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    Ringleader @replies

    Today Apollo 11 blasted off, carrying the 11th Doctor’s modifications that will save our world from the renegade Silence! Yay!

    Ringleader @replies

    I wanted to share my contribution to the great John Hurt, who ended up becoming the “Doctor during the Time War” (as opposed to the “War Doctor” or “The Warrior”). While the quote more properly should be attributed to Steven Moffat and the writing staff of The Day of the Doctor, it should be fitting to a man of John Hurt’s memory to be associated with it.

    Ode to John Hurt Forged in Fire

    Ringleader @replies

    You realize that the Doctor was actually inside of the Teselecta (morphed as himself) for the entire episode? Follow the sequence: Doctor becomes Teselecta before getting shot; River fails to shoot him resulting in a violation of the Fixed Time Point rule. Interesting how it worked.

    Ringleader @replies

    Out of curiosity, I wonder if there will ever be a reference to the Doctor’s first companion, Ian Chesterton, currently Chairman of the Governors, and whether his review of the peculiar actions of the “Caretaker” in his school would ring a bell when he reviews the employee list?

    In addition, the Headmaster isn’t Wendy Coburn anymore, but a male.

    Another interesting point: The aliens in a school setting is very similar to that of Deffry Vale School in the episode that signified the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, the second season episode “School Reunion.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)