – images in this video are likely to SHOCK and cause enormous LAUGHTER but mainly shock.
    And smirky laughter.

    Whisht @replies

    hmm – I wonder if it was I who led us down to this lascivious level?

    Syzzers – I should have said that “tighter than a gnat’s chuff” is probably more suited to the Mess than the Captain’s table.


    But as I think I’ve said before I never really listened to lyrics until I became part of this forum. In fact its probably @pedant who has made me listen/read the lyrics before posting songs and something I’m eternally grateful for.

    I really have learnt so much here.

    But still I don’t think about lyrics especially not to songs I’ve known for decades and so… I didn’t even get the hip-to-hip reference!
    … blush

    So, here’s a song that is purely a wall-of-sound with no inner meaning other than….

    wah wah

    (don’t tell me I’m missing something – I’m coming up on fifty)

    Whisht @replies

    oh ffs the pair of you.

    Either get a room or rut somewhere else.

    @roger429 – its really interesting that you want more CGI in the episodes. Its not something that people often say, so I think its quite an interesting take.
    If you’d like (and your story about the antenna is incredible) please do add your experience to everyone else’s about how you found/fell in love with the Doctor over on the Memories thread.

    @pedant – I’ll leave something on the Music thread…

    Whisht @replies

    So syzzrs @thane16 – you wonderfully linked to Sha Na Na at their Woodstock finest (if anyone missed it scroll up now!!).

    Slightly amped up 50’s Rock n Roll (and the amps aren’t the hardware!).
    First thoughts went here, but then….

    …while thinking of something else, I thought of this

    Which made me listen to this

    Thane, we all looked like that back in the 80’s.
    All of us.

    Which led to this though maybe I mistepped but whaddever – maybe its just because its tighter than a gnats chuff in its own way

    Then I was in a spiral (upward? downward?) leading to this and NOW I’M HAVING AN EARLY WEEKEND – WHY NOT!!??

    Ignore the video (if possible) and simply stick this on in your kitchen at full volume and drink some rubbish beer/ wine and imagine its a houseparty.

    see y’all on the other side…

    Whisht @replies

    so… been reading the Kebab thread and… I know this ain’t right but its what I have.
    And maybe what I wanted to find was something optimistic.
    Instead I keep coming back to ‘this is what it is’.

    I remember this when it was first played and smirked at the Manic’s over populating a lyric with syllables.
    Because that’s easy. Smirking is easy.

    Tutting is easy.
    Shrugging is easy.
    Irony is easy.
    Decrying others is easy.

    The recent response to Greta Thunberg is merely the most…. recent.

    Its not a perfect song, and I can’t find a good video for it.
    The official one is anodyne.
    Fan ones are… from what I’ve seen imo ham-fisted.
    This is a fan one and it aint perfect and I don’t even recognise some of the people.

    Its what it is.

    Normal service (me being glib) will recommence soon.

    Whisht @replies

    @thane16 – syzygy – yes yes yes for Sha Na Na !!
    Oooooh Mountain – not heard them before – thanks for this, my 60’s/70’s knowledge is sporadic!

    @pedant – I know the song but not this performance (need to google harder)!!
    It feels mellower than the one in my head – and none the worse for it!
    Oh and I saw that news about the couple – that was really sweet!

    And yes syzrgy I have a lot to discover from the 60’s 70’s and that’s a great landscape ahead of me!

    So, Woodstock – Day 4 (Monday) Bonus day!
    Yay everything overran and Jimi couldn’t play Sunday night.
    So we got Hendrix in the morning!
    Whatever would he do with such a rubbish time to play for himself, the band and for those still left, getting up, rubbing eyes and everything else and maybe listening…?

    Nothing much

    Whisht @replies

    but if you’d rather something closer to “I am a MAN and here is my instrument!” then, well, I did like this when I first heard it in a “wow!” way

    Whisht @replies

    Now in terms of Woodstock, I think I may still be ‘behind’ in my posting of acts from each day but then…. well, time kinda got hazy man, and well, what is Time man and hey look….. a cloud….



    I’ll try these.
    If my memory serves they hadn’t played a gig together before this….

    “A science fiction kinda story…”
    But don’t let that put you off. its a really funky riff
    (oh and Bowie was like blotting paper !)

    Whisht @replies

    @cathannabel – indeed! I think I might try and find an even longer version of what came before and after!!

