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    TalkativeTraveller @talkativetraveller

    Hi there everyone! 😉

    Nice to meet y’all, I’m Stephie. Have been introduced to Doctor Who in early 2011 – have fell in love with the show, started watching all seasons that were available on Netflix when I got the chance, got the “An Adventure In Time and Space” DVD, watched some of the classic Doc, and pretty much most of my english I learned from it. Already apologize future mistakes I might commit while typing since it is not my first language. xD

    My life is quite busy, I’m in college, have a pretty active life so I ended up watching just until “Face The Raven” on season 9… I’d appreciate a spoiler free zone! 😀

    Well, it is my first time in a forum. I tried to pick a subject that I actually love to talk about, but still I’m not 100% familiarized with the format… so.. uhm.. yeah. 🙂

    Nice to meet y’all.

    Missy @missy


    Hello there, welcome to the forum. Delighted that you could join the rest of us Doctor Who addicts!


    Mudlark @mudlark


    As Missy says, welcome to the forum and we look forward to seeing you around and reading your views  As for getting to know the format, if you scroll down the Home page you will see listed all the various sites dedicated to the discussion of different topics, both Who related and other, with a brief explanation alongside.  This site, for example,is primarily for people who want to show Who inspired artwork or fan fiction, and the Sofa is the best place for introductions and for general chat about the show.

    Discussions of each individual episode is separate, so you should be able to avoid spoilers relating to those you haven’t yet seen, and if you want to read discussions of episodes in previous seasons and perhaps add your own comments, just click on Forums on the bar at the top of the Home Page and you will see them listed.

    darlingwhackamole @darlingwhackamole


    The 12th Doctor will meet the 1st Doctor and young Susan foreman in their timeline before they travel with Ian and Barbara. The 12th Doctor, 1st Doctor and Susan will then meet the John Simm Master. The 12th Doctor and the John Simm Master regenerate together in the presence of the 1st Doctor and Susan. They regenerate together because they have to work together to protect the source of energy that the time lords use to time travel that was given to them by Omega. This story will take place on Earth, pre time war Gallifrey and the antimatter universe. The 1st Doctor and Susan don’t regenerate because the task that leads up to the double regenerations is indirect from the 1st Doctor and Susan to be involved.

    The 1st Doctor erases Susan’s memory after the battle because while meeting the 12th Doctor she asks multiple times where is the future Susan that should be travelling with the 12th Doctor or living on Gallifrey when they visit the planet during pre time war era of Gallifrey. The John Simm Master regenerates into Missy while he does so he frantically and haphazardly slams on different controls of the Tardis and lands in Edwardian era London which explains Missy’s clothes. When the 12th Doctor regenerates it will be the 14th regeneration and first of the new cycle of regenerations, so the doctor’s face will quickly flick from 12-1 and fade into the 13th Doctor… but before the 13th Doctor’s face becomes fully formed it will cut to the eighth Doctor being forced to watch the regenerations by the Valeyard as torture.

    The 12 to 13th Doctor regeneration energy creates the power for The Valeyard to be born. The Valeyard wants the Eric Roberts Master to use as bartering power to the timelords, the Eighth Doctor final gives up and The Valeyard has the Eric Roberts Master. The Eighth Doctor is the one from the 1996 movie who has travelled to Gallifrey to hand over the Eric Roberts Master that he collected from the eye of harmony to be imprisoned. The Valeyard now has The Master but because The Master is stronger than the Valeyard he soon wangles free from The Valeyard by this point. The Eighth Doctor horrified knowing how his 12th regeneration will end he takes off in his Tardis and then through stress and the effects of torture he cut off his hair and changes into the clothes that he wears in night of the doctor, after his the eighth doctor series continues with either Storm Warning or Blood of the Daleks.
    When the Paul McGann series has ran for a couple of years we catch up with the back of the 12th Doctor running into the tardis and as he turns to camera the blast of light emerges from his face and then we finally see the face of the 13th Doctor. The 8th doctor now has a separate spin off show called Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor Chronicles that’ll continue his story until to the point of the Eighth Doctor regenerating into the War Doctor.

    Missy @missy

    My goodness, you have gone into this haven’t you. Wonderful imagination. Thanks for that.


