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    I’ve started with first season from 2005 (in 2007, when it appeard with BBC Entertainment run), but I don’t remember cleary from which episode. I remember I was shocked also, when Chris has regenerated into David. πŸ˜› But for now, after years, I more appreciate Moffat episodes from NA DW. They are more entertaining. And all good episodes from…[Read more]

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    Very weird episode… Well, yeah, towns like this must die someday, but not that was weird… The Story Outline… I just don’t feel magic of this episode, like almost all episodes I reminded last time, which were written by RTD… Man, pepole saying, that Moffat is bad writer, but RTD era hasn’t got that DW real climate…

  • http://pharellmans.wikia.com/wiki/File:14th_DoctorWho.png

    Introducing PharellMan as 14th Doctor! How do I look? Not to… khhm… orangy? πŸ˜›

    Come on! I need some opinions about it, ‘cus that’s how I’m trying to make it better than those existing video-fanfiction productions! Yes, there’s no videos now, but first I need to find a Jessica girl and…[Read more]

  • What is so special in “Game of Thrones”? Strong Language, sex every single episode, or murdering momments? I just don’t get that… For me it’s very cheap entertainment done in very expensive way. So what is so special right there, in this series? Seriously?

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    This episode is really good even if it was 60s. Why I underline it? I don’t know, I’ve seen couple of movies or TV series from other countries (esp. from USA) from this times, and they weren’t played so well like Doctor Who! Really! Amazingly played, everything was well as much as it was possible. Just magnificent. And montage was way better, I…[Read more]

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    Take cooking for instance. One takes the time to cook a tasty meal and it’s gone in about ten minutes? so much for creativity.

    As for rest, it’s boooring! Definitely NOt relaxing or mentally stimulating.
    If I can listen to a talking book (which I do a lot) whilst slaving away with the duster, broom, and cleaning liquid, I can bear it.…

    [Read more]

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    What’s wrong with cooking, and kind of “some cleaning house” housework? Sometimes it’s even relaxing after whole day of tired life. πŸ˜€

  • And I think, that even more 12th than 11th, because Scotish pepole are more like Capaldi’s one, I heard. πŸ˜›

    Of course I’m just joking, but he can’t be just so childish like 11th for every day. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  • OK, I’ve made an logo and added 9 new ideas for episodes:Β http://pharellmans.wikia.com/wiki/The_Future_of_The_Doctor

    Maybe soon I will end a scenario to First Episode, so you will be able to see what it will be. Probably it will be hard to realise, but, fun guaranteed. πŸ˜›

    As you can see, I’m trying to make a series quite looking like a Classic…[Read more]

  • http://pharellmans.wikia.com/wiki/The_Future_of_The_Doctor

    OK, who’s gonna cheerleader me, to finally do that stuff by my camera, and start without a companion, because nobody who I know is fancy to play the role of Jessica? Yes, 14th Doctor, I hope I haven’t went too far. And first episode will be count “0”, because without companion I can do…[Read more]

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    I wonder if they will use someday this trick with hand in another after-regeneration episode…

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    Good question. I think, it still is, and someday we will see a Clara’s short scene, rescuing the Doctor one time. It would be FANTASTIC! πŸ˜€

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    Why not all episodes are in “Tenth Doctor” section?

  • Doctor, tank, and electric guitar – obviously the best scene [size=6](maybe even ever)[/size]! πŸ˜€

    Missy – not bad, well, sometimes even fantastic.

    Clara – …why she was not so great in seasons 8-9 like she was in season 7 with Matt? New rules of writing her character or what? Plus her new hair style – meh… Jenna, never again… Short hairs…[Read more]

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    Episode brilliant. But why there was no classic Doctors (omitting Tom Baker, which who had really small role, but yes, great)? Really, even only Paul McGann would be great in episode like this, we’ve seen him only in movie and “The Night of The Doctor”. Oh c’mon! Sylvester McCoy still feel young! πŸ˜›


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    Wow… I don’t know… Is it only me, or acting in this episode was terrible?… “Run for your life!” with no expression, and smile on face… Thanks god later in season Chris rocked a boat, but OK, well, this is their first episode and we can understand, why they weren’t feeling power of series yet, and greenbox-guys did weak image of…[Read more]

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