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    Paul Ferry @replies

    @denvaldron  The planned production fell through due to lack of funds on my part and lack of time on the director’s part, but I’ve been looking lately at reviving it as a slightly less ambitious project. I’ve gone back to my original idea of giving it a sort of indie feel rather than a full-on TV style adventure.

    At the moment I’m doing what I like to call ‘script nobbling’ to combine the two 50-minute scripts into a more manageable 75-80 minute single feature, with the more demanding sets shot in a garage rather than the planned hire of a studio.

    This is austerity Britain, folks. 🙂

    Paul Ferry @replies

    Thanks all for the welcomes.

    @denvaldron  Fortunately I’ve learned how to walk away from online arguments since my last foray into forums, Den. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone! Don’t get involved in endless back-and-forth bickering, if someone disagrees with you, that’s their prerogative, but don’t get drawn in if they provoke an argument. Life’s too short to argue the toss over every little thing. 🙂

    Paul Ferry @replies

    Here’s a cover I designed for the (possible) Annual edition of the fanzine Strange Skins. I was aiming for the style of the mid-70s Tom Baker Doctor Who Annuals, but I think it’s got a touch of TV Action about it too.

    Strange Skins Annual

    Paul Ferry @replies

    The thing that surprised me most about the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor was my own reaction to it. I was never against the idea of a female Doctor but I pretty much 100% believed that the BBC wouldn’t go down that route at this time. It’s a brave decision to make such a big change at a time when Doctor Who’s casual audience is wavering, but I can’t help applauding the BBC for making it.

    The announcement trailer completely sold me on the idea of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. I never really liked the kind of studio-based reveal that they did for Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, because it tells you nothing about how they might play the character. In fact, I couldn’t picture Matt as the Doctor until I saw him acting the part in The Eleventh Hour. Jodie’s trailer, wordless as it was, nonetheless gave me a clear indication of how she might play the part – and I felt that the Doctor was in safe hands.

    My hope now is that the casting will be part of a bigger change for the series. It might not be a popular view amongst Doctor Who Fans, but I think the series’ format needs a bit of a tweak. In our modern multi-platform TV world, it needs a bigger hook to bring back viewers week after week and it’s my belief that Chris Chibnall will go for an ongoing storyline, rather than the traditional ‘monster of the week’, to bring it in line with the likes of Game of Thrones. As I said, a lot of fans won’t like it, but it’s the modern way and I think Doctor Who has to adapt to survive.

    Paul Ferry @replies

    Hi. I’m new here so I thought I’d better introduce myself.

    My name is Paul and I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for longer than I care to remember. I used to be involved with TimeBase, who made interesting fan videos, and also wrote for the fanzines FanMail and Strange Skins. So, you might say I’m interested in the creative side of being a Doctor Who fan.

    I backed away from fandom for a long time because of the in-fighting and backstabbing, but in recent years I’ve started easing my way back in a bit. Nice to meet you all.

    Paul 🙂

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