    OtakuY @otakuy

    <span class=”stream-content-post full-post”>Question- If I was to watch one TV serial for each version of the Doctor from 1-7, what would they be and why?</span>

    Missy @missy


    No idea. You tell us.


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    These bits of magnificence seem to have eluded most…

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @wolfweed –nice finds. I was just thinking that this thread hasn’t seen much love of late.

    I also quite like this one….

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @jimthefish  The perks of never sleeping or toileting!

    I like Valentina’s stuff too.

    Some more overlooked stuff:

    Missy @missy

    All very clever. Thank you


    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    After the last flurry of post-s10 art, I felt inspired to do a new Whoodle (after realising that the last time I did one was just after Smithy had left the role). Where does the time go?

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Excellent Whoodle!

    janetteB @janetteb

    @jimthefish. Yes indeed. Well done.


    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    I need some help.  I’ve decided I want to start cosplaying.  For my first foray into Cosplay, I’m going with the Fourth Doctor.  Since I’m new to this, I’m not making anything, I’m just getting pieces together for the ensemble.  Right now, I’m having trouble with the coat.  While not as iconic as his scarf, the Fourth Doctor wore many memorable coats.  I just need help deciding which one would be best.

    The images come from cosplaysky.  I’m not gonna buy from there, they’re just good reference pics.

    Dark red corduroy trench coat

    Long brown trench coat

    Plum red trench coat

    Of the three, the plum red trench coat is my favorite, but I’m not sure.  While I’m not going for 100% accurate, I would like to be as accurate as possible and I don’t think he ever wore that coat with his first scarf (the multi-colored one).  I know the Fourth Doctor wore it towards the end of his life with the second scarf (the red one)

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    Either of the first two would work with the coloured scarf but you’re right that the third would need the reddish scarf to be accurate.

    I would also recommend this site for some excellent cosplay stuff (it’s apparently very good at screen-accurate reproductions and has a big Who-in-everything-but-name section but it is quite pricey)


    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    Oh that’s a shame.  It’s just a personal style preference for me.  I love long coats you see.  It’s one of the reasons why I’m not considering the red corduroy coat.

    Missy @missy

    All the above are very clever, but I prefer the second one.


    BardInATavern1 @bardinatavern1

    So I rewrote the entire Fresh Prince of Bel Air song except with time travel and nuclear physics jokes. Enjoy.

    now this is a story all about how my timeline got flipped turned up side down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I fixed a universe while scared. In west philadelphia born and raised on science lab was where I spent most of my days, chilling out maxin relaxing all cool observin’ uranium effects after school when a couple of neutrons who were up to no good, started makin trouble under the hood. I got in one little meltdown and the alarms blared and the universe said “you’re movin’ out of here to time travelers lair.”

    Doo,do-doo do, d-do-doo

    I begged and pleaded with them day after day but he locked my suitcase and I was here to stay. He gave me a list aswell as a ticket so I turned on my walkman and said “might as well kick it”. First class time travel yo this is bad, drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass? Is this what the people outside of time livin like? Hmmm.. this might be alright. But wait I hear their prissy, doctors, all that. Is this the type of place where they just take this cool cat?I don’t think so. I’ll see when I get there. I hope they’re prepared for the guy who got scared.
    Well the time machine landed and when I came out there was a dude who looked like a cop with my name out. I aint trying to get erased from existence yet. I just got here! I sprang with quickness like lightning and disappeared
    I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said “Dr. Who” and it has dice in the mirror. If anything I could say this cab was queer. But I thought “Nah forget it”-“Yo take me outta here”I pulled outta the timeline after fixin’ it mate and I yelled to the cabbie “Yo home, see ya later” I looked at my time machine I was always supposed to be here. To sit in my time machine as the traveler that’s scared.

    doctor2222 @doctor2222

    i have just created a doctor who community on discord for fans that just want to chat and give opinions about the best scifi  show in the universe

    doctor who fan discord

    Laurence Wilson @laurencewilson

    First Doctor Who’s Regeneration Blues
    By Laurence Wilson

    Never heard of it, my dear.
    I’ll not change, no no, no, never fear.
    I’m as sure footed as a Dalek death ray.
    I mean, what are they proposing? Eh?
    I turn into some sort of cosmic hobo?
    Who looks like he might one day marry Yoko Ono?
    I think not.
    I’ll not give Troughton a shot.
    Ho ho, no.
    I’ll never clown about or jig.
    Or wear a ridiculous Beatle wig.
    I’ll not faint or sigh.
    Or say, “I may, maint I?”
    A stripy recorder?
    Out of order, dear boy.
    Stay and help out?
    Not one bit.
    I’ll just head back to my spaceship.
    Meddling leads to Time Lord intervention.
    Travel suspension and a forced regeneration.

