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    Habemus Doctorem @habemusdoctorem

    Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum:
    Habemus Doctorem!
    Quae sibi nomen imposuit The Doctor!

    I haven’t seen much of Jodie except for S1 of Broadchurch and her small role in Good Vibrations.
    Will she be a good doctor or not? I don’t know but I will give her a chance and wait with my judgement
    until i have seen her in action as The Doctor.

    Craig @craig

    @habemusdoctorem As I’ve said above “Attack The Block” is a fun film and she’s great in it. Maybe not like the Doctor, but still great, and very different from Broadchurch.

    Hudsey @hudsey

    Happy as Larry. My only regret is that I found out by other media based means before seeing the BBC official reveal. After all the gender swapping timelord references over the last couple of series it would have been wrong to NOT have the Doctor regenerate into a woman at this point. I’m sure she will be interesting to watch, she is a great actress. But who is the companion to be? I wonder if Kris Marshall will be involved after all? I can see him playing a confused and funny ‘everyman’ character, asking all the questions the audience want to hear, and no doubt being at the receiving end of the Doctor’s responses.

    Oh, also can’t wait for the regeneration scene!


    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @exfan — scepticism is good. Pretty much always. I would have been extremely sceptical if Kris Marshall had been announced today but I’d like to think I’d also have been keeping an open mind, which is also a must. So, yeah, do give JW a chance. I’ve got a feeling she’ll merit it.

    As to Hartnell convincing from the start, I think most of the actors playing the part did that too — even Colin Baker. There’s no reason to suggest Whittaker won’t do the same when we see her for real. Besides which, how things were done in 1963 is no indicator of how things should be done 50-odd years later. Just consider how shocking seeing Patrick Troughton must have been in 1966 — no less than seeing JW today, I’d wager. (It’d be great to see a mock-up of a 60’s-style Twitter feed showing that.)

    On a personal note, I just really wish JW was (is?) having a role bigger than a last-minute regeneration in the Christmas special. It’d be great to see some interaction with Capaldi — and especially Bradley too. But I guess that may not happen.

    And I must say I do like the coat and hoodie look. I would quite like that to be her look but I suppose it’s a bit too similar to Capaldi’s and was just there for the reveal.

    doctor2222 @doctor2222

    I’m not sure how i feel about this news i mean it would be a fresh start for the show however there 2 things i hoped the doctor would never been (with out being sexist or raciest) and that is black and/or a woman.

    i just hope that Chibnall can pull such a big change of

    Craig @craig

    @jimthefish I think in the interview @wolfweed posted she said that was definitely not the new look – I’m guessing just something thrown together to make the announcement work.

    She’ll obviously be in a cocktail dress and heels once she gets started. 🙂

    [I’m being ironic, people]

    MissRori @missrori

    @craig. I’d like to see some nice stompy boots myself… 😉

    Craig @craig

    @missrori Me too! @juniperfish could give them some style tips – she made a great female Doctor when I met her the first time!

    To be more serious, I think it does raise some interesting dramatic questions, which I’m sure will make for great TV. As @optimall noted on the spoilers thread, walking into a situation can be more difficult for a woman or a person of colour.

    Can you imagine an all-male mining base on a small planet under attack from underground worms and a woman walks in and says “I’ll save you all”? The possibilities…

    I can’t wait!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Luke Treadaway for the Master, please…

    jw lt

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    she said that was definitely not the new look

    Boo! I’m all about the coat and hoodie! But, nah, one thing about the AG show is that they’ve always rocked the costume. The only time it was a bit meh (for me) was when they put Matt in that all-burgundy garb. And I definitely second the kick-ass boots concept.

    I was really lukewarm about Chibnall taking over the show but I have to admit that now I’m psyched. Really looking forward to it.

    Craig @craig

    Ian Levine, discoverer or saviour of lost Doctor Who episodes, has not taken it well. It’s strange – I know he’s a classic BG Who guy mostly, but I thought he’d be open-minded about change, having seen almost everything – but what can you do?

    Anyway, you may not know that he is also a Northern Soul DJ. In addition I didn’t know you could do this but someone has turned his main tweet about it into a Northern Soul classic. I thought it too good not to share.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @craig  – LOL!


