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    I am Sorry I broke your brain x.x

    But, I pick Clara’s ”quote” eventough we heard the Doctor say it first because it’s more important that Clara said it to him than him saying it to Rupert. You know what I mean? Clara changed the Doctor in a way we’re not sure yet.  Because, timey-wimey, u know, she didn’t changed him, she made him…[Read more]

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    Fear is a superpower.

    -Clara Oswin Oswald


    This was stunning.

    I was incredibly well impressed. Bringing the tears uo in my eyes. Clara is one terrific companion. ”Listen” was different and unexpected. A good different. A good unexpected. This episode already became one of my all time favorites. Eventhough it was confusing, it gave all the…[Read more]

  • Ah, the Empty Child & The Doctor Dances. If I must put an episode whereI really got hooked into Doctor Who, that would be it. To this day, this is still one (two..) of my favorites.  Moffat’s writing was more.. humble? or something. Wait! more .. human. Lets say it like this. human. He got a bit too much into the sci-sfi thing.. But annyways,…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone!

    I love reading and writing fanfictions, and I was hoping to find a writing Partner. You see, I do think I’m not that bad of a writer, but I’ve always wanted to try a collab’. So if anyone is interested, or knows someone that is, contact me! 🙂 Thanks!

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    Hello 🙂

    Under the title in the Home page it says to come by here and say hello, so here I am.

    I am a bit of a presentation freak so let’s do this thing !

    My name is Sara.

    I speak french (from Canada) so excuse my English :$

    My favorite Doctor(s) are the War Doctor and Eleven.

    I am currently catching up on the Classic Who, since I’m a…[Read more]

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    And remember Doctor, I’m just as real as you are.

    -Robin Hood.

    This line gave me chills. Honestly, I tought the plot of this episode was poor, a bit lazy and not really catchy. But I loved Robin Hood and how he made the Doctor doubt. Clara was absolutely beautiful, as always. I usually love these historic/comedy kind of episode, but this one was…[Read more]

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