    Then what will be next in store? Hmm?
    An Earthbound bore?
    A sort of military cop? Eh?
    A 70’s fop?
    You can’t face the Zarbi in those sort of clothes
    Or have Chris Achilleos reduce your nose
    On those Target books
    I don’t give a hoot about my looks
    As long as I look like me
    I don’t need any Peruvian Karate
    Or Venusian Akido or whatever it might be
    Cavemen skulls crack easily enough when hit with a rock
    I’ll leave the neck pinching to Mister Spock
    Huh huh huh.
    I’ll not have an assistant who’s plotting to burn her bra
    I’ll not be seen dead in a flying car
    I’ll never succumb to some sort of galactic embargo
    Or hang around Devil’s End fighting Roger Delgado
    And when I fight giant spiders I win

    I’d never come back with radioactive egg on my chin.
    Mumbling cuddly nonsense to anyone who can hear.
    A teary Sarah Jane Smith and a perplexed Brigadier
    No, good heavens, no.

    And then re-gen-er-ate into some curly haired, toothy bohemian farce.
    With a mechanical mutt for his other half.
    An overlong scarf doesn’t look remotely right.
    Keep it short and elegant and white.
    With eyes so wide, I look like I’ve a dangerous dose of rabies
    Offering up tatty old paper bags brimming with jelly babies.
    Even when they’re obviously liquorish allsorts.
    Resorting to cavorting with a savage strumpet.
    And a bit of Galifreyian crumpet called Romanadvoratrelundar.
    Heading toward marital blunder
    Only to lose her in E-Space.
    They want to see what it’s like on a proper chase through space and time
    Pursued by black and white Daleks in their most evil prime
    Right on your tail
    One fail and they’ll introduce your fate to a maniacal “exterminate!”
    No, this Doctor Fourth with teeth like a horse
    And adventures with Mona Lisa paintings
    Might well have the highest ratings and be on a good little earner.
    But he’ll not be liked by John Nathen-Turner
    No not at all.
    No creature is too great or too small.

    And so after a fall from a radio telescope
    They’ll probably want to change me into an ordinary bloke?
    Just a nice, normal, youthful cub.
    Who you can have a frothy pint with down the pub
    No monocle, no cloak, no rickets?
    A boring young sod, with a thing for cricket?
    Who was last seen chasing a poorly pig through a farmer’s thicket.
    I know, I know, I hate to nit-pick it.
    I don’t even like to mention it
    But aren’t I meant to be just a tad eccentric? Eh? Hmm?
    Concentric circles of regenerations bring me to this?
    A lanky string of piss?
    Does a Time Lord really put such bland DNA on his wish list?
    And Sir, I’ll bet you a nice crispy blue fiver.
    This dumb blonde can’t keep hold of his sonic screwdriver.
    And while we are at it
    Let David Bellamy
    Attach a piece of celery to the lapel
    And tell Adric to not be so sarcastic.
    Never mind What Tom would do
    Or JNT will get rid of you to
    The Tardis might be spacious
    But it’s time to crash you into the Cretaceous
    Doctor Five can have a little jive at your demise
    But soon it’ll be time for his goodbyes.
    Quick, waste no time, poison him with spectrox.
    Maybe I’ll change into someone with dreadlocks.