    New Crazy Captions on the blog… (Show us yer wit)


    geoffers @geoffers

    fantastic news!

    i don’t feel too bad for all the others who were passed over for the part, as i’m sure they’ll find other roles for themselves. part of the fun of watching the show is seeing how the new doctor wins over everyone (here, at least). but it won’t be difficult for jodie to do so, i’m already firmly in her corner, hoping that she gets some great scripts to work with…

    and perhaps kris marshall could be persuaded to play a mad scientist type in the upcoming season, as a consolation?



    oh, and @doctor2222

    aren’t your qualifications against the doctor becoming female or black… the very definition of sexist and racist? you realize that the doctor is a gallifreyan alien, not a human, and as such isn’t bound to our standards? i’m thankful that the show runners have finally gotten around to opening up the doctor’s experiences, in this direction. can’t wait for her to meet up with madame vastra and jenny, again!!  🙂

    CountScarlioni @countscarlioni

    Extremely pleased with the choice of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor. As noted upthread, the way for this change has been very well prepared by SM (Master to Missy, Clara as the Doctor in Flatline, male to female Time Lord regeneration in Hell Bent, etc etc etc). I’m taken aback that this move could have come as a surprise to anyone. Nor does it seem to me to be a move that in any way breaks abruptly with the evolution of the show, and I’m now excited to see how JW and CC interpret the Doctor.

    Thanks to @craig for posting the video clip from Jenny Trout! My 17 year old daughter was as enthusiastic.


    Serahni @serahni

    Well, Who canon already established Holmes was bases on Vastra, so… lol

    Very interesting. I have no different feelings now than I ever have waiting to see how a new Doctor will turn out but I will be avoiding fan spaces other than this one for a while. I hope they pitch it right and remind us all that The Doctor is not inherently one gender and that, in fact, gender doesn’t matter. I feel they got Missy right, the ethos of the character remained, and that’s what matters.

    To those who are disappointed and vowing never to watch again, my commiserations but this is a show that needs to reinvent to keep going. We don’t need another Simpsons that doesn’t know when to end a narrative. Not only that, physical appearance shouldn’t matter if you love something and The Doctor is a perfect hero to demonstrate that.

    We shall see.

    shazzers @shazzers

    Oh I don’t know!!! Not happy about it but have to give Jodie a chance, she’s a fine actor. I think this choice is bold but will alienate a lot of the fans especially those of us who have watched it from the Hartnell days.  I just hope political correctness does not sound the death knell for this marvelous piece of British history. Mind you, this time next year we may be wondering what the fuss was about and loving it. Give it a chance.

    soundworld @soundworld


    Can I second your post above #60800 – good words.

    I don’t think I have seen her in anything – I’ve not seen Broadchurch.  So, I’m going to look forwards immensely to what she brings to the role. Whilst missing Peter Capaldi greatly – after all, he is THE Doctor…

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    R U listening to Radio 5 Live right now?

    Redlemons @redlemons

    Ugh… I am sure she will be wonderful. I don’t know her but my Doctor is a man. I am heartbroken . I already struggle every time they give us a new Doctor but this will be the most difficult for me. Not sure I even want to watch. 😢

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Well I will say I am sorry JWs outfit isn’t an indication on how she will look because I though it gave her both an air of gravitas and mystery at once and the boots definitely gave an impression of I’m here to kick *&& and take names. Oh lord you do realise the darn fashion police will be scrutinising her every outfit she is seen in public between now and the next series


    Nick @nick


    I can only guess. care to enlighten us ?


    Lordwindowlicker @lordwindowlicker

    Sorry that I didn’t notice your response to me until now.  It’s been an odd day.
    It’s disappointing how people bemoan changes like this when they A: perfectly fit into the story canon and more importantly B: As you said, don’t really take any role models away from men.   There has been a male dominance across the board,  it disturbs me how every single time someone gives a role to women that may have traditionally been a male lead, it’s the end of the world..  or it’s somehow political correctness run amok.   How about they wanted to cast a woman?   Can we pleeeeease stop seeing bogie-men where there aren’t any?

    So, your point is that he was “always male”.   Okay?
    Do you deny that they’ve shown that Timelords can change sex when they regenerate?    Do accept that?   So, why is it a problem that The Doctor regenerated into a woman?    Can you articulate why that’s a problem?

