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    Had a definite Hitchcock vibe at times. I enjoyed the episode, although I share the sentiment that the vlogger character seemed underdeveloped, if not shallow. The rest of the cast was superb throughout.

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    Thanks to everybody for helping me with my questions. You are all excellent people, and I am most agreeable with the answers.

    One more question, however, what do we think Clara actually did say to the Doctor in the cloisters? At the end Clara hints “What Clara told you in the cloisters … you said memories become stories when we forget them,…[Read more]

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    After all, Clara’s told him that she “reversed the polarity” on the neural block – let’s be honest – that means she put the batteries in backwards. In my experience that means a gadget just doesn’t work :-).

    Note the way that the sonic glasses work, as Clara explained to Ashildr when they first met. You just think the thing you wan…[Read more]

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    My observations and questions to the hive-mind:

    1. Sunglasses: Clara gives them back to the Doctor who, later in the diner puts them on the countertop to connect his electric guitar to the speaker system. BUT, the diner and the furniture in it are all part of Clara’s shiny new TARDIS, so when she dematerialises to leave the Doctor alone in the…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick – yes, true. Now I think about it more, Capt. Jack is closer to Ashildr in the method of immortality. Although, as we know from the face of Bo, Jack definitely does age over time, while Ashildr does not. And certainly Clara will not either.

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    To clarify (ha, pun intended) one little thing some posters have been worried about; that Clara is immortal now, but susceptible to death, injury etc. unlike ‘Me’. – I don’t think she is. CapDoc said the processes of her body have been time-looped (but she still moves around like normal due to Time Lord cleverness). So, any injury to her would not…[Read more]

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    Cheers all, I appreciate the kind words.

    W.R.T the skulls, my instinct is as @puroandson says that it simply makes for better television to have a complete skull, but perhaps we can theorize that the process of burning his body to fuel the teleport machine fused the skull into one piece? … it is interesting that all the bones and flesh…[Read more]

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    Firstly, it’s good to be back commenting on here. It’s been a while as I have been completely out of action with a number of illnesses (minor enough) that cost me over a month out of my life. Tomorrow starts a concert tour for me (ozi-tenoring) so hoping that this absolutely mindbogglingly brilliant episode gives me the ju-ju to finally feel…[Read more]

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    This is a season of two-parters, no?

    confuso io son.

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    Two things:

    1. (OT) it would be cool if in the login box for this forum instead of the checkbox “remember me” it read “run you clever boy and remember me”

    2. Further to the theory that Clara has not really been existing (or similar) since being in the Dalek back in episode 2, I do think the evidence points to the Doctor having 3 Mire immortality…[Read more]

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    Truly magnificent performances and writing. That speech. Breathtaking, poignant … and perhaps the very best in a long tradition of fabulous monologues over the past 50 years. Who can forget, however much stumbled through, Hartnell’s incredible speech that kicked off this tradition.

    Now to Bonkerising:

    I have a bonkers theory about Osgood and…[Read more]

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    A few very random thoughts:

    1. I wonder if a Zygon has ever transformed into a Dalek. Indeed, can they copy just the living thing or can they also copy the technological shell surrounding them? … I admit I only wonder this as my mind thinks back to Clara in the Dalek… I also admit it is a terrifying notion to think that a Zygon could now,…[Read more]

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    That forlorn stare from the Doctor after Clara says she is not going anywhere…  Chills.

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    Reading through the commentary, it seems there is a notion that Time Lords may not be able to choose their appearance when regenerating. I am sure i will be corrected if I am wrong here, but when Romana regenerated into her Lalla Ward persona, she chose a number of iterations first (that annoyed the Doctor!) before deciding on “Lalla Ward”. So,…[Read more]

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    @lisa – at the end, when confronting the Mire captain, the Doctor snatches his sonic glasses back from the chain around his neck and activates them as he says “i hacked your teleport” and you hear the sonic sound effect as the Mire is teleported back to his ship. So yes. The Doctor has them back. Broken in half, but back in his possession.

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    Bonkers theory alert:

    on a rewatch, as the Doctor is putting the helmet on Ashildr, she says “I am scared” and the Doctor responds: “you were born for this”. And we have Clara, the girl who “was born to save the Doctor”. Earlier, the Doctor has said to Clara something similar to “all we can hope for is a good death, unless you’re immortal” and he…[Read more]

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    So many thoughts. Bah!!!

    i loved this episode. All sorts of callbacks. I second the comment above about being reminded of Douglas Adams’ Pirate Planet episode. It was the first thing my mind went to when I saw the Odin projection in the sky. I let out an audible squeeee!

    and i feel like the last 10 minutes is going to need a half dozen rewatches…[Read more]

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    Just watched Blink again with my son, because it’s so deliciously perfectly written and acted, and we looked at each other and said “bootstrap paradox” ! … The viewer gets to think through the paradox along with Sally Sparrow a lot more organically than a breaking of the 4th wall explanation… Which makes me agree with others here that this p…[Read more]

  • To answer a question I posed myself a few days ago, no, that is not Zawe Ashton (who played Journey Blue) in the trailer, which could alter some of my bonkered theories about North Pole Netherspheres.

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