    Because surely they would never dare to change me into an obnoxious grump?
    Who’s always got the hump
    Who everyone wants to thump?
    They’d not turn me into a man so closed off
    He has his very own moat.
    Or clothe me in an Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat.
    Would they? Hmm?
    Would they do that?
    To this kindly old Grand Pater
    Dare to interfere with the very forces of nature?
    Would they dare?
    Should I dare to stop them?
    I’d rather regenerate into Bill or Ben
    Or any other friends of the Flower Pot Men.
    But wait!
    Perhaps I can make it work
    If my companion is a bigger berk.
    Someone ginger, petite and lean.
    Who used to scream and scream and scream.
    And make herself sick.
    Someone to take our minds off this inflatable brick.
    A really irritating pantomime chick.
    Bye-bye, Peri.
    Time for someone merry.
    That’s what we need on telly.
    Nice and human, don’t want to confuse them
    That’s why I went and got rid of our Susan.
    yes, yes, yes, ho, ho, ho.
    Of course none of this will happen
    Auntie would run a mile
    Before allowing Doctor Who to go on trial.
    Either way, if I did end up this way, for whatever reasons
    It would be for no more than two short seasons.

    And then in a wave of last minute catharsis.
    In my spaceship, (I don’t often call it the Tardis)
    I’ll what?
    Be zapped by The Rani?
    Enough to harm me into another change
    Another rearrangement of my molecular whatsit?
    Another body kops it and I’m someone new
    It’ll never happen of course
    For <u>I</u> am Doctor Who
    Doctor First and Last
    No energy blast will manipulate me into a circus juggler.
    I’d rather be that bungler Ian
    Or that loudmouth Tegan.
    I’ll not be wielding an umbrella.
    I’m not that kind of feller.
    Why not Pen from Pen and Teller?
    Or Eddy Izzard.
    Or none of them
    Because, I’ll not wear thin in this Antarctic blizzard
    I’m the one and only Doctor and I look like a wizard.
    Not some tiny man with a Scottish gizzard.

    I’ll not be any other man.
    Not a McGann in a wig, who stands on a box to look big.
    Who kisses his assistant and has a further existence in radio plays.
    And says, with a big heap of la di da
    “Who am aaaarrhhh???”

    I’m not changing, no matter how bad the weather.
    Not to some northern sourpuss in a t-shirt and leather.
    Never, no not on your Nelly.
    I’ll never be on telly filled with angst.
    Not a chance.
    Screaming at a Dalek?
    I’d rather chew garlic.
    Or get thrown into the Salaak pit.
    Yes, yes, yes…
    Don’t knit pick it, dear boy,
    It’s all the same to me.
    Tattooine, Vulcan Galif-free.
    But I’ll always be me

    An Alien Limey.
    Not some wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey spouting mockney.
    Only my assistant Ben is allowed to be a Cockney.
    It would be a mockery to boot.
    To pop me in a pinstripe suit and 3d glasses.
    With secret passes.
    And have long legged lasses
    Flashing their rashes at me left right and centre.
    And then when it’s the end of that particular tenure.

    Spaceship crash
    Slap on a bow tie
    Like James Bond
    Meet Amy Pond.
    Chin nice and long.
    Marry River Song.
    Smoke a bong in a fez
    Get my head on a Pez dispenser
    Then I’ll be a fencer who fences with a spoon
    But not yet
    I’m not ready to give up the mustard
    For I have cravings for fish fingers and custard.
    I’m a reject from Busted.
    Then Doctor Eleven will be all done and dusted.
    Even older than me.
    He’ll be needing a set of new regurgitations from Galif-free

    Because they’ll have slipped in another by then.
    For such is the power of the show writer’s pen.
    This is what happens when you cast a bighead
    Who’d rather be shot dead
    Than reprise the role that pocketed him a million pounds
    So it was off to lost and found
    No need for a plumb t-shirt
    When you can have John Hurt step in
    with a goatee on his chin
    No expense spared
    No need to be thrifty
    We’ll all be on board
    When Doctor Who turns fifty
    Except that swine, number nine.

    But back to Trenzalore
    Cue big musical score
    And Doctor Eleventh will be no more.