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Presumably the stephen nolan show will be available once it’s finished…

    Callers talked of the Liberal Elite’s Left-Wing Agenda of employing a female (with absolute conviction).

    Oh – I think they’re chatting about it again…

    Craig @craig

    @juniperfish @lordwindowlicker

    I came across a new term a few weeks ago – “Broflake”

    It’s American (I think – in response to the right calling everyone who takes offence at their racism, sexism etc. ‘snowflakes’). It basically means a man who’s all for freedom of speech for himself, but when women or other minorities get a voice he loses it completely.

    Like men who get all annoyed about “Why isn’t there a National Men’s Day?”, or “Why isn’t there Straight Pride?”.

    There may be a lot of Doctor Who broflakes crawling out the woodwork!

    But I’m on guard most of the time. 🙂

    DrBen @drben


    Yes yes yes.

    Honestly, I didn’t think the Beeb had the guts to do it, but I’m so glad it decided to take a risk. The best part of DW is that it’s a show that constantly reinvents itself while also respecting its own history. I think this is exactly the sort of kick in the pants the show needs now.  (I mean, if Tilda Swinton was unavailable.)

    The worst part is that I now have to wait five months for her introduction, and then another four (?) for her real start on the show.

    And to all of you heartbroken people who can’t even, I say :PPPPPPPPPPPP.

    Anonymous @


    ouch, that’s rough: sounds like you’re sounding…..both racist and sexist dude. Girls  at my school are “about time” which is awesome. @countscarlioni -the girls I know are between 15 and 17 so that’s good for the future. There’ll be lost fans and those we’ll be happy to lose but I think new fans will be ‘made’ . So take  a leaf out of @shazzers book and “give peace a chance” (give Jodie a chance). 😀


    Give it a year and maybe you’ll change your mind, yeah?

    I kinda thought after all the stuff that was happening (new female Master and female General) that it was bound to be?

    I have to say that people saying “political correctness” is annoying and silly. Someone once said that Political Correctness is a way to excuse rude-ness and changing times. Therefore I embrace ‘Political Correctness’!

    But as @serahni put it so well, it’s about the role and the character not the gender -watching The OA for the first time and realising that’s truer than ever. Not that I would’ve minded Kris Marshall -he would have been good in my opinion and mum really likes him but I can see the ‘why’ behind this decision.

    @nick what do you think? You may have already commented but I haven’t read all the posts yet!

    Thank you and cheers to “Lady Who”


    DrBen @drben

    Something else that occurred to me – What a wonderful challenge for an actor, to inhabit a character who has been externally male for several thousand years, with all the memories that go with it.

    New Doctors have always struggled with the “who am I?” question and, with the right writing, that could be so much more interesting in this case.

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish Hooray! Yes, read your posts on page 1 and agree totally

    This attitude of “he was a grandfather not a grandmother” @exfan which is what you’re saying is hinting that grandmothers lack something ‘special’ and I guess some people could find that upsetting, you know?

    Others saying this: “the pseudointellectuals running the BBC have taken the potentially disastrous road of a female Doctor. Female Doc, companion ,Master, head of Unit …not much for the lads to follow then. I stopped watching  Who when McCoy was promoted he wasn’t correct either ..Too young and without the acting chops”

    is difficult to understand @angryofsuffolk . Also, if the actor’s not “correct” for you, then the show is wrong? I think the show needs to meet people’s attitudes, not one person! My dad’s 72! He’s thrilled at the prospect because it’s new & about “time”  But also, my mum who is 50 in a week (not much younger than you) is also on board. When we read “Pseudointellectuals” that’s an immediate red flag that you maybe think the BBC is somehow Left Wing- we get the same comments in Aus about our ABC! It’s not a new comment in general. I think that,  as a “lad” of 15 there are heaps of shows for the lads to follow? HEAPS! Black Mirror, Star Trek, Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Rectify, Leftovers, Mad Men (Mad Men is all men and goes for 7 seasons), Spider Man and on and on.

    In fact, anyone who says “all the shows are going to women” should first look at the actual fact that Men have most if not all the lead roles in pretty much everything: Bond and Bourne as I call it.

    But as @juniperfish said as well why can’t lads look up to women? If not, then that means women aren’t worth looking up to! I think they are. I look up to mum and I can say that most if not all the ladies on the site have given me knowledge I would never have learned elsewhere. I may not have liked all of Broadchurch but she was good in the two other things I’ve seen and again, if you say “not much acting chops” then that would apply to Tennant and Smith as both were not familiar actors when they appeared.