    Syzygy – aw that’s great from Joplin.
    I’m not sure which the first version I heard of this song was, but I have a fondness for this version from a really great album I bought in my teens.
    Big Mama Thornton namechecks Janis though you get the sense she’s saying… Ok you heard her, but I wrote it… now hear me…


    Its not better nor worse – its just the version in my head!

    Oh and syzygy – you’ll be appalled but I only know of Faron Young as a name in a Prefab Sprout song (a brilliant song it has to be said).
    You give me Faron Young, 4 in the morning…..
    Need to do my homework….

    But of course I have to post this for Peter Fonda.
    Co-wrote, produced, starred in etc – an incredibly seminal movie that have some saying it was a basis for independent cinema in the US.

    Whisht @replies

    syzygy @thane16 – Creedence Clearwater Revival !!

    Yes Yes a million times yes!
    Fantastic song and fantastic performance – I haven’t seen that before!

    So – I meant to post this yesterday(!) oops.

    For the second day of Woodstock I’ll post these (though other great bands were on too).
    Usually I’d say that drum solos and (god forbid) bass solos are indulgent, but my teenage self loved this (and on this listen I think it makes the resultant groove better)

    Trigger warning – in part of this video a man is dancing with a sheep.
    This recording sounds better – I assume its same recording)

    For this next one (again a famous performance) Country Joe MacDonald was singing to American teens and early twenties who were all possibly up for the Draft (and who had seen brothers, neighbours etc called up and some coming back in various states of health and death).
    I cannot imagine how this felt.
    Fuck of a lot of energy in this.

    Whisht @replies

    and yes for the pedantic I know I’ll be posting something on Sunday too….

    Whisht @replies

    Woodstock – Day 1 (Friday)
    So there’ll be others who know the story of Woodstock better than I (me not yet born and in a different country!).
    An amazing list of artists and surprise! – LOADS of people turn up!
    I mean just look at that lineup

    woodstock poster and lineup


    for my opener I’ll take Richie Havens (who I think did open)

    and from a soul-searching guitar to a soul-nourishing sitar

    (I haven’t yet heard the full hour set from Ravi Shankar – but I will! I’m linking and assuming he doesn’t descend into a foul mouthed tirade…)

    and whether he did or not I’ll link this to close Friday (though you won’t want to go back to your tent after this)
    Slightly trebley but I can’t find the full version elsewhere

    Taken higher?

    Whisht @replies

    Fifty years ago today, three days of Woodstock began.
    My thought was that I’d go through the album and pick something that’s maybe overlooked.

    Maybe this is overlooked because it is slight, but I kinda love it anyway!

    And lord knows we need a pickmeup in these times.

    I did originally post this from Big Sur ! oops!
    BTW#2 – on looking at the album tracks again and… my gawd there was some great music!

    So I’m gonna do big hitters too (and please add your own favourites)!

    Whisht @replies

    ooh – is it @thane16 ‘s birthday?

    Happy Birthday Puro!

    And you’re having to spend it in a hotel!!
    Hope you’re not having too much in the way of upheaval and that everything gets sorted at home.

    Whisht @replies

    ha ha @thane16 – don’t worry I don’t beat myself up too much, honestly.

    And those ladieez can have me all they want – I’m just not a doctor!

    Just seen film Arrival for first time and even with ad breaks etc its still left me with teary eyes.
    And this is a lovely place to share that.

    Whisht @replies

    So, I’ve just watched the movie Arrival and there are tears in my eyes and on my cheeks.

    This music I’m not sure about. @blenkinsopthebrave asked on the Music thread if any of us had embarrassing music in our past, but my greatest embarrassment is that I construct walls between myself and the music I hear.
    I hear this music and I’m not sure whether I trust it – am I being played?
    I hear something from Arvo Part and I do trust it (likewise between Coldplay and Elbow).
    I’m a musical snob and its an embarrassment to me, but there you go.

    This below is used in the movie Arrival. The accompanying video has nothing from the movie.
    This film has been mentioned before but all I’ll say is that its about love, communication and experience.

    I think its a really really good movie as I have tears in my eyes and on my cheeks.

    Whisht @replies

    aww I know @blenkinsopthebrave @thane16

    Last night I was grouchy and not fun.

    fwiw I’d read something on another place (probably Guardian) and the commenter just irked me as it sounded like they were talking about the actor as if they’d only watched clips of the great moments (like in soccer forums where people watch YouTube compilations and cry “wow – we must sign this player!” without understanding that those moments happen as part of a team experience; sometimes they’re due to the team and sometimes in spite of).