    And in comes Doctor Twelfth
    Who looks old
    But is still in good health.
    Killer eyebrows as dangerous as any bullet
    Don’t be fooled by the short hair
    It’ll soon be a mullet
    Perhaps the biggest bouffant yet
    Dead set on channelling a bit of me and Doctor Three
    What’s his name?
    Worzel Pertwee
    And, am I to foresee?
    That his Master will be a Missy?
    All prim and prissy
    And complicated storylines that make you go dizzy.
    And a big fishy in the Thames
    Roman soldiers in the Scottish Fens
    Checked trousers back on my legs
    And more Easter Eggs than the Easter Bunny
    And then is it finally here?
    Am I finally to be Joanna Lumley?
    With a little womb in my time travelling tummy?
    A makeup tin that looks like a Chumbley?
    Not on your life, sonny.
    You must be a dumb’n
    If you think I’ll ever be a woman
    Or a clown
    Or a fop
    Or a Scouse Bohemian
    A demon bowler
    With a stroller hat
    A chameleon circuit fixer
    A Scottish tricksy trixter
    Another Scouse
    A manc
    A heartthrob
    A boy not old enough to buy his own house
    Or another Scot with a hairstyle pinched off Thora Hird
    And never, ever, will I be a bird!
    I’ll not play a Fender and then change gender
    Strumming strings is one thing
    But you’ll not catch me trimming my minge
    Is this some sort of joke?
    I’m a full blooded bloke.

    I’ll be staying as I am, my dear fellow
    I’ve been toning down the crotchetiness
    I’ve been getting all mellow
    Soon I’ll be as cuddly as Marti Pellow

    I don’t need to change
    The very idea is strange.
    I’ve got it all right here.
    In this police box I can steer
    Myself into historical adventures
    As well as ones in outer space
    All with this very same face.

    So who needs Davros
    When you can by the DVD of me
    Sparring Wotan from Argos.
    I don’t need vengeance on Varos
    Or Sutek in a sarcophagus
    The Master, The Rani?
    Utter Junk
    I’ve already got a Meddling Monk
    Auton, Zygon, a guest starring Monty Python?
    Don’t need a single one of them.
    And if you think The Deadly Assassin is gory
    Two of <u>my</u> assistants die in the same bloody story.
    Yes, yes, yes, my dears, don’t forget what I say
    Doctor First is here to stay.
    hmm? Yes? Eh?
    Now where the devil is pretty Polly and that bone idol Ben
    I need them to help me defeat these silly new Cybermen
    I’m ready to sock every one of them in the silly cyber chin
    Who’s the idiot who said my body was wearing a bit thin?
    Oh calamity, what am I doing lying on my back?
    I think I’ve just had a double heart attack!

    (Just a bit of fun I wanted to share with fellow Doctor Who fans)

    Paul Ferry @paul-ferry

    Here’s a cover I designed for the (possible) Annual edition of the fanzine Strange Skins. I was aiming for the style of the mid-70s Tom Baker Doctor Who Annuals, but I think it’s got a touch of TV Action about it too.

    Strange Skins Annual

    shane1969 @shane1969

    Awhile back I did I tribute video to Clara Oswald. Well, I went and started from the beginning of the new series. I made a tribute video to Rose Tyler-Billie Piper. It includes clips from all of her episodes. It is set to “A Kiss From A Rose” by Seal.

    Missy @missy

    @shane1969 and @paul-ferry

    Thank you.


    shane1969 @shane1969

    My latest Doctor Who Companion tribute video-River Song


    It is set to Talking Head’s “And She Was”. It includes clips from all of her episodes.
    My other Doctor Who Companion tributes
    Clara Oswald
    Rose Tyler

    Missy @missy


    Thank you. *thumbs up*


    MissRori @missrori

    Just got back last night from Wizard World Chicago.  It was a bit hit and miss — but it wasn’t all the organizers’ fault.

    Sadly, David Tennant could not make the show as planned.  He was THE big get this year, along with four other Who-related actors, but an immediate family member’s illness forced him to cancel the day before he was going to arrive.  But he sent a video message to apologize, and WW is refunding everyone who had ticket packages, autograph reservations, etc. related to him.  We can even have free admission to next year’s show for our trouble.

    John Barrowman (who frequently shows up to this one as Chicago is his home turf), Catherine Tate, Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman all showed up as planned.  I got photos with the ladies plus Coleman’s autograph!  🙂  The ladies had to share one discussion panel, but it was a good one.  My dad saw the Barrowman panel and said it was a good one, as per usual with Barrowman.  (I saw last year’s and got a photo with him then.)  The downside was the Barrowman panel overlapped with a meetup for all the Who-related cosplayers, so the latter wasn’t as well-attended as it could have been.  Odd scheduling there.

