• @mirime @serahni I’ve actually missed 80% of Capaldi for various reasons, which has rather put a crimp in my understanding of the current Doctor mythos. It’s why I’m glad that the few of the latest season I did catch seemed to have less of an overarching storyline (or I just didn’t know enough to recognise the hooks). I might have to start hinting…[Read more]

  • “What Dr Who was all about”? It certainly wasn’t about gender politics, and it still isn’t. It’s about a little science and a lot of adventure. It’s about storytelling and space and saving the day. It’s about an alien in a blue box. That’s why, to me, the Doctor’s gender is irrelevant.

    If the issue is having to “get used to” a female Doctor,…[Read more]

  • …You mean I’ve been worrying about it all this time for nothing? Typical 😀

    Does the Doctor now have existential angst not knowing how many regenerations he has left, I wonder? Or has he now got all the regeneration energy of all Time Lords no longer around, and is effectively immortal…

    And now I’ll get confused by s/he. Otherwise I really…[Read more]

  • New poster here – just felt the need to chat somewhere.

    What’s giving me trouble is not who is cast as the 13th Doctor, but the very fact of there being a 13th Doctor at all. Does anyone remember the old episode (I think it was the 5th Doctor) where a bunch of people wanted the Doctor to “share” his regenerations with them, and he didn’t want to…[Read more]

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