    Normal service resumed – that is a great clip.

    Whisht @replies

    Its a strange thing in this day and age.
    An actor has died and I want to say that I feel a bit of a gut-pull.

    Not tears, not tears in the rain, but someone who was essential to a few movies that had visceral and emotional impacts on me and others.

    I feel I’m expected to add a link BUT I WON’T.

    Watch Blade Runner and watch The Hitcher. Watch his other films and TV.

    Its perhaps telling that his impact is summed up in those extremely emotional scenes that are denuded of emotion when seen outside the context of the movie and in fact introduce spoilers if you’ve not seen them before.

    apologies, normal service will resume


    Whisht @replies

    @thane16 – that’s a brilliant connection to We Can Work it Out!

    and will admit I keep learning how great a drummer/ percussionist Ringo is.

    Also (entirely unconnected) bit on re-listening I realise I sometimes (usually?) shudder when time rhythms (signatures?) change in prog rock songs – like they’re trying a bit too hard to show off how virtuoso they are. But with the Beatles I just don’t notice it – the change usually feels … inevitable

    Whisht @replies

    So for our amazing astronauts fifty years ago, this is the last day of the trip.

    They’ve become passengers again, maybe slept a bit more.
    Sometimes sleep is a release from reality and its certainly a World to run away from then as now, but you have to come back.

    But as they go through their drills, prepare to re-enter the atmosphere and ultimately splashdown this day 50 years ago, I wonder if they wished they were back in space.

    Whisht @replies

    That’s such a great clip @arbutus.
    Lucky they knew the guy on the soundboard who – just for their set – flicked up all the stadium speakers’ volumes!


    Whisht @replies

    Not much seems to have happened this day 50 years ago for the astronauts returning home.

    Possibly a boring day.

    Maybe it was just silly japes between the crew; maybe they played hide & seek, eye-spy… I bet they wish they’d brought board games for this day.

    Probably Armstrong and Aldrin just spent the time telling Collins all about their day trip “and then Neil, he, he kinda jumped but he ha ha landed on both feet and kinda almost fell but ha ha, just bent and picked up the rock, and and… ah I s’pose you had to be there…”.

    Whisht @replies

    So apparently on this day fifty years ago, the astronauts slept (kinda deserved that and they’re also back to being passengers).
    Also after heading back to Earth they reached the point where Earth’s gravity started pulling it home. But I can’t find anything even remotely interesting for that.
    So a couple of sleepy songs…


    Whisht @replies

    Those of us with embarrassing musical tastes???!!!??
    Why I am an arbiter of taste and style and have never strayed from the true path of what is GOOD (even when I had to blaze it before me).

    Do you think I was the yoof who thought Phil Collins’ Tomorrow Never Knows was such a great tune that I breathlessly said how great the Sand Kings’ version was of his track at a gig of theirs?? Was I the yoof who couldn’t understand their furrowed brows as I thought it was a great song as was his other songs on Face Value?


    I also thought that about Jealous Guy by Brian Ferry.

    But yours and these aren’t embarrassing songs per se.

    The Jason King Theme is great – there’s brass parping and an up/off beat swing.
    Plus Warhol-esque title colourisations. No shame in that music.
    (btw if I were to say “An obscure planet in the S-K System your Majesty” I’m sure you’d have a smirk of “ahhhh…”)

    And the Persuaders theme is surely a classic??
    It borrows from Ipcress, Russian-esque spy stuff (oh I’m sure someone better with music will tell me why those notes and rhythm are Russian/Eastern).
    It gets a bit funky but I’m almost surprised they didn’t go full-on and use something as funky as a pastiche of Soul Bossa Nova.

    Embarrassing…? I’ll try to dig something out of the permafrost of my youthful cool….


    Whisht @replies

    @pedant – that video of the descent you posted was incredible.
    Do you know if Aldrin and Armstrong heard all the chatter?

    Also what is the time delay between Earth and Moon for radio??
    Whatever – piloting that craft down to the surface was as extraordinary an achievement as bouncing around on the surface afterwards.
    So much could go wrong yet didn’t, through human skill.
    I was chatting with my brother the other day about whether I trusted computers (algorithms) over humans and I said I wanted both.
    May point him to this.

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