    There’s still not a lot of Artist Alley and general merchandise specific to Doctors/companions who aren’t Ten or Eleven, but there was more Twelve-related stuff this year.  And for the first time at WW since I started attending in 2015, I saw people dressed as Twelve.  (Last year, I was the only Twelve cosplayer.)  Bill Potts had a few cosplays, and there were even some Thirteens!

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Sorry to hear about DT’s troubles & the silly schedule. Hopefully you enjoyed the hits. The panel sounds interesting.

    I’ll try to post the whole thing if it’s uploaded on Youtube…

    winston @winston

    @missrori   That sounds like so much fun! Too bad about Tennant but there was a lot of other great actors there. It must be great to see the actors and get pics and autographs. It is good to hear that 12 is being represented.  Donna ,River and Clara, wow. The only thing better than seeing all those Who people is to be able to share it with your Dad.

    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    Hello again everyone.  I’m still working on my Fourth Doctor cosplay (which I commented about earlier in the thread).  I find myself in need of your guys’ help again.

    I’m going for one of the Fourth’s frock coat looks.  Mainly the burgundy velvet frock coat (that he wore in such stories as <i>Pyramids of Mars, The Masque of Mandragora, </i>the beginning of The Deadly Assassin, and so on) pictured below:

    Now, buying an actual recreation of the coat would be too expensive for me right now, so I actually just went and bought a red blazer.  Here’s the reference pics from the website I bought it from:


    Now here’s where I need the fan base’s help.  In terms of color and length, I noticed that the blazer more closely resembles Four’s corduroy coat pictured below (and was worn in such adventures as Robot, Genesis of the Daleks, The Sontaran Experiement, etc):

    I noticed that the corduroy coat has elbow patches.  Do you guys think this is something my coat would need?  I know it’s such a small detail, but the small details are really what gets me.

    PS once I’m done, I’ll of course post a picture for you guys.

    (Also, with all these questions and concerns I’ve been having, I’m really glad I abandoned my original idea of cosplaying the Sixth Doctor)

    JONATHAN SIRIUS CENTAURI @jonathancentauri1

    Any Dr. Who RPG gamers?  Check this out.

    winston @winston

    @mccottonthedoctorfan     I am just learning about the world of cosplay and it looks like a lot fun but hard work also. You need the patches ,in my opinion they help complete the coat. The belt at the back and the pocket flaps would be good  if possible. They used to sell iron on patches at sewing supply stores and maybe still do. The patches and belt would be harder unless you have matching fabric. Maybe there is enough to steal from inside the  coat? It would still look good without and I hope you find all you need for your costume.

    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    Thank you everyone for your input.  It’s been super helpful.  My Fourth Doctor cosplay is almost done.  I’m just waiting on my shoes to arrive and then I’ll post some pics.  But I have another issue.  With the Fourth Doctor, I’m planning to cosplay as the Twelfth Doctor as well.  I’ll re-use the coat from my Fourth Doctor cosplay and use the Twelfth Doctor’s red coat look.  I have all the pieces except one… the shoes.

    The Doctor wears black brogue boots (pictured)

    Now here’s the problem.  I’m a men’s 15 wide (in US sizing).  I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and this style of boot DOES NOT EXIST in my size.

    So here’s my question.  Do I get brogue shoes (not boots) which do exist in my size for visual similarity?  Or do I get black boots for a stylistic similarity?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Black boots. Before Peter Capaldi’s footwear was positively identified as Loakes brogue boots, a lot of people thought he was wearing Doc Martens boots – so the precise make isn’t important, I’d say. Just look for suitable black boots in your size.

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    fig @figi

    Hey whovians check out the soundboard for Doctor Who in Play Store

    Missy @missy


    Tried it, and was told it wasn’t safe, so  I left it alone.

    Thanks anyway.



    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Anonymous @

    Hi everyone! I am an anthropology graduate student and I am currently writing a paper on the language of Gallifreyan. I have created a super short survey (only 5 questions!) to gather some preliminary data. If anyone is interested in answering it, I would greatly appreciate it! Also, if you would like to share this survey with any fellow Whovians, be my guest. Thanks in advance!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Congratulations on creating a genuinely short and ‘no trouble’ survey. 🙂

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord



    wolfweed @wolfweed


    My will is truly bent! (Smother, smother…)


    K9-vs-Wolf-Weeds by Loneanimator

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    I’ve still not seen an accurate depiction of Jim The Fish…

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    Now there’s a challenge for Character Options. Jim The Fish with working dam and glitterball.