    Still, interesting to see all the difference of opinion and also good to see people like @hudsey and @drben back.

    Thank you,





    Nick @nick


    Go back far enough and I’m there. I feared CC and the powers would put off doing this for another regen, so I’m very pleased. Fine actor as she is, I’m a little scared that Jodie might be a little conventional – I think the best Doctor’s have always had something different about them. To be honest, a little fear is to be expected with nearly every new Doctor as we cant know until we’ve seen it. I’m open minded and cant really wait to see what she does. I’m also a little more reassured about Chibnall, although I’m not entirely sure whether its such a good thing that he seems to have a strong preference for working with previous collaborators. Time will tell.

    All in all, something very positive has happened today.


    I rather guessed that would be a common topic. To be honest, I don’t care enough about the argument to bother listening or reading too much about such a narrow minded attitude. I can understand the male character should remain male argument, even if I don’t believe it anymore. The idea that it means you cant even stand to see how a female Doctor plays out before deciding, is something I’ve never been able to accept let alone understand.


    RorySmith @rorysmith

    I have quite an opinion on all of this and it’s very negative towards the media.

    I was driving around on holiday today when my sister asked me via text who Jodie was.

    I told her she was the mum on Broadchurch and then it hit me. Cool.

    Now I’m seeing how the media is handling this by saying over and over how divided this is making us Whovians. I think this is bollocks.

    Yes there has been some negative comments but these news, I mean disinformation &&@@!, are trying to provoke a gender conflict. Any true Whovian would be ready and eager for this. The crap Mirror, Sun and even Cnet are pushing the divide.

    I personaly loved her in Broadchurch and she will attract more fans because she’s easy on the eyes. Sorry, personal opinion but I think she is attractive and has a good persona that pulls you into her character.

    @craig we are getting those one-post haters again. Lol

    RorySmith @rorysmith

    Furthermore, I hope she keeps her natural hair colour so we can end the ginger gag for good.

    Maybe she will have a regret and colour it blonde in memory of Marilyn Monroe.


    nerys @nerys

    Hey, is her hair ginger? Wasn’t Matt Smith’s Doc always going on about wanting to be ginger? Finally got his … er, her wish!

    (Edit: Drat, @rorysmith beat me to it!)

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    The more I think about this change, the more I like it.

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, and who knows whether CC will use use any characters from the recent past, but I think it would be fascinating to see the reaction and dynamics of Madam Vastra and Jenny to an attractive female Doctor…

    Strax, of course, would be completely clueless.

    Lordwindowlicker @lordwindowlicker


    I think that’s pretty spot on, honestly.

    Missy @missy

    @glasgowboy:  I second that. What a flippin; disaster!

    <span class=”useratname”>@jimthefish: </span>Well, he Kris marshall, isn’t to blame for bad choices is he. The role (apart from PC) was made for him. Unlucky 13 mayhap?

    @exfan: Now that’s where we part. Peter Capaldi was the best, and I’m certainly not an EX fan.

    @mirime: I did see her in BC, all three series, as well a couple of other shows. All I wanted to do was slap her! This doesn’t mean she is a bad actress, just that she plays each part the same way – boring! Olivia Colman or Tilda Swinton, might have worked (although not for me) if it ‘aint broken leave it alone. She doesn’t even look right!

    @missrori: It doesn’t smooth the way for me at all. Quite the opposite. Mind you, I suppose the writers of Star trek could have a female Kirk – or whoever commands the Enterprise these days, or even Hanna solo – why not – a female Bond too.

    The dynamics will change, and I dread to think what will happen to the Tardis decor. What is this thing for women to play male roles suddenly?

    Anyway, I’ve had my rant and being a true Whovian I shall watch the next series. After all, I cannot judge a thing until I’ve seen it. But, I detest the idea and choice.

    <div class=”bbp-author-role”></div>

    genek1953 @genek1953

    They started dropping hints about Time Lords changing gender during regeneration back in Series 6 (“The Doctor’s Wife”). Ever since then it has mostly been a question of “when?” and should not especially surprising.

