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    Wow, just wow, y’know it’s funny I was quite disappointed by the lead up ‘Dark Water’ due to how it handled the whole ‘Don’t cremate me’ issue, I was also disappointed by Missy being the Master, as I said before in my previous review, but it had some good moments, don’t get me wrong.

    THIS however redeemed the last episode for me in a way, thank…[Read more]

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    First off I have watched some of the classic series, (And intend to watch all the way through) But from everything i’ve seen, and watched, the modern series is still superior in my opinion. (I’ve seen all episode’s of it)

    In the Russel T. Davies era, I feel like we got perhaps some of if not the greatest stories in Doctor Who.
    Specifically…[Read more]

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    I’m not sure how I feel about this episode yet, (I’m assuming I can post spoilers here, if not an admin can remove them and correct me)

    So obviously… spoilers ahead
    While the episode was very well thought out, the idea that the dead are conscious not only makes no logical sense, but also insults anyone who cremated their loved ones.

    For…[Read more]

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    I doubt Missy will be The Master, as Moffet confirmed no Master this season, though he’s quite prone to lying, and I wouldn’t be suprised if he did.

    Although in all honestly, The Master being turned into a woman would ruin his character for me, and frankly I very well might stop watching if he was.

    Although i’m honestly a…[Read more]

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    @devilishrobby‘ Well we’ve seen Clara as a child, and while River could potentially be brought back as a child. (Since The Master was before being Professor Yana)

    That was when a Time Lord brought him back however, and River has no known connection to actual Time Lord’s,
    Also the TARDIS hated Clara, and it loves Riversong.

    And Moffet previously…[Read more]

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    Hello! as I said on my previous post i’m a new member on here and would like to post my theory on Missy/Heaven and Danny Pink.

    First i’d like to point out this post contains spoilers/rumors read at your own risk.

    So I read that the Cybermen are supposedly the villains of the finale, and there was a post where Missy stated ‘The dead are coming…[Read more]

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    Hello! i’m a new member here, some of you may have seen my reply on Flatline.

    I was introduced to the show on Netflix *I watched Season’s 1 through 6 on there*

    And then after watched Season 7 *Nightmare in silver was the first I watched normally*

    As I watched through on Netflix I concocted on what would happen.

    (usually they weren’t true,…[Read more]

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    I really like the character development for both Clara and the Doctor in this episode, it was nice to see Clara carry an episode too, as she is my all time favorite companion)

    I especially liked when he scared the creature’s off, that was cool.
    And did anyone catch the A113 train? Or whatever it was… Hah Animation reference.

    While i’m still…[Read more]

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