    Love that pic btw





    Missy @missy

    Excellent art work. yes, I’ve often wondered exactly who Jim the Fish was/is?


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    lisa @lisa

    Tardis Story Blanket VTL7

    on sale  half price !

    Ferdi @ferdi

    Hey! I’ve created a small free app, and it’s view of an infinite clock happened to be similar to the opening video of the 11-th season. Here it is if you would like to look at it. How do you like it?


    Robert Caligari @robertcaligari

    Forget “Archie Meets The Punisher.” THIS is the crossover to die for. (Art by Paul Hanley)

    Doctor Who and The Evil Dead

    Anonymous @

    So, have you seen or heard the rumors there won’t be a Christmas special, but a New Year’s one, instead?  (I’ve seen this attributed to the Mirror.)  The ostensible reason is the writers can’t think of anything new for a Christmas special.

    Admittedly they’ve gone through quite a few, but frankly, if the story is true, I think they just should have asked us.  The Doctor Who Forum to the rescue!  I propose a Doctor Who Christmas Challenge, not to be taken seriously even if I did use boldface. 😉

    I say we sketch out our ideas, the BBC will of course see them, and hire us all as writing consultants, making our wildest dreams come true.  Well, okay, maybe not, but it ought to be fun anyway, right?

    So, here’s mine, which will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are still Christmasy DW stories to tell if you lower your standards enough.

    The Christmas Monument

    The Doctor and company take the TARDIS back to the Ghost Monument.  “I’ve been meaning to investigate why the TARDIS came here instead of coming to me anyway,” the Doctor explains.  “And there shouldn’t be any sonic mines!”

    “Toxic air!”  “Poisoned water!”

    “We won’t be there that long,” the Doctor says.  “Then again, that’s what I told Ptolemy – or was it his sister?”

    They land, open the doors, and find snow blowing in.

    “Snow!” cries Ryan.  “I love snow!”

    “I’m getting a parka,” says Yaz.

    Graham says nothing, remembering how Grace had always wanted a winter trip.

    “Too cold for the biologicals in the water to be a problem,” says the Doctor happily, looking at the sonic’s readout.  “And the wind patterns should minimize airborne toxins.  In fact, people should be able to -”

    “Excuse me,” says a man, limping up on crutches.  “Are you a doctor?”


    Okay, enough narrative.  I’m not getting paid for this, after all!

    The TARDIS team doesn’t turn away from the man who needs help.  He’s in no shape to ski back home, where his wife is due to give birth any minute.

    The Doctor finds that the Ghost Monument and its peculiar orbit and gravitic perturbations may attract a TARDIS, but because of that will only let them land in certain places.  They can’t just fly to the man’s house.  Ryan can’t ski with his dyspraxia, and Graham looks dubious at the prospect.  Yaz comes out with a parka and four sets of snowshoes.

    They snowshoe for three days to the man’s house; they’re pursued by the local equivalent of wolves, and have another run-in with Remnants, with no handy acetylene to burn them up with (luckily the Remnants are somewhat slowed by cold as well).  But they escape* and finally reach the house.

    *Yes, I’m skating past this part (or skiing?); I can come up with something, but I think any writer could.

    Inside “two experienced doulas,” a police officer trained to help with medical emergencies, and a doctor of medicine, candy floss and a few other things succeed in helping the woman living there give birth.

    “And another child is born,” says the Doctor with satisfaction.

    “That was monumental!” says Yaz.

    “Happy to help,” says Ryan.

    “Doctor,” says Graham, “I know we can get back just after we left…but just what day is this back on Earth?”

    “What day…why, I believe it’s Christmas!”

    “What a Christmas present,” says Ryan to the happy but exhausted mother.

    “A miracle, really,” says Yaz quietly.  “On Christmas or any day.”

    Graham agrees, “The birth of any child – it’s timeless.”

    Timeless.  The Doctor’s face is shrouded for a moment, before she joins the others in smiles.

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