    I was, however, expecting the 13th to be somewhat older…

    Lordwindowlicker @lordwindowlicker

    That’s one thing I wish that they would clarify with regards to regeneration, @genek1953

    It sort of made sense to me that he might get progressively younger as he regenerated, as if each regeneration also pushed him slightly back in age.. if that makes any sense.   Culminating in Matt Smith being the youngest to play The Doctor.     Does it make sense for a young timelord to regenerate into an older timelord?    Then again, Smith’s Doctor did get very old toward the end of his final episode, so maybe that makes some sense?

    But then again, it’s all just ad-hoc to explain away casting decisions.

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    @rorysmith @nerys It would be fun to see the Doctor regenerate and see her much more interested in her new hair colour than her changed gender, just based on comments from earlier Doctors. As long as that’s made clear that it’s not a preoccupation based on her new gender.

    I really think it’s quite a small group who’ve had the inevitable knee-jerk reaction against the concept of a female Doctor, and I think the new and lapsed viewers that a new Doctor will bring to the show are likely to make up numbers anyway, so I really can’t see this as a particularly risky decision, at least any more so than other regenerations / shake-ups. This is, however, a very clean slate in this case, with Capaldi, Mackie, Lucas and Gomez all seemingly written out, and the show-runner changing.

    I don’t know Jodie Whittaker’s work at all (I’ve never seen Broadchurch in particular), so I can’t comment on her casting, but the reports I’ve heard are positive, and that doesn’t make her any different to previous Doctors for me. So I join with those welcoming her (and Chibnall and new companion(s) aboard) and look forward to seeing the series continue to evolve.

    I’m assuming, as others have, that the costume for the reveal was only for that purpose (a relatively androgynous costume was needed, and a hood was necessary to cover her hair to avoid spoiling the reveal). My mental picture of her outfit is still a relatively androgynous outfit in keeping with recent Doctors, but I’m aware that’s probably a deficiency of my imagination, and consequently a disappointment if that’s how it turns out. Or slightly more radically, perhaps she doesn’t need to have a relatively fixed outfit and can actually change outfits much more freely than previous Doctors. That would be one way to signal a change in personality with the new regeneration.

    janetteB @janetteb

    I am posting without reading comments as I have limited time today and fear that if I start reading comments I will never get to post.
    I was right about something, Doctor 13 was in Broadchurch. I have not watched Broadchurch and so can’t comment on J.W.s character in that but in every role I have seen her in she plays sensitive characters, which, if any reflection of her own personality does not bode well for her ability to handle the bile that is no doubt already flying her way. Though I suspect that J.W. is no fool and knew what to expect so hopefully she has the battlements manned in whatever manner she can.
    My re watch of the shows I have seen J.W. in is going to begin with tears however. I first saw her in Tess of the D’ubervilles, a show I can only watch when I am in a really good mood because I know I won’t be by the time I finish.
    As to whether she is best suited to the role, well it is not fair or even possible to judge until the end of her first series so I will wait and see and hope for the best.
    Question 1, What is River Song going to say!!
    Question 2, Will the next companion be a young male? Personally I think having a couple as companions would work best, but then I think it always does.


    genek1953 @genek1953

    There’s never been a trend in Doctor ages. Tom Baker was 47 the year he regenerated into 29-year old Peter Davison, and at age 32 Davison became 40-year old Colin Baker. The random nature of regeneration is “baked into” the history of Who.

    And, of course, none of them look anywhere near as old as the Doctor’s “actual” age.

    I believe the longest running gag in Doctor Who is the Doctor’s initial reaction to the new regeneration’s teeth and ears.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    Interesting – and I love the bingo card! already filled it yesterday just browsing on my phone…

    @doctor2222: thing is, while an argument could be made about the sex of the Doctor in terms of change in dynamic (which in my opinion wouldn’t necessarily follow, but probably will) there is no valid argument regarding race. Nationality, yes, he should be British, Mcoy’s doctor was actually a groundbreaking change by making him noticeably Scottish, and broadening the Doctor to British rather than English. But not all British people, not all English people are white, and to insist on linking an alien to a specific British ethnicity is, by definition, racist, In fact, the Doctor being British doesn’t really make sense, why is he not only obsessed with Earth, but with this/these particular country/s? But it’s a British institution. Aliens are generally obsessed with the USA in their Sci Fi.

    Personally I think it’s great. Men and boys haven’t lost a role model. If girls could draw inspiration from both male doctor and female companions, boys can do the same. Look how popular Frozen is with male children.

    @exfan, do give it a try. Decades ago fans were blindsided by the concept of regeneration. And a very wise fan once wrote movingly of his initial reluctance, as a child, to accept a new doctor, and how he overcame it. This is not as big a change as that was. And I think we needed a big change.

    janetteB @janetteb

    As noted by one of our wise members and I have read so many posts since that I have forgotten who exactly so apologies for the lack of credit, this is akin to the first regeneration in terms of impact. It has certainly generated a buzz which won’t hurt ratings. I suspect that a lot of people who don’t usually watch Who will tune in just to see how it goes and as for those outraged, “ex fans” I wonder how many of them are genuine fans anyway. I also think that after ten years since the reboot the show was ready for a bit of a shake up. The MOffat years were wonderful but they are over and we need something different otherwise the next few years are in danger of being overshadowed by the past. I feel more optimistic now that I was about the future. Yes I have some reservations about the choice of Jodie. As @nick observed the best actors bring something of their own character to the role and Jodie has tended to play quiet, stoic characters which don’t have much in the way of Doctorish quality but then the same was true of Ecclestone. She has been rather type cast I suspect so will be interesting to see what she brings to the role which is certainly very different to anything else I have seen her in.

    Jodie Whittaker was also in Marchlands. (As well as Alex Kingston) Another to go on the re-watch list.


    premonition @premonition

    New poster here – just felt the need to chat somewhere.

    What’s giving me trouble is not who is cast as the 13th Doctor, but the very fact of there being a 13th Doctor at all. Does anyone remember the old episode (I think it was the 5th Doctor) where a bunch of people wanted the Doctor to “share” his regenerations with them, and he didn’t want to because he only had 12 total, and by sharing he would be on his last life? I watched it so long ago that I don’t remember the details, but that little bit about 12 lives just stuck with me.

    I realise this is New Who and a lot of the old stuff has fallen by the wayside, but it’s leaving me with a bit of unease – ever since they restarted and began going through regenerations so quickly, the countdown to his 12th life has been running in the back of my head. Capaldi already gave me trouble there (anyone remember the Valeyard?) I don’t actually want the show to end, though, so I guess I’m resigned to hand waving it as Time Lords improving their tech over the years… Still, it would be nice if they made some reference to what was to me an intrinsic part of Time Lord physiology.

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    @premonition Welcome to the forum. Perhaps you missed the events around the regeneration of the 11th Doctor? It turned out he was on his last regeneration then, and the Time Lords granted him more regeneration energy, and an unknown additional number of regenerations. So that issue was dealt with then.

    premonition @premonition

    …You mean I’ve been worrying about it all this time for nothing? Typical 😀

    Does the Doctor now have existential angst not knowing how many regenerations he has left, I wonder? Or has he now got all the regeneration energy of all Time Lords no longer around, and is effectively immortal…

    And now I’ll get confused by s/he. Otherwise I really don’t care about the gender issue.

    holly110 @holly110

    A very sad day… Been watching dr who since I was 4yrs old, my first doctor being the late great Jon Pertwee, never missed an episode in all that time. The doctor has defeated many foes but alas could not beat the bbc’s political correct agenda… I wont be watching anymore

    Rob @rob

    Eyes down…….


    I  am looking forward to seeing our second female Doctor Who (or the first since 1999)

    It is only to be expected that most of the negative comments will be shining examples of misogyny.

    Mother Time marches on ( not nearly fast enough for my next Who fix though)

    Ps sorry I’ve not around much but life has been busy and I’ve watched most of this season a few weeks late and in batches. Promise to be fully re-caffeinated for the Xmas special

    Nick @nick


    Welcome. I have been watching for as long, give or take a year. I hope that you’ll change your mind and give Jodie a chance. We have both been lucky enough to watch the first female “Doctor” during the early 1980’s – Romana. This really isnt that different.

    holly110 @holly110

    Romana, as stated in the series, was a time lady…,  I don’t mind female leads in shows, my fav star trek is voyager… under janeway… and I loved agent carter, basically the beeb has rewritten the shows history and that I am afraid I cant accept

    holly110 @holly110

    I guess I will just have to go back to watching the original show and accept the DW is no more


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